We process your documents & schedule your ceremony for €390 per couple 

No hidden costs & you don’t pay us until your documentation is fully accepted & your ceremony is booked.

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Why should we choose Getting Married in Denmark?

Every town hall in Denmark have different criteria and rules when it comes to what is needed. In addition, every international case is different with individuals sometimes needing to supply different or extra documentation. This can cause delays and sometimes even cancellations.

At Getting Married in Denmark we work closely with town halls in Denmark and specialise in organising documentation and dealing swiftly with any potential problems that may arise. We work our hardest to make sure you get your ceremony as soon as you want it and the way you want it, without stress.

From the moment you land on our page, we offer constant support. We’re always available to talk, either through chat, email or phone and we always respond to you quickly, keeping you fully informed. We’re also very happy to help you with your stay in Denmark, offering lots of free advice on venues, vendors and places to stay.


Wei Wang
Wei Wang

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

We recently got married in Denmark with their great help. Both of us are Chinese and I’m currently living in Denmark and my “girlfriend” is living in China. We just wanted a simple wedding to help us reunion and end up the long distance suffering. The whole process went really smooth from guiding us preparing documents, communicating with the municipality and making appointment for us. Even there was some issue with our documents they react very professional to get things went through very fast. In the end we got the wedding exactly as we wished:)

Wei & Xuan

Michelle O'Connor
Michelle O'Connor

5 out of 5 stars

posted 6 days ago

We are a same sex couple from Australia who wanted our commitment to be legalised when our home country will not. After deciding that we wanted to get married in Copenhagen, the next thing was to get out documents in order. A very daunting task when you're on the other side of the world! Thank goodness for the team at 'Getting Married in Denmark', their years of experience and relationship with the Danish authorities allowed us to enjoy planning our special day. There is not enough "thank you's" to say to 'Getting Married in Denmark' as we are forever grateful and now loving the next chapter of our lives.

Lena Katsan
Lena Katsan

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

We are a multinational couple from Munich (german and russian) and decided to get married spontaniously, but still in a nice and romatic environment. Getting Married in Denmark Team suggested us a beautiful Castle locaton, took care of the documentation, amazing flower Arrangements and photography. All in all a beautiful day and great memories!

Mishka Ghughunishvili
Mishka Ghughunishvili

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

Firs of all I would like to express my thanks to this organisation because they made my life easier.
Denmark is only country in EU where you can get married very easy but if you want to do it even faster with documents just contact this guys "Getting married in Denmark" on the same day i was holding in my hand my wedding paper without worries where to go next to legalize it or other questions, it was just done!! Thanks again from me and my wife for organizing everything!

Who can get married in Denmark?

People from all over the world and of any gender can get married in Denmark. The only exception are asylum seekers and refugees.

Can same sex couples marry in Denmark?

Absolutely! Denmark is a popular destination for same sex couples who wish to marry. Denmark was the first country in the world to grant recognition to same sex unions in 1989 which has now been replaced by a new same sex marriage law.

What documents do we need to get married in Denmark?

Please see step 1 on our get started page for documents needed to get married in Denmark which lists everything you will need.

Can we get married at short notice?

Before we can give you an appointment for your ceremony, we will need to process your documents. We advise that you allow at least 5 weeks processing time, however, it may be possible to do this within 1 to 2 weeks.

Can we get married anywhere in Denmark?

You can marry in most places around Denmark and we would be happy to help you with any location. The most popular and easy location is Copenhagen the capital of Denmark. The international airport has a metro service that takes only 15 minutes to bring you right in to the heart of the city. This city is steeped in history, it’s fun, vibrant and full of many of possibilities for couples.

How do we get to Copenhagen?

Copenhagen airport is the largest in Denmark and receives flights from all over the world. You can catch a metro at the airport which brings you to the centre of the city in just 15 minutes. It’s that easy!

How long do we have to stay in Denmark?

At Copenhagen town hall, you will both need to go to the town hall in person at least 1 day before your marriage ceremony to show all original Documentation. This means you will need to stay in Denmark at the minimum of 2 days.

What is the ceremony like?

A ceremony in the town hall of Copenhagen is cosy and romantic, however it is also quite quick, lasting between 5- 10 minutes. The registrar can conduct the ceremony in English and after, along with witnesses, you can sign your documentation.

Can we have a more romantic wedding that is not in a town hall?

Yes! Although the town hall in Copenhagen is cosy and romantic, some couples would prefer something different and unique. We would be happy to help you create the celebration you envision, there are so many possibilities from intimate weddings to luxurious celebrations. Just let us know when you contact us that you are looking for a something outside of the town hall and we’ll work with you in making it happen.

Do we need witnesses?

You may bring witnesses, but in the case you don’t have any, Copenhagen Town Hall can supply witnesses.

Will we receive a marriage certificate?

Yes, you will receive two marriage certificates directly after your ceremony. We can legalise your marriage certificate for use world wide with our Apostille service and can have this ready for you within 36 hours after your marriage.

Can you legalise our marriage certificate for use world wide?

Yes, we can legalise your marriage certificate with our Apostille service and can do this for you within 36 hours after your marriage so that you can take this with you when you leave Denmark. We charge a fee of €200 for this service.

How much does it cost to get married in Denmark?

To process your documents and make your appointment at the town hall, we charge €390 per couple, this fee includes all administration and legal fees and there are no extra hidden charges.

If you would like a more romantic option, we can organise this for you. The town hall charges a fee of €550 for a registrar to come out to another location outside of the town hall to marry you and then there are venue fees. We don’t charge anything on top of registrar or venue fees but charge a starting fee of €200 for organisation of a ceremony outside of the town hall, further charges depend on the level of services and organisation that you require. We have some great packages and there are more affordable solutions of outdoor ceremonies in the summer months.

Do we need to pay legal and administration fees?

No, all legal and administration fees are included in our price.

How can we pay?

We accept payments through bank transfer and Western Union.

Can I change my name on my wedding day?

You can’t change your name in Denmark unless you are a resident. To change your name, you must do this once you are in your country of residence.

Do we need to translate our Documents?

Any documents that are not in Danish, German or English will need to be translated in to any of these 3 languages by an official translator and stamped with an Apostille.

Once we’re married, can my non EU partner travel around Europe without a visa?

Your marriage does automatically make your non EU partner an EU citizen. However, not all countries in Europe will fully accept this without further information. After your marriage, your partner will need to apply for residency in the country you both plan to reside. Until then, you may need to carefully consider travel around Europe making sure you are fully informed on what the country you are travelling to requires so that you can avoid difficulty.

We have a low budget, can you still help us with our wedding?

Our processing fee and Apostille fee is fixed but we would be more than happy in advising you as best as possible on ways you can achieve your celebration to fit with the budget you have. We’re always happy to answer any questions you have and direct you to the best vendors. Denmark can be expensive, and the professionals we work with are not cheap, but that’s because they are very good and experienced in their work and we only ever work with the best. We don’t charge for giving you advice and the only time we agree a wedding planning fee with you is when you ask us to organise and co-ordinate for you. You can easily achieve an affordable wedding in Denmark and we would be happy to give you a little guidance.

Can you help us find a photographer?

Yes, we certainly can! The images you can see on this website are by our favourite Danish photographer, Amanda Thomsen who has lots of experience with international couples coming to Denmark, check out her work! Otherwise, we know many more amazing professionals of different styles for you to consider.

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