Our price is pr. couple, there are no hidden costs, it includes €115 town hall administration fees, you don’t pay us until your documentation is fully accepted & your ceremony is booked with unlimited customer service and help with finding accommodation and wedding vendors.





Why should we choose Getting Married in Denmark?

Every town hall in Denmark have different criteria and rules when it comes to what is needed. In addition, every international case is different with individuals sometimes needing to supply different or extra documentation. This can cause delays and sometimes even cancellations.

At Getting Married in Denmark we work closely with town halls in Denmark and specialise in organising documentation and dealing swiftly with any potential problems that may arise. We work our hardest to make sure you get your ceremony as soon as you want it and the way you want it, without stress.

From the moment you land on our page, we offer constant support. We’re always available to talk, either through chat, email or phone and we always respond to you quickly, keeping you fully informed. We’re also very happy to help you with your stay in Denmark, offering lots of free advice on venues, vendors and places to stay.

Some companies may add charges later but we believe everything should be clear from the beginning. We don’t have any hidden costs and the town hall administration charges are always included in our prices.

Getting Married In Denmark
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Alex Santana
Alex Santana

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

This was an excellent agency to go through to help set up my wedding. They were very well at communication and providing as much information necessary to make it a smooth process. I found this service online and was very pleased with everything. If anyone is thinking of getting married in Denmark I highly suggest going through here. Could not be happier with how things turned out!

Jochen Schürmann
Jochen Schürmann

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

We contacted 'Getting married in Denmark' about 2 months prior to our wedding date. From the very first contact, the team has been amazing and attentive. Ms. Leanne Roberts is amazing! Not only was she helpful in answering any questions which we had, she always responded in a timely manner to email inquiries. From the very first time we communicated with her, we felt comfortable and were able to plan our trip to Denmark accordingly.
While being in contact on a weekly basis prior to our wedding date, Leanne was so kind to provide travel information to Denmark and spots to see while there. It became a weekly habit to connect with Leanne every Monday / Sunday evening our time in China and it has been an incredible support towards our Big Day.
Throughout the entire process, we were assisted professionally and immediately - couldn't have asked for more assistance than what had been offered!
Truly a blessing in our new journey of our life, Leanne and the team have been amazing and memorable for a lifetime!!!

d adams
d adams

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

A very big thank you to Sam and the whole staff at Getting Married in Denmark! Their service was excellent and very professional. We had some time constraints but Sam was able to secure a wedding date in the beautiful town of Store Heddinge, just outside of Copenhagen. We had many questions and Sam answered in a timely manner, putting our minds at ease. She even suggested photographers and florists. The whole process (paperwork, planning etc) was simple from start to finish and the actual ceremony itself was wonderful. We highly recommend Getting Married in Denmark!

Matteo Trisolini Longobardi
Matteo Trisolini Longobardi

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 weeks ago

We are an Italian (male) and Hong Kong (female) couple. We were looking to get married without stress from all the usual red tape you find in some countries. Clare and here team were extremely, helpful and supportive in explaining the process and the documents needed. The process was fast, efficient and delivered on their promise. I whole heartedly recommend this service and Clare to any mixed couples like us. It is reliable, trustworthy, value for money and finally stress free. Finally Thank you for getting us married! Love from both of us A&M

Benedikt Graschberger
Benedikt Graschberger

5 out of 5 stars

posted 4 months ago

From the beginning on Clare from Getting Married in Denmark helped us doing all the paperwork, parallel planning a really special and unique weeding day. She kept us always updated and we got answers for all our questions very fast. When we had doubts that all will be confirmed and organized in time (we had only 2 month from start to wedding day) she always had the right answer to calm us down. It was really not easy since we had a EU/Non-EU wedding. In the end we had 100% trust in her and the company and got not disappointed. We had the fairytale wedding that we dreamed of. Thank you so much for helping to make our special day so unique!

Who can get married in Denmark?

People from all over the world and of any gender can get married in Denmark. The only exception are asylum seekers and refugees.

Can same sex couples marry in Denmark?

Absolutely! Denmark is a popular destination for same sex couples who wish to marry. Denmark was the first country in the world to grant recognition to same sex unions in 1989 which has now been replaced by a new same sex marriage law.

What documents do we need to get married in Denmark?

Take a look at our page Documents Needed Depending on your individual circumstances and the time frame you would like to marry, there will be certain locations in Denmark that suit you best. Every town hall has their own requirements and regulations so we asses your situation and offer the best solutions for you as well as give you the correct list of documents needed.

Can we get married at short notice?

Yes! We may be able to organise a ceremony appointment for you in as little as a 3 days. Take a look at our page Services and Prices for more info.

Can I book my wedding date right away at Copenhagen City Hall?

In Copenhagen city hall we can only request a date for you and then they will give us a date on or close to the date you require once processing of your documents is complete. Processing time varies between 4 to 6 weeks depending on the time of year, so it’s not possible to secure a date right away.

Can we get married anywhere in Denmark?

You can marry in most places around Denmark and we would be happy to help you with any location. The most popular and easy location is Copenhagen the capital of Denmark. The international airport has a metro service that takes only 15 minutes to bring you right in to the heart of the city. This city is steeped in history, it’s fun, vibrant and full of many of possibilities for couples.

If you’re in a hurry to get hitched, then we would need to assess your circumstances and find you a town hall within Denmark where we could organise you a ceremony appointment quickly.

How do we get to Copenhagen?

Copenhagen airport is the largest in Denmark and receives flights from all over the world. You can catch a metro at the airport which brings you to the centre of the city in just 15 minutes. It’s that easy!

How long do we have to stay in Denmark?

If you marry in Copenhagen, you will both need to go to the Copenhagen City hall in person at least 1 day before your marriage ceremony to show all original documentation. This means you will need to stay in Denmark a minimum of 2 days.

What is the ceremony like?

A wedding ceremony in Copenhagen city hall is cosy and romantic, however it is also quite quick, lasting between 5- 10 minutes. The registrar can conduct the ceremony in English, you can exchange short vows and your rings if you wish.  After, along with witnesses, you will sign your marriage certificate.

All the town halls we work with take pride in the experience couples receive so whichever town hall you go to.

Can we have a more romantic wedding that is not in a town hall?

Yes! Although the town hall in Copenhagen is cosy and romantic, some couples would prefer something different and unique. We would be happy to help you create the celebration you envision. There are so many possibilities from intimate weddings to luxurious celebrations. Just let us know when you contact us that you are looking for a something outside of the town hall and we’ll work with you in making it happen.

Do we need witnesses?

You may bring witnesses, but in the case you don’t have any, stand in witnesses will be made available.

Will we receive a marriage certificate?

Yes, you will receive two marriage certificates directly after your ceremony. We can legalise your marriage certificate for use worldwide with our Apostille service, please visit our page, Services and Prices for more info.

Can you legalise our marriage certificate for use worldwide?

Yes, we can legalise your marriage certificate with our Apostille service please visit our page, Services and Prices for more info.

How much does it cost to get married in Denmark?

To process your documents and make your appointment at the town hall, we charge €395 per couple, this fee includes all administration and legal fees and there are no extra hidden charges.

If you would like a more romantic option, we can organise this for you. The town hall charges a fee of €550 for a registrar to come out to another location outside of the town hall to marry you and then there are venue fees. We don’t charge anything on top of registrar or venue fees but charge a starting fee of €200 for organisation of a ceremony outside of the town hall, further charges depend on the level of services and organisation that you require.

We have some great packages you can

Do we need to pay legal and administration fees?

No, all legal and administration fees are included in our price.

How can we pay?

Once your wedding is confirmed, we will send you an email with a link to pay by card. You can also pay by bank transfer if you wish.

Can I change my name on my wedding day?

You can’t change your name in Denmark unless you are a resident. To change your name, you must do this once you are in your country of residence.

Do we need to translate our Documents?

Any documents that are not in Danish, German or English will need to be translated in to any of these 3 languages. We offer certified translations, please visit our page, Translate Documents for more info and to send us your documents for translation.

Once we’re married, can my non EU partner travel around Europe without a visa?

Your marriage does automatically make your non EU partner an EU citizen. However, not all countries in Europe will fully accept this without further information. After your marriage, your partner will need to apply for residency in the country you both plan to reside. Until then, you may need to carefully consider travel around Europe making sure you are fully informed on what the country you are travelling to requires so that you can avoid difficulty.

We have a low budget, can you still help us with our wedding?

Our processing fee and Apostille fee is fixed but we would be more than happy in advising you as best as possible on ways you can achieve your celebration to fit with the budget you have. We’re always happy to answer any questions you have and direct you to the best vendors. Denmark can be expensive, and the professionals we work with are not cheap, but that’s because they are very good and experienced in their work and we only ever work with the best. We don’t charge for giving you advice and the only time we agree a wedding planning fee with you is when you ask us to organise and co-ordinate for you. You can easily achieve an affordable marriage in Denmark and we would be happy to give you a little guidance.

Can you help us find a photographer?

Yes, we certainly can! The images you can see on this website are by our favourite Danish photographers, Amanda Thomsen and Protea Weddings. Otherwise, we know many more amazing professionals of different styles for you to consider.

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