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Why Denmark?

Because it’s the perfect destination for international couples who are looking to get married quickly, easily and without fuss in a simple yet intimate wedding ceremony, that’s why! ;-)

If you’re reading this, the likelihood is that you’re looking for a great place to get married.

You or your partner may be living abroad and need somewhere that doesn’t involve long and problematic bureaucratic processes?

Maybe you’re an LGBTQ+ couple looking for an awesome country to celebrate your love, where you will feel welcome and comfortable?

Or, maybe you need to get married quickly?

Whatever your reason for looking into a wedding abroad, Denmark will more than likely be close to, if not at the top of, the list of perfect wedding destinations for foreign couples!

Did you know that each year over 30,000 people travel to Denmark to get married, from ALL over the world.

But why Denmark? What is so appealing about this small Nordic country? Let’s find out!

The Easiest Country for Foreigners to Get Married

So one of the main reasons Denmark is so popular for international, multicultural and multinational couples is quite simply that it’s so easy for foreigners to get married here

The documents required are straightforward, there is one central government department dedicated to processing international couples’ wedding applications, the processing time is very fast (5 working days) and, once approved, there are some incredible town halls to choose from located all over Denmark.  

Further to this, there is an incredible wedding community here – photographers, bakeries, hair and makeup artists, florists and more. So a wedding here is more accessible than you might initially realise!

So as you can see, the benefits of getting married in Denmark are huge! 

The Perfect Choice for LGBTQ+ Couples

Denmark is also the perfect choice for LGBTQ+ couples from all around the world. 

Feeling safe, welcome, and free to express your love for the most important person in your life is not always a privilege afforded to LGBTQ+ couples in their home countries. 

But Denmark is a world leader in LGBTQ+ rights which makes it incredibly popular for weddings within the LGBTQ+ community. Couples come here to freely express their love, their relationship and their pride. 


Denmark is a wonderful country. It is welcoming and warm hearted and every couple who comes to get married here, experiences this. 

The fact that getting married here is simple, document wise and process wise makes this amazing place a perfect melting pot for love, bureaucracy (YES, we said bureaucracy), weddings, and very, very happy couples. 

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