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Queen and Oliver Got Married!

Queen and Oliver Got Married!

We have the sweetest story to share today about a couple who chose to marry abroad simply when facing bureaucratic issues in their country of residence, something that we so often hear. 

Paperwork in Denmark is a lot easier than many countries if you know what you’re doing. Which thankfully we do. It’s really such a pleasure using our expertise to help couples who have been having difficulty and finally end the stress they’ve been dealing with. 

Queen and Oliver met and both found they have an amazing connection with each other. Soon after they met in fact, they found that they share the same birth date. Not only that, but that they were born 10 minutes apart!  How amazing is that?! 

This is quite unique, what are the odds of finding someone who was born not only the same day, but minutes apart? I would love to see pictures of them both as babies and compare, that would make the cutest couples video!

In our work, we find there are always these little magical coincidences between couples it’s very interesting! 

Queen and Oliver's Simple Marriage Abroad - Aero, Denmark

And so, having an amazing connection with each other and love for each other solid, they decided to get married. Yay! 

They searched a place to marry abroad simply but this was proving difficult. Oliver thought maybe Vegas could work, exclaiming ‘Let’s get married in Vegas!’

It wasn’t for them and it was really far away so they continued the search for their destination wedding and trying to find the location to marry abroad simply. 

Not all couples realise until a little more research that Denmark is one of the easiest places in the world to get married.

And with a little more time, Queen and Oliver discovered Getting Married in Denmark.

Queen and Oliver chose to get married on Ærø island. It’s not just a beautiful island where you can discover true Danish island life but the town hall is also great for couples who have little time to spare. 

This town hall’s communication with us is great, so we can quickly book appointments for couples and they also usually have plenty availability.

If you’re looking for somewhere to marry abroad simply,  you’re definitely in the right place here. 

Ærø town hall also put a lot of effort and care in to each ceremony. Even though ceremonies are quite short, they really make you feel very special and unique while you experience your moment.

We’re really glad that Queen and Oliver searched a way to marry abroad simply closer to home and found Denmark. One of our couples even said the other day, that they found out about how easy it was to get married in Denmark in a tabloid newspaper. Others are recommended by friends. 

Sometimes when couples are having difficulty in registering as residing with their partner in their country, often Germany, the officials there have recommended they go and marry in Denmark. We think this is great because Denmark loves welcoming couples! 

There are so many possibilities here in this Scandinavian country whether you’re looking for something simple, or a little more of a celebration. 

We successfully helped this wonderful couple to make their dream come true, Queen so very sweetly said…

And I must confess, we've never been so blessed like we are since your organization helped us to achieve our most long waited dream

Queen and Oliver, we say this to you now: The pleasure and honour is entirely ours. All of us here at Getting Married in Denmark wish you a long and happy life together, filled with love, laughter and light.

Photographer: Ærø Wedding Photography by Jens Juul Christensen

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