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Getting Married in Denmark was created in 2014, by the British / Danish Couple Mana & Rasmus. Based on their own experience when they got married in Denmark.

Since then GMID has expanded to a diverse team from 3 different continents and 11 different countries who all reside in the EU and UK.

We understand exactly what it means to be in an international and intercultural relationship, and the challenging bureaucracy that comes with that.

Want to know what is required for you and your partner to get married in Denmark?

Mana Rasmus Copenhagen square Getting Married in Denmark

Meet The Team

Eva Circle Getting Married in Denmark
Eva Barcentewicz

Senior Advisor & Team Manager

I’m Polish & completely in love with Spain. Currently trying to learn flamenco…without much luck so far!

Sam Circle Getting Married in Denmark
Sam Roberts

Senior Advisor

Specialist Skills: Drumming, Cooking & swimming in the sea


Frances Circle Getting Married in Denmark
Frances Louise Joseph


I’m a fitness and dance enthusiast who recently fulfilled my dream of opening a small dance studio.

Diana Getting Married in Denmark
Diana Moroz


I love recycling & upcycling. I recently turned an old neighbour’s trampoline base into an outdoor swing.
Anke Circle Getting Married in Denmark
Anke Moen

Documentation specialist & Team Manager

I love wine tasting and making my own wine.

Sefi Circle Getting Married in Denmark
Serafina Jones

Documentation Advisor

I play the ukulele and live in a yurt.

Kamila Circle Getting Married in Denmark
Kamila Chmura

Documentation Advisor

I am a huge dog person who loves mountains, thunder storms, and shooting photos.

Maria Circle Getting Married in Denmark
María José Ponce

Documentation Advisor

I used to play flag football, I now play padel. I love cheese and spicy foods.

Michael Circle Getting Married in Denmark
Michael Eze

Documentation Specialist

I thrive on the simple things in life; new experiences, nature, long beach walks, exercise, live music & friends.

Eddie Circle Getting Married in Denmark
Eddie Lundon

Documentation specialist

I am a fully qualified engineer and spend my spare time fixing commercial jet aircraft.

Stefania Circle Getting Married in Denmark
Stefania Romeo

Documentation specialist 

I am Italian, I love long walks, music and food! Once I was brave enough to try pineapple pizza.

Kayhon Circle2 Getting Married in Denmark
Kayhon Bedford

Documentation specialist

I moved to Denmark when I was 12 and now I’m an honorary Dane! Also, I play the piano.

Lenka Circle Getting Married in Denmark
Lenka Olsavova

Documentation Specialist

Watching TV just isn’t my thing. I’d rather be out there, chasing sunsets and appreciating the beauty of nature.

Leanne Circle Getting Married in Denmark
Leanne Roberts

Wedding Day Team Manager & marketing

 I laugh loudly, sing (out of tune) a lot, love crap action films & I’m learning to enjoy the privilege of growing old.

Mie Circle Getting Married in Denmark
Mie Westerbjerg Abkjær

Wedding Day Team Advisor & Bookings specialist

I’m Danish, and I have a secret: I don’t like the Danish national dish “stegt flæsk med persillesovs!” 

Penelope Circle Getting Married in Denmark
Penelope Moorehead

Wedding Day Team Advisor

US national, born to Filipino parents, living abroad. Karaoke skills on point. I currently hold 80 wins in worldwide ESports; FPS category.

Erma Circle 1 Getting Married in Denmark
Erma Lozada-Sári

Wedding Day Team Advisor

I am a fraternal twin, the artist, explorer & risk-taker of my family, & I absolutely love rock music.

Mana Circle Getting Married in Denmark
Mana Sørensen


Started life in Europe as a child refugee. Technology, the ocean & outer space. When not at my desk, you’ll find me with someone I love.

Rasmus Circle Getting Married in Denmark
Rasmus Clarck Sørensen

Director & Co-Owner

I love good vibes and solving problems. I’m a trained electrician & I’m on a stamp with the Danish Queen Margrethe II (for real!)

Ricky Circle Getting Married in Denmark
Ricky Freemantle

Documentation Specialist

I’m an avid carp angler with a fervent enthusiasm for cultural exploration and travel.

Img Getting Married in Denmark
Name Lastname


Brief description of this person and maybe a fun or interesting fact.

We Got Married in Denmark

Danish boy meets British girl, one thing led to another, and after a whirlwind romance, we (Mana and Rasmus) decided to get married in Denmark.

We experienced the process of getting married in Denmark, and all that is involved. We learned how important it is to have the support and inspiration to help you prepare for that special day. So we started an online wedding magazine to inspire couples who wanted a special touch to their celebration.

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It's such a lovely gesture to celebrate the couple when they exit the town hall.  Blowing bubbles or throwing rose petals is a romantic way for them to enter their new life together, and we love this picture of gorgeous Mirela and Bernd surrounded by their loved ones! ❤️⁠
💞 ⁠
💞 @becuko ⁠
📸 @renate.photography_⁠
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"Thank you to the whole team. The wedding was beautiful, and we are grateful that the Team of Getting Married in Denmark was there for us, making it very easy for us to enjoy our day :).”⁠
Beautiful Hane and Robert, walking through life together! 💞 It's so romantic! ⁠
📸 @weddings_marlanph⁠
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Lovely Simi and Leo as NEWLYWEDS! 💞 We wish you huge congratulations and we love this picture of the beautiful couple, standing in front of Stevns town hall right after their wedding ceremony! ⁠
They look SO happy and proud! ❤️⁠
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