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Turkish / German Couple’s Magical Ærø Elopement

Ipek and Christian decided to get married in Denmark because, as a couple living in Germany at the time, they realised that as well as Denmark being a beautiful country, the marriage process there is quick and uncomplicated compared to the marriage process in Germany. 

They chose the island of Ærø as the location for their wedding, which is often described as a truly magical place, perfect for couples eloping and was described by Ipek & Christian after their wedding as being just like a fairytale.

The experiences they had during their time on Ærø Island in Denmark are ones that they will never forget… 

All Pictures Featured Captured By Woodland Diaries

The Kindness of Strangers

The flower shop Ipek wanted to get their wedding flowers from was closed.  But, in the true spirit of pure kindness, they agreed to open up their shop on the day they were closed, just for Ipek & Christian, so they could choose flowers for their wedding the next day. 

Then on the day of their wedding, after Ipek & Christian were married, the residents of Ærøskøbing treated them like celebrities, displaying nothing but pure joy and happiness towards the newlyweds as they made their way through the town.

The kindness the residents of this small Danish island showed Ipek & Christian may seem small to some, but they were gestures that left huge imprints on Ipek & Christian’s hearts.

Christian's Forgetful Moment

The big day was finally here and the wedding had started when Christian suddenly realised he had forgotten their rings!

He had to make a quick dash out of the town hall, right in the middle of their ceremony to go and grab their rings, where luckily he had only left them in the car.

Apparently, this happens all the time and is purely down to excitement!

Connections That Were Made For Life

Ipek and Christian didn’t bring any family or friends with them to Denmark but soon realised that they certainly weren’t alone on their very special wedding adventure. 

They made some amazing connections and, safe to say, life long friends during their time in Denmark. 

The first of these beautiful connections was with the elderly couple who ran the B&B they were staying in. So much so, they asked the couple to be their witnesses for their wedding. 

The 2 couples went for a meal together on the evening of their wedding, ate ice cream together and they showed Ipek & Christian the most hidden parts of the island during the sunset. 

Ipek and Christian felt honoured to spend their day with a couple who had spent many happy years of their lives together, feeling that this couple were now firmly a part of their family.

The other very special connection they made was with their photographer, Kim K Sørensen of Woodland Diaries

They met with Kim before the wedding for a coffee and a chat and to get to know each other a little. 

Now, have you ever had that feeling where you just click instantly with another person…..when the universe aligns and you know this person is meant to be in your lives? That is exactly what happened when Ipek and Christian met Kim. They hit it off immediately and a lifelong friendship was made. 

Kim made them feel full of joy, and most importantly they felt relaxed in his company. As a result of this instant connection and ease in each other’s company, Kim took some extremely beautiful and personal photos of them on their wedding day, capturing their love for one another so honestly and elegantly. 

A Truly Perfect Elopement

Ipek and Christian will never forget their time spent in Denmark for their wedding. They are really happy they chose to elope, just the 2 of them, keeping everything simple yet so perfect in every way. 

They were surrounded by lovely people, made new connections with new friends that they now call family and had the beauty of Denmark as the backdrop to it all. 

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