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Your Wedding Journey with Getting Married in Denmark

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We have created this page to give you an idea of what your time spent with us here at Getting Married in Denmark will involve. 

  • What are the stages of the process?
  • How long will each stage take?
  • What is required of us?
  • What is required of you?


These are just a few of the questions we hope to answer for you below, to help you feel totally comfortable, fully aware of the process, as well as the time frames involved before you sign up. We want you to feel that we’re absolutely the right fit for each other. 🥰

Your Time With the GMiD Advisor Team

This is likely the stage you’re at now. You’ve thought about getting married in Denmark and decided to reach out to us to ask a few questions. 

Our Advisor Team is here to help you feel at ease, to help you understand what is involved with a wedding in Denmark. You don’t need to send us any documents at this stage but we are here to answer all your questions, no matter what those questions are, or how many questions you may have. This might be via email, phone call or Zoom meeting. Just let us know what works best for you!

Some couples stay with our advisor team for months while they work out whether a wedding in Denmark is right for them, or to make sure they have the right documentation and that they are feeling ready to move forward. 

Some couples contact us, ask a few questions and sign up the same day. 

There are even couples who sign up without first speaking to any of our advisors! 

The point is, YOU have to feel ready! Financially, emotionally and paperwork wise. And our Advisor Team is here for you until you do. 

What Happens After I Sign-Up to Your Services?

Once you sign up to our services, you will receive an email that contains a lot of information about the process moving forwards. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Detailed information about the required documents
  • An informative guide explaining exactly how to send your documents to us
  • Legal forms that you must fill in and sign (everyone who marries in Denmark must fill these forms in): A Declaration of Truth, Application Form questions we need answered, 11b Declaration (where applicable) and a POA so we can represent you.
  • Information about what to include in your relationship document

take your time to read through all of this information very carefully. 

We have been helping couples to get married in Denmark for 10 years, and the advice and helpful tips that we give you at this stage have been carefully gathered and put together to help you move through the process in the best possible way. 

Therefore, ensuring you understand all this information so that you know what is expected from you is of vital importance. 

Working With the GMiD Document Specialists

We understand that after spending time with our Advisor Team you will be feeling super excited about your upcoming wedding and raring to go! 

We’ll be totally honest here – document gathering and getting your file ready is the unglamorous and, quite frankly, boring part of the process. But, it’s also crucial! 

Getting the documents right can be time consuming and can feel frustrating sometimes. 

In fact, we understand that it doesn’t feel very ‘wedding-y’ at all.

But please remember, as soon as we’ve got this part completed, then that’s when you can really start to focus on the fun parts of your wedding day in Denmark! 

Despite Denmark requiring simpler documentation for a wedding here, there is still a bureaucratic process to go through and getting it right is important. 

We are going to ask you to take pictures of your documents and then it’s highly likely we’re going to ask you to do it again. And possibly even again after that. 

Very few couples ever get this part right the first time and there will be some ‘back and forth’ between you and your Documents’ Advisor. As a result, it can take anywhere between a few days and several weeks to get your file and application ready to be submitted to the AFL. 

And the reason it may take a few weeks rather than a few days: your documents MUST adhere to the AFL’s requirements. 

Working with our documents team is a collaborative process and it requires effort, time and importantly patience on your part. 

By taking our service, you entrust us to help you prepare your file so that it fits these requirements. If the documents you send to us do not, then we will ask you to keep trying until they do. 

As mentioned previously, reading through the document guidelines carefully and familiarising yourselves with the requirements will help you to get this right sooner. If you’re still unsure, your Documentation Advisor will be able to help with suggestions and tips! 

We are detailed in this part of the process, not to deliberately be annoying, but to do our best to ensure your application adheres to the strict standards set by the AFL and to avoid very long waiting times or extra application fees.

When our response times increase during the document gathering process, it’s because we need to review and prepare every single document you send to us, page by page. We are thorough while we do this, and it takes time – much longer than it would take than if we are simply answering questions. 

In short, the document gathering part of the process, looks like this:

  1. You send us your documents.
  2. We take time to thoroughly assess your documents.
  3. Your Advisor will respond to you to let you know if we need anything else from you (this will be around 24-36 hours, give or take, from the most recent email you sent us containing documents). This will be Monday to Friday between 9am – 5pm, Danish time. 
  4. You continue to send us documents until we are happy your file is ready to be submitted.
  5. We will send you detailed information about the town halls in Denmark.
  6. Based on your time frame and other requirements you may have, you will liaise with your dedicated Documentation Advisor to work out which town hall is the best fit for you both. Your desired timeframe, travel requirements and location requirements will all be factors that need to be considered when choosing the right town hall for you.
  7. You let us know which town hall you’d like to get married at. Meanwhile, we do our final check on your file. 
  8. Then we submit your application. 😀

Your Application is Approved - What Now?

Congratulations, your application is approved! Now it’s time for the ‘fun’ part – planning your wedding in Denmark!! 😍

You will now be with our Wedding Day Team (WDT for short) up to, and beyond, your wedding date.

The first thing that will happen is your WDT Advisor will contact you via email to let you know that your application has been approved by the AFL. Congratulations! 🙂 

They will then open up the dialogue with you regarding potential dates for your wedding. 

They will give your proposed dates to our Bookings’ Specialist, who will liaise with the town hall about their availability and secure your date. 

Once we have booked your wedding date at the town hall, your WDT Advisor will remind you of the important information about weddings at that town hall, and give you helpful tips about the town where you are getting married. 

They will also send you information about our amazing collaborating partners. So if you were hoping to book a photographer, florist or make up artist, and we have collaborating partners who work in the town where you will be getting married, you can have a look through and hopefully choose one of these amazing professionals to be a part of your big day. 

Your WDT Advisor is here to answer any questions you have about your wedding day. They can also help you with things like public transport links, restaurant recommendations, places to celebrate, things to do while in Denmark and more. It’s important to note they will not book these things for you, this you must do directly yourselves.

They will check up on you before your wedding and again afterwards. They are there to guide you, help you and share in all your nerves and excitement in the run up to your wedding day. ❤️


In the event that the AFL feels they must ask questions about a document in your file, then our Documents’ Specialist will work directly with you, to help you understand exactly what it is the AFL has requested and to guide you from there. 

It may be that your case worker at the AFL wants to ask you for more information. Examples of this could be things like; more dated material (photos, chat, tickets) documenting your relationship, further information about time spent in a particular country, to ask about a divorce paper, or even to request you send a better copy of that pesky passport! 

We will endeavour to work with you as swiftly as possible in this instance but you should know that at this stage, the AFL are taking around 6 months to respond to applications where questions have been asked. 

So, what, if anything, can be done in this instance….?

Our Documents’ Specialist will assess the AFL request in detail. If it is something that can be easily rectified, with the possibility of the AFL swiftly resolving the request and approving your application, then we would proceed with responding to their request. 

If not, then it may be quicker and easier to resubmit a new application. If you would like to proceed with making a new application, then you would be required to pay the cost of submitting a new application to the AFL. This is the fee charged by the AFL. 

During the very busy seasons (spring, summer and Christmas) the availability at all the town halls can change on an hourly basis. 

There is nothing we can do about this, and this is why we ask you to remain flexible with your wedding date. 

Our Wedding Day Team will do their absolute best to get the date you are hoping for but there are instances where they may also have to guide you to finding alternative dates. 

Yes, we can aim for your preferred date, but it’s always advisable to have another 3 or 4 as backups in your mind, just in case!

If you’re flexible with your date (or location of your wedding), then more availability may open up for you. 

Get started with our Free Service

This is for those couples who are considering getting married in Denmark and are looking for some helpful information on how to get started and how the process works:

  • You answer our 6 questions for us to understand you and your partner’s situation 
  • We will tell you if you and your partner are able to get married in Denmark
  • We provide you with a preliminary list of the required documents to get married in Denmark
  • We answer any questions, concerns or doubts about getting married in Denmark or our services