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Chinese Same-Sex Couples Marrying in Denmark

Chinese Same-Sex Couples Marrying in Denmark

Whilst being gay in China had been seen for many years as being taboo, things do seem to be changing slowly towards a more positive and accepting way of life for the LGBTQ+ community there.

Homosexuality has been ‘legal’ in China for more than 20 years, however, same-sex marriage there is still facing an uphill challenge and yet Lu and Lingxiang prove that Chinese same sex couples CAN marry easily.

They both moved to Europe to study, they were at the same University one year apart, and they found true love with each other.

After finishing Uni they moved to the same city for work and after 3 years together living in Germany, then followed the desire to cement their love in a more firm foundation by deciding to get married.

However, it’s well known to be a lengthy and often difficult process to get married in Germany, so as with a great many of our couples, their gaze shifted elsewhere and they found that Denmark appeared to be a surprising, yet very simple and straightforward option.

After making their application with our help, they didn’t have to wait too long before they had that all important approval to get married.

Ærø would be the place of their ceremony and for those of you who have done any research on getting married in Denmark, you’ll know that Getting married in Ærø is an extremely

Symbol of Freedom for a Chinese Same-Sex Couple

Why Denmark? And why Denmark for LGBTQ+ specifically? Because Denmark is a world leader in same sex marriage. In 1989 we were the first country to recognise same sex couples and as time went on and the world began to catch up, this was eventually changed into same sex marriage law. 

Lu and Lingxiang contacted us after their wedding to say thank you and they told us “The only thing I want to notice is: Danmark is a symbol of freedom, it’s really friendly and welcome for homosexual love.”

We are so proud that Denmark is seen as a symbol of freedom and that we are able to play a huge part in the lives of so many LGBTQ+ couples, helping dreams come true when it might not have always been possible for them elsewhere.

If you want to know a little more about gay marriage in Denmark; whether it’s privacy & confidentiality, your safety or even getting married during Pride week, then check out our article written to answer all your questions!

If you would like to talk more in further detail about this, or any other questions you might have about having your wedding in Denmark, then all you have to do is pick up the phone or write us an email. We are here for you. 

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