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Getting Married in Frederiksberg

If you’re looking for a location that is close to Copenhagen international airport then getting married in Frederiksberg may be the right choice for you.
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Why Get Married in Frederiksberg?

The town hall was built back in 1942 and it is stunning. Inside, the wedding ceremony is held in rooms with lovely murals painted on their walls. The town hall is also close to Frederiksberg Gardens which is gorgeous all year round. 

The location of Frederiksberg town hall is very central and not very far away from Copenhagen Main station as well as Frederiksberg metro station. 

There tends to be more availability here, particularly on Saturdays when Copenhagen City Hall tends to be fully booked. 

In Frederiksberg Town Hall weddings are held Monday – Thursday at 11am or 2pm and Friday & Saturday at 11am.
Frederiksberg does not conduct weddings on Sundays.
2 Witnesses are provided by the town hall at no extra cost Monday to Friday.
However, if you are hoping to marry on a Saturday, you must bring at least 1 witness with you in order to marry on this day.

The town hall usually responds within one week. This can be slightly longer during busy periods.

Passports and residency permits/visas, if applicable, must be presented to Frederiksberg Town Hall one working day prior to your wedding date (this is Monday to Friday).
Therefore, if you book a wedding date on a Monday you will need to present your documents on the Friday before.

How to Get to Frederiksberg Town Hall?

Frederiksberg is located just by Copenhagen and the closest big airports are: Copenhagen, Billund, Hamburg and Malmö.

From Copenhagen Airport to Frederiksberg

If you drive a car from Copenhagen airport it will take you only 21 minutes to get to Frederiksberg.

It’s also very easy to get there by public transport and the journey takes between 30 and 40 minutes, depending on the route. 

You can have a look at the routes and train/bus timetables here.

From Malmo Airport (Sweden) to Frederiksberg

Driving a car from the Swedish city should take only approximately 50 minutes. 

By public transport the journey takes about 1h 5mins.

For the routes and train/bus timetables: Have a look here.

From Hamburg (Germany) to Frederiksberg

If you choose to drive from Hamburg airport it should take you around 6 hours to get to Frederiksberg. 

It’s also possible to get there by train with a journey time of around 6 hours.

For the routes and train/bus timetables: Have a look here.

What Can We do While We are In Frederiksberg?

Apart from your wedding ceremony in Frederiksberg’s town hall there are some lovely things to do in the town, so you can make it a little honeymoon trip! 🙂

1. Frederiksberg Gardens 📍

A beautiful palace built by King Frederik IV in 1703 on top of Frederiksberg Hill. 

Built in the Baroque style and inspired by Italian architecture, the palace offers stunning views of the Frederiksberg Gardens. 

It was used by the Royal Family as a summer residence until 1852 when the Royal Danish Officers Academy officially moved in. 

The Palace now offers guided tours every last Saturday of the month, so if you’re in Frederiksberg on that day it’s definitely worth seeing. 

2. Frederiksberg Palace 📍

When taking a stroll around the peaceful old town you can visit this charming church and the icon of Store Heddinge.

Built at the beginning of the 13th century it was hit by lightning in the 1670s, after which the octagon had to be renovated.

Then the church was thoroughly restored in 1853, obtaining its current form.

Stevns Klint – this spectacular cliff, apart from being a UNESCO World Heritage site, is a reminder of the Earth’s dramatic history, when 66 million years ago an asteroid hit the earth, causing half of all animal and plant life to go extinct.

Now it’s a truly breathtaking wonder of nature!

You can have a lovely, romantic walk on the beach alongside this 40 metre high white cliff.

3. The Cisterns📍

A truly unique underground space and exhibition venue. 

Originally this massive space underneath Søndermarken park was a water reservoir filled with 16 million litres of drinking water.

Today the water’s gone and this mysterious space holds exciting exhibitions and events. 

The Cisterns has a unique atmosphere and its impressive architecture resembles something between dark catacombs and a majestic cathedral. 

If you’re in Frederiksberg for a few days make sure to check out its events schedule! 

What Can We Do in the Greater Area of Frederiksberg

If you’re staying in Frederiksberg for a little while there are some unique places nearby, perfect for a day trip.

1. Copenhagen 📍

When in Frederiksberg you’re technically in the Danish capital, so you can enjoy all it has to offer!

This beautiful city has pretty much everything: interesting history, modern architecture, plenty of culture, exciting events, delicious restaurants and welcoming people. 

Copenhagen’s neighbourhoods are very different, each of them conveys a different atmosphere and has unique offerings.

Have a walk through them to see how diverse and lovable Copenhagen is. 

If you like cycling this is a perfect city for you to explore.

Rent a bicycle and enjoy the ride surrounded by the city’s bike-loving citizens.

2. Helsingør 📍

Where history meets modernity. 

This beautiful city with a very long history is now a vibrant cultural hub.

Some of the city’s most popular places to visit are the impressive Kronborg Castle (UNESCO World Heritage Site and the setting for Shakespeare’s Hamlet), Maritime Museum of Denmark, Street Food Market and the Danish Museum of Technology and Science.

There is plenty happening in Helsingør all the time so have a look at the city’s schedule, you’re likely to find some world-class events!

3. Roskilde 📍

Explore Viking history in this city 45 min from Copenhagen. 

In this charming place you can visit a UNESCO listed Gothic cathedral, a palace which today is home to a Museum of Contemporary Art, a Convent from the 13th century, historic churches, Roskilde Museum and an impressive Viking Ship Museum which takes you back to the Viking times.  

If the weather is nice it’s a great idea to go to Roskilde Fjord and enjoy its lovely beaches, meadows and sea views!

Do you wish to get married in Frederiksberg?

The History of Frederiksberg

Although Frederiksberg is an independent municipality, and has its own mayor, it forms part of the City of Copenhagen.  

The area of Frederiksberg has been inhabited since the Bronze Age, but the history of Frederiksberg as a town started on 2nd June 1651.

On that day King Frederik III gave the rights to settle to 20 Danish-Dutch peasants, founding the town which he called Ny Amager (New Amager). 

In 1697 most of the town burnt down which resulted in the peasants not being able to pay taxes and the town reverted to the Royal Family. 

In 1700 King Frederik IV decided to build a palace on top of a hill in the town.

When the palace was finished in 1703 the king called it Frederichs Berg and the town, rebuilt at the foot of the hill, changed its name to Frederiksberg.

The town became popular among wealthy people from Copenhagen who bought local properties and used them as country houses. 

Frederiksberg started changing from a farming community to a posh merchant town with good restaurants; inviting wealthy citizens of Copenhagen to leave the busy city and enjoy the tranquil open land. 

When, in 1852, the Danish Parliament allowed permanent construction outside the walls of Copenhagen city, Frederiksberg was filled with residential buildings and its population grew extremely fast.

Nowadays Frederiksberg consists mainly of cosy streets filled with residential houses and impressive parks. 

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