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1. Introduction

Our website use cookies. Cookies are used by almost all websites, and in some instances the use of cookies is the only way to make a website function properly.

2. What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file, which is stored on your computer to recognize your computer at recurring visits.

The cookie may transmit information via your browser with a purpose of authenticating or identifying the computer via the IP address.

Cookies may contain information such as registration data and user preferences. When a server receives a request from a computer which stores a cookie from the website, the server can use the information stored in the cookie in combination with the information stored on the server. A cookie cannot collect information from your computer and cannot carry any vira or other damaging files.

3. What cookies are used?

We make use of first-party and third-party cookies that are placed in your web browser. A first-party cookie is installed by us while a third-party cookie is installed by someone other than us, such as other websites that provide content for our site or programs we use for analysis.

Our website make use of third-party cookies from Google and The ChatShop.

If you click on a link or integrated content from to a third-party’s website, you should be aware that new cookies may be placed on your electronic device. Getting Married in Denmark has no influence over these cookies. You can read through their websites’ policies concerning cookies.

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