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The Beautiful Wedding Day of Franklin & Paulo

Getting Ready

It was the morning of Wednesday, the 15th of November, 2023. Normally Copenhagen’s November skies are cloudy and full of rain, but today was different.

Franklin and Paulo woke up in their hotel room at the NH Collection Hotel, a gorgeous hotel located right by the water in the heart of Copenhagen, to the sun shining brightly in the sky. 

As well as the sunshine, there was a real buzz of excitement, anticipation and love in the air! Because today was their wedding day! ❤️

It was very important to Franklin and Paulo that they get ready for their wedding together. 

When couples elope to Denmark they often choose to break the rules of the ‘standard’ wedding day traditions, and for Franklin and Paulo, being able to experience and enjoy every single second of this memorable day together was very, very important. 

And so helping each other get ready for their ceremony was very much a special part of their big day.

With care, diligence, consideration, time, effort and love, they spent the morning getting ready for one of the most important occasions of their lives.

The Wedding

A lot of couples choose to come to Denmark just the two of them, but another ‘must’ for Franklin and Paulo was that their closest and most cherished loved ones were able to share the magic of their day with them! 

They had friends from all over Europe join them, with each and every one bringing their own special touch and personality, ensuring it was a unique and beautiful day for Franklin and Paulo. 

When Franklin and Paulo were ready, it was time to head to the City Hall where they met up with all their lovely friends and family, before heading up to the wedding room for their ceremony.

Their wedding ceremony was simply perfect. Franklin and Paulo’s happiness, dedication and love for each other radiated from them throughout. 

Holding each other’s hands so tightly, gazing lovingly at each other and their huge smiles say it all! 😍

They exchanged their rings and then sealed their marriage with a kiss – to the sheer delight, applause and cheers of support and happiness from their loved ones.

A moment they will cherish forever. 

After their ceremony, Franklin and Paulo’s friends headed off to a nearby bar, while Franklin and Paulo stayed at the city hall to share their personal and private vows with each other. 

This was also a hugely tender and important moment for them, as they dedicated their wishes, hopes, dreams, and promises to each other.

The Celebrations

After their vows, Franklin and Paulo joined their friends for lunch at Oscar’s Bar, just a short walk from the City Hall. 

They opted for Smørrebrød, a traditional Danish lunch, known affectionately as ‘open faced sandwiches’ and the perfect lunch to have when in Denmark…. 😉 🇩🇰

A toast was raised to the happy couple, the conversation flowed and laughter filled the air. It was a truly relaxed yet perfect way to begin the celebrations of their special day. 

Congratulations Franklin and Paulo

The most notable thing about Franklin and Paulo’s beautiful wedding day is how deep their love for each other clearly runs. You can see it in the gentle way they touch each other during quieter moments, the way they look at each other when they think nobody else is looking, the way they are both always smiling and content when they are with each other. 

They clearly have a relationship that is built on incredibly strong foundations, surround themselves with loved ones who so dearly love and respect them, and a love for each other that is clearly unbreakable. 

They chose to celebrate their incredible love for each other in Denmark and we genuinely could not be any prouder to have been able to help them with this very special day in their lives. 

Franklin and Paulo, all of us here at Getting Married in Denmark would like to wish you HUGE congratulations once again on your beautiful wedding day in Denmark. We can see exactly how much it meant to you and we are so happy for you. 

All photographs captured by the incredible Suzan at Dream Sonder

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