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The 6 Best Places to Get Married in Denmark

Considerations When Choosing a Town Hall for Your Wedding in Denmark

What are the best places to get married in Denmark, well, it all depends on what you as a couple are looking for!

Having worked with most Danish town halls across Denmark in the past 9 years, we will share our experience and help you to decide which is the best place for you to get married in Denmark.

We work with town halls that are located all over Denmark, but these are our go-to, and in this article we will explain why.

The top 6 town halls we work with are:

  • Copenhagen City Hall
  • Frederiksberg Town Hall
  • Stevns Town Hall
  • Ærø Town Hall
  • Kolding Town Hall
  • Esbjerg Town Hall

Skip down the article to read a little more information about each of these locations!

We offer information on the various town halls we work with; their locations, advantages, disadvantages and more.  We hope you find it useful when deciding your perfect place to get married in Denmark! ❤

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We work with a variety of town halls around Denmark that are set up perfectly for international weddings, and who are very used to welcoming international couples. 

We fully appreciate that our couples have different needs when they come to Denmark for their wedding, and it’s great to be able to give you lots of options so you are able to choose the best place and town hall to get married in Denmark.

As there are quite a few to choose from and they all have different things to offer, we understand that it can sometimes be quite confusing, which is why we wanted to write about the various things to take into consideration when choosing your preferred town hall. 

And please don’t worry if after reading this you’re still not sure! 🙂

When you take our service we will give you detailed recommendations on which town hall to choose, why some would work better than others based on your specific needs, as well as make contact with the town hall to arrange your ceremony, once your application is approved.

Where is the town hall located?

Denmark isn’t a huge country and it doesn’t take long to get around, however, if you have time constraints, or you would like to limit travel as much as possible for any reason, then location will be important for you. 

In Denmark there are two main airports, Copenhagen International airport (Kastrup) in Sjaelland and Billund Airport in Jutland. There are town halls we work with that are close to these airports, making those town halls very practical locations in terms of time and travel. 

We also work with town halls that are an easy drive from the German border which is great for our couples coming from Germany. 

Document presentation

When you come to Denmark for your wedding ceremony, you will be required to go to the town hall before your wedding to present your Passports, or ID, and any travel documents that you may have needed such as Visas or residency permits. 

With some town halls this will be the day before your wedding and with others it can even be on the same day, just 10 minutes before your ceremony. 

This will definitely be something that is important to some couples when making the decision on where is the best place to get married in Denmark.

We know a lot of our couples need to have their wedding and be able to fly out of Denmark on the same day, so presenting documents on the same day means less time in Denmark.

Effectively, same day presentation means that you can come to Denmark, marry and leave all on the same day! 

Not all town halls offer same day document presentations, but since many of you will be flying into Denmark ahead of your wedding day anyway it might not make too much of a difference.

And there may be other factors that are more important to you about the town hall in Denmark that you will marry.


Often the decision on where is the best place to get married in Denmark will come down to the availability at the town halls. 

Some town halls in Denmark have much less availability than others, due to their popularity or location.

Others offer more appointments per day than other town halls, some only conduct weddings on certain days of the week, so availability does differ greatly from one town hall to the next. 

When we make your application to the Agency of Family Law, we have to choose a town hall, so at this point, we’re already thinking about how much time you will have after we receive your approval. 

This is because we usually can’t secure a date until your documents are processed and the town hall has received the electronic approval sent by the Agency of Family Law.

If you would like us to book a date quickly and be more sure of possible availability once we have received your approval, then a town hall with plenty of availability and one that responds to appointment requests quickly is needed.


Finally, the way a town hall and location look could be really important for you.

We find that aesthetics are often our couples’ least important consideration when it comes to planning, whether they have a larger celebration planned elsewhere or not.

But the closer it gets to their marriage in Denmark, the more they start enjoying the idea of making it an occasion and hiring a photographer and florist, for example. 

That’s why we advise that you take a look at the pictures and videos on our website and our social networking pages, like Instagram and Facebook, to get an idea of how different locations look, as well as gain some inspiration from our wedding vendors and previous couples before choosing your town hall. 

We only recommend the town halls that we know will give a great experience to our couples.

All the town halls that we recommend are lovely and friendly, so no matter which you choose you’re going to have an amazing ceremony!

Local Attractions, Eateries & Vendors

Local attractions, places to eat and available vendors are something to think about when you’re looking at locations.

If you would like your wedding in a more rural area it’s good to remember that smaller towns are likely to have fewer options for you to choose from. 

You might need to ask vendors, such as a wedding photographer or makeup artist, to travel to that location which can sometimes slightly raise costs.

In comparison, a larger city will have many more options if you’re looking for something in particular. 

Standards are generally very high in Denmark and so, even in the smaller towns, you will be able to find great restaurants for your post-ceremony celebrations and if you’re going to have a few guests with you, it will likely be more affordable than celebrating in Copenhagen itself.

Which town halls do we recommend and why?

We work with a lot of town halls in Denmark but there are 6 that we work especially closely with. Below we have given you a little information about each and hopefully this will give you more of an idea of the best location to get married in Denmark…

Copenhagen City Hall

Probably the most well known of all the town halls in Denmark, Copenhagen City Hall is a beautiful and magnificent building located in the very heart of Copenhagen. It is a building that oozes history and charm, and the registrars make sure the weddings held there are filled with love and warmth. Of course getting married in the heart of the city gives you access to a plethora of things to do, places to visit, celebrate and eat!

  • Location: A 13 minute train ride from Copenhagen airport
  • Document presentation: 1 working day prior / Same day permitted if necessary
  • Advantages: Its extremely convenient location makes City Hall the obvious first choice for couples who decide to get married in Denmark. 
  • Disadvantages: Its popularity means that availability changes incredibly quickly at this town hall, and often it’s not possible to get a date until several months ahead.

Stevns Town Hall

Stevns town hall is the understated destination for a wedding in Denmark, in our opinion. This town hall is modern and the staff here simply lovely! Stevns as an area is close to the sea, quiet and historic and a wedding here allows you to immerse yourself in a slower, relaxing and peaceful experience, while not being especially far from the city of Copenhagen, should you be looking for a little bit of excitement too – meaning a wedding here allows you to experience the best of both worlds!

  • Location: Just under a 2 hour train ride or just 1 hour in a car from Copenhagen city centre
  • Document presentation: Immediately prior to your wedding ceremony, or one working day before.
  • Advantages: Same day document presentation is a huge advantage to couples not wanting to spend several days in Denmark, due to time or cost constraints
  • Disadvantages: Witnesses are NOT provided by the town hall on every day of the week. 

Ærø Town Hall

Ærø Town Hall is located on the stunning island of Ærø. It has a magic and charm to it like nowhere else you’ll ever visit. Couples are sometimes reluctant to commit to the travel required to get to this town hall BUT when they do, it’s something they always say is totally worthwhile making the effort to do. Ærø offers a glimpse into a slower pace of life, one that allows you to truly stop and take the time to fully appreciate the beauty in every moment.

  • Location: 3.5 hours from Copenhagen airport via train & ferry OR 2.4 hours from the German border by car & ferry
  • Document presentation: One business day prior
  • Advantages: An absolutely stunning location to get married, witness provided every day weddings are held.
  • Disadvantages: Travel time to the island is sometimes seen as a drawback to this location. In the winter the island becomes very quiet.

Kolding Town Hall

Kolding Town Hall is another very popular choice for couples who want to get married in Denmark. 

There are actually 2 locations where it is possible to get married here – there is also the possibility of marrying in an old museum just outside of Kolding in the sweet town of Christiansfeld. This means that if the Kolding town hall does not have availability on the date you want, Christiansfeld offers a wonderful alternative option!

  • Location: Just over a 1 hour drive from the German border.
  • Document presentation: Same day or 1 business day prior for Saturday weddings.
  • Advantages: Conveniently located for couples travelling from Germany. There are two possible venues: Kolding Town Hall and the Søstrehuset in Christiansfeld.  
  • Disadvantages: Availability at this town hall changes quickly at this town hall.

Ribe Town Hall

The Ribe Town Hall is another town hall that is very popular for couples travelling up from Germany. The town hall in Ribe is beautiful and charming!

  • Location: Just under a 2 hour drive from the German border.
  • Document presentation: Just prior to your wedding ceremony.
  • Advantages: Close to Germany
  • Disadvantages: Availability changes very very quickly here so if you’re hoping to get married quickly this may not be the best choice for you.

Frederiksberg Town Hall

Frederiksberg town hall is another large town hall which is also located in Copenhagen. It is an equally stunning building, very different in design to Copenhagen City Hall. Built in the 1940s, it is a light and airy building with beautiful murals painted on the walls. The Frederiksberg area is very family friendly with plenty of restaurants, bars and parks to choose from!

  • Location: Only a 19 minute metro journey from the airport!  
  • Document presentation: One business day prior to the wedding date. 
  • Advantages: Centrally located in a great area of the city. 
  • Disadvantages: Frederiksberg town hall now only conducts weddings on ONE Saturday per month. You must bring at least one witness with you if you choose this town hall. 

Do we work with any other town halls?

Yes, we work with several other town halls located around Denmark. These include:

  • Aabenraa
  • Sønderborg
  • Aarhus
  • Aalborg
  • Odense
  • Tønder
  • Helsingør

To name a few! These town halls are often great choices for couples who have no time constraints, have guests attending or are happy to travel. 

Some of these town halls only hold several weddings a day for example, so their availability gets booked up incredibly quickly. Some have extremely long response times and some do not always guarantee witnesses. 


We hope that this has helped you with what factors to consider when choosing where in Denmark would be the best place to get married, and which town hall might suit your needs the most. 

So if you’re looking for a wedding in one of these locations (or any other location around Denmark for that matter) please do talk to us. We can tell you in further detail, what the requirements and processes are for these town halls and help you confirm which location will be the best place for you!

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