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When to Marry in Denmark; Winter, Spring, Summer, or Autumn?

Honestly, we think ANYTIME is the right time! ;-)

Each season in Denmark has its own unique beauty, vibe, and quality to it. Winter is filled with sparkling lights and Hygge, Autumn that wonderful golden colour wherever you turn. Spring is full of life, and summer sees Denmark shine brightly. You’ll find magic in every season in this gorgeous country.

This article will give you information about each season, including their advantages & disadvantages; so that you can make the most informed decision about exactly when is the right time for you to get married in Denmark.

Photo Credit: Julie Behrendt Bexkens

What is important to remember is that if you are hoping to have your wedding during a very specific time of year; for example, you really want to get married in the summertime, or maybe you’d like a December wedding perhaps, these are both very popular choices for a lot of couples coming to Denmark to get married. 

So, with this in mind, you should start the process of applying for your marriage approval, well in advance (no more than 4 months prior) to ensure that you get a wedding during the season that you desire. 

Read on to find out more information about what to expect during each of the seasons, why each one is equally as lovely and wonderful as the next, and also things you might need to be aware of that you might not have already considered! 

A Danish Wedding in Spring

What are the main advantages of a springtime wedding in Denmark?

  • Symbolic new start in a couple’s relationship
  • Longer days
  • Less chance of inclement weather
  • Flowers in bloom 
  • Restaurants & cafes in smaller towns start to open again after the winter

Springtime is a much-loved time of year. After the long, dark, wet and sometimes harsh winters that many of us experience, those first signs of spring bring that long desired ray of hope, that the warmer and longer days will be upon us again soon. 

Those first spring flowers, the sun when it shines on your face again, the buds starting to appear on the trees, and the birds starting to sing as the dawn breaks. It’s a magical time of year and a wonder to behold every single time. 

So, it’s no surprise that a lot of people choose to get married in Denmark during the springtime. 

That symbol of a new beginning, or new chapter in a couple’s life together does not go unnoticed and from April onwards the town halls start to see an increase in the number of couples securing their wedding dates there. 

Another wonderful thing about spring in Denmark is that those restaurants who reduced their open times during the winter will start to open up again, meaning the choices available for couples to celebrate with a post wedding drink or dinner increases!

Photo Credit: Elena Belevantseva

What are the main disadvantages of a spring wedding in Denmark?

  • The weather can still be quite cool
  • The town halls are starting to get busier
  • The weather can still be quite cool
  • The town halls are starting to get busier

Yes, the rain starts to become less frequent and yes, the days are getting longer but, the warmth can sometimes take longer than you might think to return to the sun. 

The sun will be shining more but it can still feel unexpectedly cold on some days. This can, and sometimes does, catch those springtime couples out. 

So, if you choose to come to Denmark in the spring, make sure to pack layers, just in case!

It’s also worth bearing in mind that the town halls start to get busier in springtime. 

At Copenhagen city hall for example, the amount of time you’ll need to wait for the next available ceremony appointments will start increasing, so getting in touch in plenty of time to get your marriage application approved is advised, especially if you have your heart set on a springtime wedding. 

When to get started for a spring wedding in Denmark?

If you are dead set on a specific date or you’re limited in the amount of time you’re able to spend in Denmark (for, say visa reasons for example), then we always recommend getting started as soon as possible. This is true for any time of the year. If you’re a little more relaxed, then there is no real rush. 

On average though, if you’re hoping for a wedding in say April / May, then contacting us in the new year (or even in December to get ahead of the curve) would be our recommendation. 

This forward planning also applies to any particularly popular dates – for example Valentine’s Day, or dates that are funky or unique – such as 24.02.24! These days always get booked up quickly, so for any specific date, getting in touch with as much time as possible is always recommended to avoid disappointment. 

A Danish Wedding in Summer

What are the main advantages of a summer wedding in Denmark?

  • The warmer weather
  • The choice of things to see and do
  • The amazing energy Denmark has in the summertime

Ok, so it’s pretty obvious that the summertime will be one of the more popular times couples come to Denmark to get married here. 

It’s a Nordic country so of course, the winters are really, really cold and the days are super short. This makes the summer times a very special time in Denmark. 

Obviously, the warmer weather means that couples have to worry less about the possibility of it raining on their wedding day. 

The warmer weather also means that being able to spend time outdoors is a totally viable option – a picnic in the park, slowly wandering through the quaint and gorgeous streets while you soak up the atmosphere and culture, a boat tour along the canal, exploring one of the many castles and its grounds, sitting and eating a meal outside while the world passes you by. The options and choices are endless.

And you’ll find this buzz wherever you go in Denmark, even in the smaller towns or islands. It has a wonderful energy in the summertime and is a fabulous place to be – you can’t help but smile and have a good time! And as a result, the summer is a great time to get married in Denmark.

Photo Credit: Justyna Dura

What are the main disadvantages of a summer wedding in Denmark?

  • It’s an extremely popular time of year to get married
  • The town halls get booked up very quickly
  • The AFL staff take summer holidays.

So, yes as discussed above, you can see that the summertime is a truly wonderful option, for great reasons, if you’re a couple trying to decide when the best time is to get married in Denmark. 

However, given it is the summertime, it’s worth bearing in mind that even the Danish Agency of Family Law staff need time off for holidays (yes really)! 😉 

This means that the number of staff processing marriage applications significantly decreases as they take their annual leave. 

While the AFL will still respond to applications within the stated 5 working days, if for any reason they ask questions or request further information, these applications are unfortunately not then dealt with swiftly, adding a potential 2 month minimum to your application approval wait time. 

On top of this, some of the town halls also close for their summer holidays, some a week, some several weeks which means this, combined with the sheer number of couples applying for a summer wedding, summertime dates become very booked up very, very quickly. 

This of course can lead to disappointment if couples have a very specific date in mind and they haven’t applied for their marriage approval in enough time to accommodate these factors.

When to get started for a summer wedding in Denmark?

Summer weddings in Denmark are incredibly popular. The town hall ceremony appointments get booked up very quickly, especially at the ‘main’ town halls, such as Copenhagen City Hall. 

If you are thinking you’d love a summer wedding, then we recommend starting the process in plenty of time. Your approval can be issued for a maximum of 4 months, so to avoid disappointment starting around 4.5 months ahead of your ideal wedding date means you can get the whole ‘boring’ administrative process out of the way in a relaxed, non stressful way, securing a date in plenty of time. 

Which is exactly how planning your wedding date should be – relaxed, straightforward and dare we even say it – FUN! 😉

A Danish Wedding in Autumn

What are the main advantages of an autumn wedding in Denmark?

  • It’s a beautiful time of year
  • It’s quieter

The autumn is another favourite time of year for many couples who are choosing when to get married in Denmark. Again, it often signifies new beginnings. 

The trees shedding their leaves is nature’s way of showing us how to beautifully let go of things, enabling us to start a new phase in our lives. 

And as with springtime, this beauty is reflected everywhere, those beautiful golden colours around us wherever we look. It is a gorgeous time of year and yet while still popular, the busy hectic vibes of summer have dissipated, leaving slightly quieter town halls and better availability.

Photo credit: Elena Belevantseva

What are the main disadvantages of an autumn wedding in Denmark?

  • Rain

Ok, this might not seem a big deal but actually some couples simply do not want rain on their wedding day. 

Although unfortunately there isn’t much we can do about the weather, choosing an autumn wedding date does mean taking a bit of a gamble with the weather. 

BUT did you know, rain on your wedding day really is supposed to bring luck! And actually, snuggling up together under an umbrella is really quite romantic (well, we think so anyway)! 😉

When to get started for an autumn wedding in Denmark?

The autumn is probably Denmark’s least busy season for weddings BUT that being said it’s still very popular. For a late September / October wedding we’d recommend getting started around June time. 

Again, this ensures that the process is done with as little stress or ‘rush’ as possible meaning you can actually enjoy the entire process from start to finish. 

A Danish Wedding in Winter

What are the main advantages of a winter wedding in Denmark?

  • Hygge
  • Christmas 

The months of November and December are simply magical months to be in Denmark, December especially. 

With the Christmas season fully ‘in swing’ you’ll find out very quickly upon arrival to Denmark that the Danes love Christmas. 

And not only that, but they do also it incredibly well. No matter which town, city or island you marry on, you’ll find twinkling lights, Christmas markets and an energy in the air that is almost electric. 

Despite the cold that inevitably comes with the winter months, the Danes offset this with the Danish art of Hygge! 

This is, in other words, ‘the art of living well’ and appreciating the smaller things in life. For example, a walk down a canal in Copenhagen, wrapped up warm, arm in arm with your newly wedded partner, stopping at a Christmas market to enjoy a warm glass gløgg and an æbleskiver with jam, while the sun is going down and the lights are twinkling in all the trees – this would be classed as a very hyggeligt thing to do. 

Photo Credit: Martina Lanotte
Photo Credit: Hanna Bursuk

What are the main disadvantages of a winter wedding in Denmark?

  • The town halls close over Christmas
  • It gets very cold
  • Some businesses close for the winter season
  • December especially, is an extremely popular time to get married in Denmark

While November and December are truly magical months in Denmark, what this inevitably means is the town halls get very, very busy, with December at Copenhagen City Hall often being fully booked by the middle of October. 

To add to the ‘squeeze’ on the availability, nearly all the town halls and the AFL will close their doors for at least a week between Christmas and New Year. 

So, if you don’t apply with enough time (yes, we’re talking as early as August) the chances are if you have your heart set on a December wedding in Denmark, you may end up being very disappointed. 

From January through to March, it is quite common for some restaurants, bars and tourist attractions etc., to close for these months, especially in places like Ærø where tourist footfall becomes much less.  

So, while it is still possible to choose a wedding in these quieter towns in winter, finding somewhere to celebrate afterwards or things to do and see, can be much more of a struggle than in the warmer months. 

Lastly, the winter in Scandinavian countries is not like a winter you’ll possibly be used to. You might think “Oh, I’ve got my boots and coat” but this simply will not be enough to keep you warm during the depths of a Danish winter. The cold here gets right through your clothes and into your bones. 

So, if you do decide that winter is in fact when you would like to get married in Denmark, bring enough clothes! Plenty of thick layers, thick socks, gloves, scarves and hats and the biggest coat you own! 

You see, winter in Denmark is actually an incredibly romantic time of year, and so making sure you are wrapped up super warm and cosy is essential to fully appreciating the romance and beauty of it all!

When to get started for a winter wedding in Denmark?

We see A LOT of couples aiming specifically for a December wedding. And a lot of these couples get in touch with us in November to organise this. It’s totally doable BUT that being said nothing is ever 100% guaranteed with less than a month before your desired date. 

This means the process can be much more stressful for you, when you start so close to the date you wish to get married. Throw into the mix the fact that both the AFL and the town halls close for Christmas, which means that the pressure really can build and of course that is not what we want for you at all. So for a December wedding we recommend getting in touch even as early as August!! Yes, it’s difficult thinking about snow, dark nights, winter coats and boots in the middle of August but trust us, you’ll be thankful you did!

So, When IS the Best Time To Get Married in Denmark?

Well, this is a question we can’t answer for you! You will either be a winter person or a summer person, an autumn person or a spring person. 

Each of these seasons is quite different in its own lovely way and each has its own advantages for those looking to get married during that time, as well as each having its own considerations too.

Photo Credit: Martina Lanotte

You need to weigh up the following:

  • Whether you want the weather to be warm, or cool yet cosy?
  • Do you have a specific date in mind or not?
  • Are you in a hurry?
  • Will you want to spend lots of time celebrating and eating out?
  • Will you want to experience as much as you can culturally while you’re here?

Based on the answers to all of these things, you will have a better idea of when to get married in Denmark; which time of year suits your needs the most and when you will get the most enjoyment of your time here. 

Once you have decided which time of year is perfect for you, let us know!  

As well as being able to help you with your documentation, application and booking your wedding date, we can provide you with lots of recommendations for things to do and places to see, places to celebrate, plus great suggestions of restaurants for lunch and dinner while you’re in Denmark. 

Once you’ve got your date set, just speak to your Wedding Day Team advisor and they will be able to help! We can’t wait to hear from you.

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