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Services & Prices

No Matter which service you choose, you will receive an outstanding customer service experience from us. We offer complimentary guidance and support with your stay in Denmark when you engage in our services. 

Furthermore, all our collaborating partners offer couples using our service up to 20% discounts on their services. 


We handle the entire process for you
  • Full Detailed Documentation List
  • Guidance While Gathering Documents
  • Process Your Application With AFL
  • Organise Your Ceremony date
  • Handling All Communication With AFL
  • AFL Application Fee Of €220 Included
  • 25% Danish VAT. Included


Get help with your required documentation
  • Full Detailed Documentation List
  • Guidance While Gathering Documents
  • Detailed Instructions On How To Apply
  • Instructions For Organising Your Ceremony
  • 25% Danish VAT. Included


What you need to get started​
  • Preliminary Documentation List
  • Answers To Start Up Questions



Private Registrar in CPH

We book your ceremony outside of normal availability
  • Private Ceremony in Copenhagen City Hall
  • Booking And Co-ordinating Your Registrar
  • 25% Danish VAT. Included
  • Registrar Fee Included
  • City Hall Venue Included
  • Not Incl. Complete or Essential Service


We Legalise Your Wedding Certificate in Denmark
  • Co-ordinating Your Certificates
  • €30 Apostille Fee For 1 Certificate Included
  • Bicycle Courier To And From The MFA*
  • Worldwide Tracked Express UPS Service
  • 25% Danish VAT. Included
  • Not Incl. Complete or Essential Service


When You Applied Yourself and Things Went Wrong
  • We receive many requests from desperate couples who have not used our service and who need help with an application that is already with the Agency of Family Law. So we have decided to add this Mayday service.
  • If you’re experiencing lengthy delays due to communication issues and incorrect documentation, we can help you organise the correct documentation and speak directly with the Agency of Family Law on your behalf to rectify any issues and get your application approved as quickly as possible.
  • With this service, we hope to end any stress and significant delays you have experienced as efficiently as possible.
  • Situation Assessment
  • Communication With The AFL
  • Everything In The Essential Service
  • 25% Danish VAT. Included

Service & Prices


What's the difference between the Complete Service and the Essential Service?

​With our Complete Service, we support you the whole  way. Once you choose the service, we will send you a full and detailed documentation list with all the information needed in order for you to gather the necessary documents. This includes information on any legalisations needed and addresses of where you will get them.

We then process your application for you with the Agency of Family Law. If you have chosen our Essential service, we carry out all the steps we just mentioned, but we do not process your application for you. Instead, we give you instructions on how to do this yourself. 

Similarly, in organising your ceremony at the town hall with our Complete Service, we would do this all for you whereas, with our Essential service, we would give you the instructions on how to carry this out for yourself. 

The Complete Service offers that we take care of all contact and communication with the Agency of Family Law, and support you with your stay in Denmark through recommendations and advise. 

Is the Agency of Family Law Fee of €220 Included?

If you choose our Complete Service, the €220 application fee that has to be made to the Agency of Family Law is included in the price because we have to make the application on your behalf. 

With our Essential Service the fee is not included because you make the application yourself, and you would pay the fee during the process.  

When Do We Pay & How Can We Pay?

If you decide, after receiving your free preliminary list of documentation, that you would like to go ahead with our services, we would ask you to pay the service fee before sending you our full and detailed list of documents needed to get married in Denmark. 

You can pay via a secure online link or you can choose to pay via a bank transfer. 

Can I upgrade from the Essential Service to the Complete Service?

Although the Essential Service is our most popular service, we highly recommend that you take the Complete Service from the beginning.

This is because completing the application correctly can make a big difference to the time that it takes to process your application, and because we take care of the application for you as part of the Complete Service, you can be sure that it’s carried out correctly. 

If you’ve initially taken the Essential Service, but while you’re collecting documents have decided you would like us to take care of the application for you, this is very possible, and it’s easy to upgrade to our Complete Service. 

Customers who choose the complete service have the stress free assurance that we will handle all communication with the Agency of Family Law with our direct lines of communication. 

If you have taken the Essential Service and decide, after you have made your application, that you would like to upgrade to our Complete Service, this is also possible. 

What are the costs of Getting Married in Denmark?
The great thing about getting married in Denmark is that you can make this trip as affordable or as luxurious as you wish. 
The prices we show on our website are including taxes and without any hidden costs.
Other than the administration fee for the Agency of Family Law, there are no other fees to pay in Denmark regarding your marriage for example to the town hall. 
The expenses you need to consider separate to our service fees are travel, accommodation and wedding professionals.
It’s up to you how much you spend on these. 
Denmark is said to be expensive but you can make an affordable budget trip there by planning ahead and choosing more affordable accommodations and eateries.
Especially if you marry in Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen, as there is something for every taste and every budget.
Of course, we’re also there to give you advice and recommendations too while you plan! 

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