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The Apostille Legalisation Service

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The Apostille Legalisation Service we provide after your wedding in Denmark.

There is no time frame on when you can take our Apostille Service; This can be taken immediately after your wedding or years after.

If you are thinking “But what is the Apostille Legalisation in the first place?”

Then you might want to read our  Hague Apostille Legalisation in Denmark article first, or watch the video  ->



This is a service we provide after your wedding in Denmark.

There is no time frame on when you can take our Apostille Service; This can be taken immediately after your wedding or years after.

It is for those couples who will be using their wedding with their respective governments after their wedding, e.g. to register the marriage or to apply for a spousal Visa, and will need that extra layer of ‘legalisation’ on their marriage certificate.

We do not have to have helped you with your wedding in Denmark for you to take this service.

  • You send your marriage certificate/s to our Apostille team (we will give you information on how to do this)
  • Once we receive your certificate/s we will then hand deliver them to the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will check the information on your certificates after which they will affix the Apostille ‘stamp’ onto the back of your certificate/s
  • We will then return your certificate/s back to you at an address of your choice* via a tracked courier service


*The Apostille Service fee only covers the return to one address. An extra fee is incurred to cover the courier costs back to 2 separate addresses.

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Discovering GMiD online was a game-changer.After navigating the complexities of German bureaucracy for over a year, we had lost hope in our dream of getting married.From the very first contact, the team of GMiD were incredibly responsive and welcoming, patiently guiding us through every step of the process;t was like painting by numbers.On the day of our ceremony, everything flowed effortlessly, thanks to their meticulous planning.GMiD not only made our dream possible but made it an unforgettable experience. We are forever grateful to the entire team for their professionalism, support, and making our special day absolutely perfect.
The GMID team was incredibly helpful, responsive, and knowledgeable throughout our entire journey from start to finish. We went to Copenhagen and the whole day went off without a hitch Highly recommend their team for helping you with your big day!
The team of Getting Married in Denmark was very professional and a huge help with every step, from legal documents to ferry boat schedules. A shoutout especially to Maria and Erma who took care of us, always answered every question, and came up with the best solutions to fit our needs. The whole process was smooth and easy thanks to the team, and we enjoyed every second 🙂

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