Getting Married in Denmark

All you need to know to get married in Denmark.

Getting Married in Denmark

The Wedding Application Process

Many of our couples find themselves considering Getting Married in Denmark for many various reasons.

  1. It could be that you are avoiding the lengthy administrative processes of your residing country.
  2. Or perhaps you’re having a bigger non legal wedding somewhere exotic, and just want to do the legal part quickly and easily.
  3. Some of our couples just want to have a super low key wedding by themselves. They have heard from friends that Denmark is the place to do it.

We get it! The required documentation is simple, the processing is quick, and Denmark is an awesome place to visit.

People are friendly, the transport is easy, and once you’re here for your ceremony you’re going to find your trip is wonderfully seamless thanks to our help.

Getting Married in Denmark as a Foreigner

You may already be wondering, what it’s like to get married in Denmark as a foreigner?

There are so many international people marrying in Copenhagen and other town halls around Denmark.

We can help you understand more about what it’s like.

A question you might have is:

  • “What is a Danish Town hall wedding ceremony like?”
  • “Are Vikings involved?”

Okay, so we don’t get asked too often if Vikings are involved!

But a lot of our couples do ask us what a ceremony here in Denmark is like.

Perhaps you are wondering whether you can have a Gay wedding in Denmark?

Of course you can! The LGBT community is thriving in Denmark and gay weddings are very welcome.

Great, you’ve decided to contact us for some information!

As soon as you contact us you will receive an automated email with some questions. We need you to answer these questions so that we can understand you and your partners circumstances. 

Once your situation is clear to us we send you a free complimentary document list. This is a preliminary list that outlines the basic things you would require to get married in Denmark. 

Did we mention it’s free?

When you then choose to continue with our services we’ll send you a full and detailed documentation list and support you further. 

When you choose to go ahead with one of our services, we send you a full and detailed documentation list. With this list you can start gathering everything you need. 

While gathering your documentation, you can contact us with any questions you have. You will always receive a very quick and clear response from us. 

Once you have collected the documentation needed, we organise it so that it’s suitable for administration with the Agency of Family Law office. We also help you with the online application, or complete the whole process on your behalf. Though, this depends on which of our services you choose. 

How exciting!

Your documents have been processed and your wedding date confirmed at the town hall. Now it’s time to start planning your stay and wedding in Denmark. 

If you have taken our complete service we are helping you every step of the way. We give you our recommendations, we direct you on how to get around and we offer you helpful articles.

We’ll be right there from the moment you step in to Denmark to the moment you leave. 

If you’re wondering what your ceremony will be like? Usually, a ceremony at the town hall is very quick. Each town hall will vary slightly in the way that it conducts the ceremony, but the usual time it will take is 5 to 10 minutes. Directly after the ceremony, you will receive two international wedding certificates to take home with you. 

Although the ceremony may sound short, the town halls do their best to make it a wonderful experience for you. 

Finally you are returning home as a married couple having had a wonderful time in Denmark.

Although all our couples had read our great reviews previously, everyone is still surprised at how seamless we make the whole experience.

It’s a joy to receive feedback from our couples.

We receive all kinds of feedback from wedding snaps and family memories from our couples trip to Denmark to pictures of happy pets on their return, and it really brightens our day!

Remember, we’re still here after your wedding for any questions or help you might need concerning your marriage certificate or wedding in Denmark.

As you married in Denmark, your wedding will be registered here. Though, you still need to also register it in the country where you are residing.

This can usually be done at your local registry office or government office, and we recommend that you do that as soon as possible.

If you would like to change your name now that you are married, this also needs to be completed in the country you are residing.

Your Wedding is Our Passion

Our team of advisers have helped thousands of couples with their wedding in Denmark. 

We have excellent customer service and aim to reply to you quickly with the answers and guidance you need. 

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Getting Married in Denmark

No.1 Destination

15,000 couples travel to Denmark to get married every year. 


International couples choose Denmark, because it is easier than their own country.


We guide you all the way. Processing your documents is quick and stress free. 

Happy Couples

It brings us smiles to see all these happy couples.    

We would definitely recommend Getting Married in Denmark Service! This service made things easy and smooth for us since in Germany it was quite difficult to get married. Sam was very helpful, answering our emails on time and providing us with information. Thanks to her help, we gathered the required documents, submitted the application and got married in Copenhagen in December.
Sabina Salimovska
Sabina S.
00:45 10 Dec 19
Getting Married in Denmark made it really easy to arrange our wedding on the beautiful Island of Aero in July this year, providing clear support at each step of the process! Serafina was great, she replied very quickly to our questions and thanks to her helpful tips we managed to arrange our wedding even quicker than we expected (given the time of year). Would definitely recommend this service. Jenni & Tom from UK/Ireland
Jenni Paynter
Jenni P.
20:03 06 Dec 19
We would like to thank Getting Married in Denmark for this amazing service especially Serafina who guided us and made sure all our documents were in order. The process was smooth and seamless!
Samar Itani
Samar I.
05:28 27 Nov 19
I can highly recommend the services of Getting Married in Denmark - this made our lifes so much easier and the paperwork, which can feel overwhelming at times, much less stressful. Leanne was our assistant and she did a terrific job. She handled everything in a very professional manner and encouraged us along the way. Thank you for your services - we can't wait to get married now 😉
Judith Liesenfeld
Judith L.
11:28 24 Nov 19
We got married on the 15.11.19. Serafina was amazing. She made all the process very simple. She replied all our messages on time. She made sure all our documents were complete. She did an amazing job. You will never regret their service. Alex and Kenny from Germany
kehinde ololade
kehinde O.
19:33 20 Nov 19
Getting Married in Denmark services were very competent and effective. They provided all the assistance necessary to go through the paperwork and with a very happy end.Serafina and Clare were really helpful and always there to assist us. They guide us through the whole process and we only had to do what they said to us, simple and easy.We’d like to thank you for your kind support during the whole process. Thanks a lot!! We recommend it.
Iosi Weisemberg
Iosi W.
13:35 19 Nov 19
Couldnt have asked for a better person to help us get Married in Denmark. Serafina was super friendly, professional and answered all our questions we had and guided us step by step through the process. It was all such a quick and easy process thanks to her. We had a beautiful wedding/holiday and got to explore the beautiful Aero island. It couldnt be better than this
Chloe Rachelle
Chloe R.
09:29 19 Nov 19
We had a beautiful wedding courtesy of GMID.We will not hesitate to recommend them.Claire Hindle was our consultant and she did a marvelous job.Kudos!!!!
Grace Odida
Grace O.
05:20 14 Nov 19
We were lucky to find such a great service. Getting married is one of the greatest times in life, but can also be stressful especially when doing so in a different coiuntry. Sam helped us enure all of our documents were in order and helped us book our ceremony was in German and English. She even gave us great recommendations for restaurants, things to do, flowers, hair/beauty services and photographers. We are very pleased with the service and so happy to get married in Copenahagen and had no stress with the process!
Nichelle Mersinli
Nichelle M.
08:15 11 Nov 19
Samantha was really helpful and always there to assist us. She guide us through the whole process and we only had to do what she said to us. Really easy and quick. She was a life saver!
Belén Sans
Belén S.
09:18 08 Nov 19
We are happily married now! Serafina Jones from Getting Married in Denmark assisted us. Professionalism, patience, kindness and real care - these are the words to describe our experince. Thank you so much!
Katerina Bondarenko
Katerina B.
14:15 06 Nov 19
We are happily married now! Serafina Jones from Getting Married in Denmark assisted us. Professionalism, patience, kindness and real care - these are the words to describe our experince. Thank you so much!
Katerina Bondarenko
Katerina B.
14:07 06 Nov 19
We are Jorge and Erica Sosa happily married in Copenhagen and the personal assistant that helped us thru the whole process was Serafina Jones. Getting Married In Denmark was a dream come true for us, after struggling and going thru so much just to get married, this company saved us. Serafina was very very helpful and concerned in every step of the process with every paperwork in details step by step walked us thru to the end. I highly recommend this company if you really want to get marry in Denmark, they make the process so easy to get marry, We are so happy that we did.
I'm All In
I'm All I.
18:32 04 Nov 19
So thrilled! A week ago my now husband and I were married at the town hall in Copenhagen!We are two internationals, Philippines and Bosnia living in Europe. Bureaucracy most countries here in both countries (Poland and Bosnia) were a bit hassle for both of us and after much thought and research we learned about Gettingmarriedindenmark! They responded and offered their help in just few minutes!Leanne had been very helpful. She helped us focus on the excitement of the special day and made the process a lot easier!Really quickly got an approval to get married in this beautiful city of Copenhagen!I highly recommend them! Thank you so much once again for assisting us, Leanne! We will never forget!
April Cabuena
April C.
14:28 03 Nov 19
I recommend them with zero hesitation. Getting married in Denamark was a free pain journey thanks to their attentive and transparent support. Especially Serafina she went through all the bureaucratic and procedural requirements in a very straightforward manner. We are an international couple (Colombia and Spain) thus it would have been a meticulous process to do it in Spain or Germany so thanks god Denmark is there 😀 We strongly suggest considering @gettingmarriedindenmark We had such a special time with our loved ones in the beautiful lands of the north . Thank you very much!
Carlos Soto
Carlos S.
13:55 01 Nov 19
I recommend them with zero hesitation. Getting married in Denamark was a free pain journey thanks to their attentive and transparent support. Thank you! Especially to Serafina, she went through all the bureaucratic and procedural requirements in a very straightforward manner. We are an international couple (Colombia and Spain) thus it would have been a meticulous process to do it in Spain or Germany so thanks god Denmark is there 😀 We strongly suggest considering @gettingmarriedindenmark We had such a special time with our loved ones in the beautiful lands of the north . Cheers!
Carlos Soto
Carlos S.
13:51 01 Nov 19
Pretty cool service, very helpful. Answered all of our dumb questions very quickly and explained everything very effectively. It was as easy as sending them the documents they asked for, filling out an online form, and less than a week later we were settled and ready for the ceremony date.
Kyle Johnson
Kyle J.
04:27 01 Nov 19
Getting Married in Denmark made this process so easy that we can’t believe it. We tried to celebrate our wedding in Spain but the process took more 9 months and still didn’t happen. We are so happy that we chose Denmark as our wedding destination and that we had Serafina as our guide through the process. Everything happened exactly like she said and her guide through the process was brilliant. Aero is a beautiful and happy town, I strongly suggest it for your special day.
Ivan Alexander Jaen
Ivan Alexander J.
07:43 29 Oct 19
They made the experience of getting married in a foreign country more enjoyable and easier, thank you for all the support and wishes! highly recommended!!
Francisco Salvatore Briceno
Francisco Salvatore B.
16:26 28 Oct 19
irene popela
irene P.
15:26 28 Oct 19

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting married in Denmark is so easy, but there some strict conditions apply. 

You must be at least 18 years old to marry in Denmark.

If either of you have been previously married, that marriage must have been legally dissolved before you can marry again. 

To get married in Denmark, you need to be able to legally enter the country. Therefore  you need to either have a valid visa, or a type of residency that allows entry in to Denmark. 

People from all over the world  can get married in Denmark – and of any gender. The only exception can be if you currently have asylum seeker or refugee residential status.

Can same-sex couples marry in Denmark?


Denmark is a popular destination for same-sex couples who wish to marry.

Denmark was the first country in the world to grant recognition to same-sex unions in 1989. This has now been replaced by a new same-sex marriage law.

If you would like to know what documents you need for marriage in Denmark, why not contact us to receive a free documents list? We answer everyone who contact us – and free of charge.

We will then send you a preliminary list of documents to get you started. 

Everyone’s circumstances are different. Therefore, the documents you need will vary greatly from one couple to another.

To see a list of the general documents, take a look at our page Required Documentation for Getting Married in Denmark.

There are many wonderful town halls around Denmark where you can have your wedding ceremony.

We recommend the town halls who love to welcome international couples, and are more geared towards offering you a lovely ceremony. 

When you take our services, we send you a list of the town halls that we recommend. This list include all the information you need about each town hall. With the list you can make a decision about which town hall would be right for your special day. 

The list of town halls we work with includes,

  • Copenhagen
  • Ærø
  • Stevns
  • Frederiksberg
  • Tønder 
  • And others…

You will usually need to be in Denmark at least 2 days. You need one day to present your documentation, and the second day to have your wedding ceremony. 

Some town halls require that you present your documentation the same day. Though, there are always different factors to take in to account like your travel and flight plans. 

Denmark is an amazing place. Therefore we would always recommend that you stay longer to enjoy what the country has to offer. But we do understand that many of our couples need to get home as quickly as possible. 

We give you all the information and guidance you need to choose the option that suits you. 

The most important part of the whole process is your wedding day. We hope that you can start planning as soon as possible. 

We always advise to wait until we have processed your documents. We also recommend that you wait until the town hall of your choice has confirmed the date of your ceremony.

After this you can start planning your wedding and stay in Denmark. 

The Agency of Family Law’s application process is an online platform.

You would be required to complete an extensive form online and upload the relevant documentation. 

Once completed, the Agency of Family Law sends you receipts as confirmation.

By law, they are required to get back to you about your application within 5 days. The same goes for any amendments or extra documentation required.

Once they have gotten back to you, there is no requirement to get back to you within a certain timeframe, and they will prioritise other new applications before replying to you again. 

When you choose our Complete Service, we carry out the application process for you. We have a phone line to the Agency of Family Law, and this helps us find solutions to any issues that may arise. 

The Danish Administration estimates they will choose 10% of couples for interviews before their wedding. This will happen if they believe there may be a need for it.

These interviews will take place at their offices in Odense.

You do not need your own wtinesses.

Though, you are always welcome to bring your own witnesses with you. They must be over 18 years old in order to act as a witness for you. 

The town halls always have people who can stand in as witnesses. Each town hall have their own rules and availability of witnesses. We will give you information on this so that you’re fully prepared and covered. 

You can’t change your name in Denmark unless you are a resident.

To change your name, you must do this once you are in your country of residence.

You should talk with your local government office about his. Talk to them about what steps you need to take in order to change your name after your wedding in Denmark. 

It may be that some of your documents require translation, and also legalisation.

We can help you with detailed information on which documents require translation.

We can also help you with exactly what type of legalisation you need.

We will supply you with the addresses of which offices you can contact to complete the legalisation of your document, so that it’s ready for your application. 

We are required to show the Agency of Family law that you have given us permission to handle your case. Therefore we need a power of attorney.

They are not allowed to speak with us about your case without this Power of Attorney form. 

We strongly advise that you complete the POA form even if you are using our Essential Service and completing the online application yourself.

In this case, if you decide you would like our help or to upgrade to our Complete Service at a later date then we can easily help you. 

Have a question?

Getting married in another country can be daunting and you probably have a lot of questions right now. 

We make it our job to help you with anything you need to know and support you with your wedding in Denmark. 

Please do get in touch with us if you have any questions at all, we’d love to help you! 


Send us an email or fill in the form to the right and we will get back to you shortly.

E-mail: [email protected]

Ask us now