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With more than 700 weddings in 2017 alone, we have written the Getting Married in Denmark Guide based on our experiences. For you to get an overview of the individual steps in order to arrange your marriage in Denmark.


By clicking each step you can read everything you need to know, some steps include links to subjects that we felt needed more in-depth explanation.

Step 1 - You're thinking about Getting Married in Denmark


You’re thinking about Getting Married in Denmark


Many of our couples find themselves considering Getting Married in Denmark for many various reasons. It could be that you are avoiding the lengthy administrative processes of your residing country. Or perhaps, you’re having a bigger none legal wedding somewhere exotic and just want to do the legal part quickly and easily. Some of our couples just want to have a super low key wedding by themselves and have heard from friends, Denmark is the place to do it.


We agree! The documentation needed is simple, the processing is quick and Denmark is an awesome place to visit. People are friendly, the transport in the country is easy and once you’re here for your ceremony, you’re going to find your trip is wonderfully seamless thanks to our help.


You may already be wondering, what it’s like to get married in Denmark as a foreigner? There are so many international people marrying in Copenhagen and other town halls around Denmark, we can help you understand more about what it’s like.


A question you might have is, What is a Danish Town hall wedding ceremony like, are Vikings involved? Okay, so we don’t get asked too often if Vikings are involved! But a lot of our couples do ask us what a ceremony here in Denmark is like.


Perhaps you are wondering whether you can have a Gay wedding in Denmark. Ofcourse you can! The LGBT community is thriving in Denmark and gay weddings are very welcome.


Click on the links above to find out more on these questions we’re often asked.

Step 2 - You've decided you want to Get married in Denmark


You’ve decided you want to Get married in Denmark


Brilliant, You’ve chosen to marry in Denmark. We’re so happy about that because we know you’re going to have a fantastic time!


Hopefully you’ve already talked to one of our advisers, Leanne, Sam or Arezoo, who’s also getting really excited for you both too. Your adviser has given you the confidence and help you need to take the step. They will be with you all the way through your journey. From helping you find the right town hall, collecting your documents, organising your paperwork, right through to your trip to Denmark, she will be there every step of the way. Your adviser will be there to help.

If there is any type of emergency while you’re in Denmark, like you have lost your luggage or can’t find your restaurant… Your adviser will be there to help.


This is especially important if you have been looking for an Express Wedding in Denmark. When you have little time to spare on planning it’s great to have one of our team members there who can quickly take care of the administration, and guide you the all the way through.


Step 3 - Deciding what kind of wedding you would like


Deciding what kind of wedding you would like


Getting Married in Copenhagen

Deciding what kind of wedding you would like really depends on why you are coming here and your tastes and how much time you have. Are you coming to marry in Denmark because you’re already having a bigger celebration somewhere else? Many of our couples are looking for something quick but stylish which is why Getting Married in Copenhagen is our most popular option because of it’s closeness to the international airport and the wonderful attractions the city has to offer.


Read more: In our Getting Married in Copenhagen Guide


Gay Wedding in Denmark

It could be that the current laws of your residing country don’t yet allow gay marriage and you would like to have a Gay Wedding in Denmark. Our gay couples either would like to keep things really low key for safety reasons when they return to their residing country, which is possible again in Copenhagen city hall or sometimes they choose a bigger party with friends and family with our specialty weddings that are outside the town hall but still in Copenhagen.


Ærø island wedding

A Ærø island wedding is another possibility, this is an island in the south of Denmark in the Baltic Sea, with its cobbled streets and brightly painted houses. It really is quirky and lovely in its own way and we have many couples having the most wonderful time there, enjoying sandy beaches and beautiful scenery.


Step 4 -Now it's time to gather the documents required


Now it’s time to gather the documents required


Once you’ve decided where you would like to go and what type of wedding ceremony you’re looking for, you will already have received a list of documentation your adviser will require to process.


One of the questions that will have no doubt played most heavy on your mind will be the Getting Married in Denmark Requirements. You will certainly be surprised at how simple we have made the list of documents required for you. Our team works closely with the marriage offices in Denmark so we hope that you feel confident that if there’s anything you can’t provide, or if there are any problems with your documentation, your adviser will be able to communicate with the marriage office and try and find a solution that works for you.


Step 5 - Will your wedding certificate require a legalisation?


Will your wedding certificate require a legalisation?


Often, couples think that if their wedding certificate is not legalised, then this means that their wedding isn’t legal either. That’s not the case. Your marriage in Denmark is legal worldwide from the moment you sign and are handed your Danish International Wedding Certificate. Having your wedding certificate legalised, usually with apostille legalisation, means that it can be used administratively in another country.


Every country has their own laws and processes, in order for them to accept your certificate and use it in their offices administratively, it sometimes needs  Apostille legalisation.


We always recommend that you check with the office where you intend to use your certificate as to what legalisation they will require. Often you might find that one isn’t required and if you do find you need it later, you can always choose to use our Apostille service at that time. Read more about our Apostille Service here.


Step 6 - Preparing and your journey to Denmark


Preparing and your journey to Denmark


Waiting for your documents to process could be an unnerving time our team will have it all in hand and it’s just a matter of waiting for your wedding confirmation to come through.


Now is a great time to start looking at the area you will be staying in Denmark and thinking about what kind of stay and experience you want to have. What kind of hotel or accommodation would you like to experience, where would you like to eat and does it need to fit in with a certain budget?


It’s also a great time to start thinking about whether you would like to have wedding flowers on your day and to find a wedding photographer, to help you we have written the two following articles Why Hire A Wedding Photographer and Cannot Afford A Wedding Photographer, What You Can Do


If you have an Express wedding, the processing time could be just a few days, leaving you little time to prepare. Even if you have months to prepare, having a wedding in a different country may seem daunting but our team will always be there to give any advice needed. From places to stay or restaurants to eat at, we’re there to help with any questions and guide you.


We never advise that you book anything until we have your wedding confirmation from the town and the date and time you are marrying. Once you have this, hopefully you will already feel prepared for your journey and special day. All it is left is to make your accommodation and meal bookings!


An important thing to consider when packing for your journey is remembering all the documents that we processed for you with the marriage office. It’s really important that these are presented to the marriage office when you arrive in Denmark.  Make sure they are stored in a safe place and carry on luggage so they can’t get lost. Read more about preparing for your journey to Denmark here.

Step 7 - It's time for your wedding ceremony


It’s time for your wedding ceremony


When you get to Denmark, hopefully you’ll have time to settle into your accommodation and then the first priority is to present your documentation to the town hall. This may be at the Copenhagen City Hall Wedding office or the Ærø wedding office depending which one of our locations you have chosen. This usually needs to be one business day before your ceremony. We can’t emphasize enough how important it is to be there within the opening hours stated in the confirmation we send you.


The process is really very easy, from finding your way to the town hall, the staff is already expecting you and the whole process of checking your documents is usually finished within an hour. Once this is finished, you can really relax, enjoy the rest of your day and prepare for your ceremony.


A ceremony in Denmark is the same no matter which town hall you’re at. The ceremony can be carried out in Danish, English or German and you can read more about your Danish wedding Ceremony here.


Step 8 - Returning home as a married couple


Returning home as a married couple


Finally you are returning home as a married couple having had a wonderful time in Denmark. Although all our couples had read our great reviews previously, everyone is still surprised at how seamless we make the whole experience. It’s a joy to receive feedback from our couples. We receive all kinds of feedback from wedding snaps and family memories from our couples trip to Denmark to pictures of happy pets on their return and it really brightens our day! Remember, we’re still here after your wedding for any questions or help you might need concerning your marriage certificate or wedding in Denmark.


As you married in Denmark, your wedding will be registered here but you need to also register it in the country where you are residing. This can be done usually at your local registry office or government office and we recommend that you do that as soon as possible. If you would like to change your name now that you are married, this also needs to be completed in the country you are residing.



Our price is pr. couple, there are no hidden costs, it includes €115 town hall administration fees, you don’t pay us until your documentation is fully accepted & your ceremony is booked with unlimited customer service and help with finding accommodation and wedding vendors.





Why should we choose Getting Married in Denmark?

Every town hall in Denmark has different criteria and rules when it comes to what is needed. In addition, every international case is different with individuals sometimes needing to supply different or extra documentation. This can cause delays and sometimes even cancellations.

At Getting Married in Denmark we work closely with town halls in Denmark and specialise in organising documentation and dealing swiftly with any potential problems that may arise. We work our hardest to make sure you get your ceremony as soon as you want it and the way you want it, without stress.

From the moment you land on our page, we offer constant support. We’re always available to talk, either through chat, email or phone and we always respond to you quickly, keeping you fully informed. We’re also very happy to help you with your stay in Denmark, offering lots of free advice on venues, vendors and places to stay.

Some companies may add charges at a later stage of their service, or there may be hidden costs but we believe everything should be clear from the beginning. We don’t have any hidden costs and the town hall administration charges are always included in our prices.

Who can get married in Denmark?

People from all over the world and of any gender can get married in Denmark. The only exception can be if you currently have asylum seeker or refugee residential status.

Can same-sex couples marry in Denmark?

Absolutely! Denmark is a popular destination for same-sex couples who wish to marry. Denmark was the first country in the world to grant recognition to same-sex unions in 1989 which has now been replaced by a new same-sex marriage law.

What documents do we need to get married in Denmark?

Take a look at our page Documents Needed Depending on your individual circumstances and the time frame you would like to marry, there will be certain locations in Denmark that suit you best. Every town hall has their own requirements and regulations so we assess your situation and offer the best solutions for you as well as give you the correct list of documents needed.

Can we get married at short notice?

Yes! We may be able to organise a ceremony appointment for you within a week. Take a look at our page Services and Prices for more info.

Can I book my wedding date right away at Copenhagen City Hall if I wish to get married in Copenhagen?

Getting married in Copenhagen city hall is absolutely amazing, but one thing to be aware of is we can only request a date for you and then they will give us a date on or close to the date you require once processing of your documents is complete. Processing time varies between 3 to 4 weeks depending on the time of year, so it’s not possible to secure a date right away.

Can we get married anywhere in Denmark?

You can marry in most places around Denmark and we would be happy to help you with any location. The most popular and easy location is Copenhagen the capital of Denmark. The international airport has a metro service that takes only 15 minutes to bring you right into the heart of the city. This city is steeped in history, it’s fun, vibrant and full of many of possibilities for couples.

If you’re in a hurry to get hitched, then we would need to assess your circumstances and find you a town hall within Denmark where we could organise you a ceremony appointment quickly.

How do we get to Copenhagen?

Copenhagen International airport is the largest in Denmark and receives flights from all over the world. You can catch a metro at the airport which brings you to the center of the city in just 15 minutes. It’s that easy!

How long do we have to stay in Denmark?

If you marry in Copenhagen, you will both need to go to the Copenhagen City hall in person at least 1 day before your marriage ceremony to show all original documentation. This means you will need to stay in Denmark a minimum of 2 days.

The same rule applies for most of the town halls we work with although one or two have a longer period between presenting documents and having your ceremony.

What is the ceremony like?

A wedding ceremony in Copenhagen city hall is cosy and romantic, however it is also quite quick, lasting between 5- 10 minutes. The registrar can conduct the ceremony in English and even German if you request. You can exchange short vows and your rings if you wish.  After, along with witnesses, you will sign your marriage certificate.

All the town halls we work with take pride in the experience couples receive so whichever town hall you go to.

Can we have a more romantic wedding that is not in a town hall?

Yes! Although the town hall in Copenhagen is cosy and romantic, some couples would prefer something different and unique. Our aim is to offer services whereby we deal with the documentation and organise the ceremony itself for you outside of the town hall, and then you have full control over how you want to build your event around it, all the while, utilising our constant support, advice and recommendations. This way, our ceremonies outside the Town Hall can work for many different budget ranges. It’s often more affordable as full wedding planner services are not required.

Couples who want a romantic, yet, low key and stress-free wedding day, might for example choose our Botanical Garden’s ceremony and then have an intimate meal for two afterwards. Another couple, may wish to organise a reception and party afterwards, with all the frills but would like to save money in the process by having us take care of the paperwork and legal ceremony and then taking care of the finer details themselves. With each option, our service is the perfect solution!

Do we need witnesses?

You may bring witnesses, but in the case, you don’t have any, stand in witnesses will be made available.

Will we receive a marriage certificate?

Yes, you will receive two international marriage certificates directly after your ceremony. In the following blog post, you can read more about the Danish international wedding certificate and how it looks and in what languages it is written in.

Can you legalise our marriage certificate for use worldwide?

Yes, we can legalise your marriage certificate with our Apostille service please visit our page, Services and Prices for more info.

How much does it cost to get married in Denmark?

To process your documents and make your appointment at the town hall, we charge €495 per couple, this fee includes all administration and legal fees and there are no extra hidden charges.

If you would like a more romantic option outside the town hall, we can organise this for you. We have some great packages you can choose from. Take a look at our page Services and Prices to see what we offer.

Denmark can be an expensive country to visit but it is also possible for every budget. It all depends on what experience you’re looking for and how much you’re willing to spend. We can help you with the planning and finding a solution that fits your needs.

Do we need to pay legal and administration fees?

No, all legal and administration fees are included in our price.

How can we pay?

Once your wedding is confirmed, we will send you an email with a link to pay by card. You can also pay by bank transfer if you wish.

Can I change my name on my wedding day?

You can’t change your name in Denmark unless you are a resident. To change your name, you must do this once you are in your country of residence.

Do we need to translate our Documents?

Any documents that are not in Danish, German or English will need to be translated in to any of these 3 languages. We offer certified translations, please visit our page, Translate Documents for more info and to send us your documents for translation.

Once we’re married, can my non EU partner travel around Europe without a visa?

Your marriage doesn’t automatically make your non EU partner an EU citizen. After your marriage, your partner will need to apply for residency in the country you both plan to reside. Until then, you may need to carefully consider travel around Europe making sure you are fully informed on what the country you are travelling to requires so that you can avoid difficulty.

We have a low budget, can you still help us with our wedding?

Our processing fee and Apostille fee is fixed but we would be more than happy in advising you as best as possible on ways you can achieve your celebration to fit with the budget you have. We’re always happy to answer any questions you have and direct you to the best vendors. We don’t charge for giving you advice and the only time we agree a wedding planning fee with you is when you ask us to organise and co-ordinate for you. You can easily achieve an affordable marriage in Denmark and we would be happy to give you a little guidance.

Can you help us find a photographer?

Yes, we certainly can! We have a number of great recommendations for you to choose from. We can help you find one that suits your budget and the style that you’re looking for.

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