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This is for you if you want to leave the whole procedure in the hands of experts! Our team submits over 200 applications a month, and we know all the intricacies and requirements of the AFL. You simply send us the required documents, we prepare and submit your file. We will handle anything that may come up, not only up to the approval being issued by the Danish government, but up to your wedding day and even afterwards, if necessary!

Application Process with the Danish Government

  • You will be working with our Marriage Application Team, who’ll get to know you and define the detailed list of documents for your case
  • We inform you how and where you can get your documents legalised (only if required) 
  • You email us the documents specified in the detailed documentation list 
  • We check your documents to ensure they meet the requirements of the Danish government
  • We advise you on town hall pros and cons as well as up-to-date availability 
  • We prepare your marriage application and submit it online to the Danish government
  • We pay the online submission fee of €240 to the Danish government upon submission
  • We book your wedding ceremony at your selected town hall
  • We communicate with the Danish government when required
  • We keep track of your application until approved
  • We send you your approval when received by the Danish government


Ceremony Booking with Town Hall

  • You will then be working with our Wedding Day Team
  • You tell us your ideal ceremony dates 
  • We contact the town hall of your choice and check for the up to date availability*
  • We book the ceremony at your selected town hall
  • We keep updated with the town hall in case any changes might occur
  • And we inform you about any changes, such as slight changes in time, different entrance to use etc.   

*In case your ideal dates are not available, we can in some cases offer alternative dates or other options in a different town hall, changing the venue where required.


Before & After your Wedding Day

  • You will be planning your trip and stay in Denmark
  • We offer you our Wedding Day Team Team, dedicated to helping you with any questions you might come across from the day of your approval to your wedding and beyond
  • We can suggest to you our trusted vendors who offer between 10% – 15% discount for our couples 
  • We notify you of what is needed before and after your ceremony
  • Again, we keep you updated if there is any change



This is a service we provide after your wedding in Denmark.

There is no time frame on when you can take our Apostille Service; This can be taken immediately after your wedding or years after. It is for those couples who will be using their wedding with their respective governments after their wedding, e.g. to register the marriage or to apply for a spousal visa, and will need that extra layer of ‘legalization’ on their marriage certificate. We do not have to have helped you with your wedding in Denmark for you to take this service.

  • You send your marriage certificate/s to our Apostille team (we will give you information on how to do this)
  • Once we receive your certificate/s we will then hand deliver them to the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will check the information on your certificates after which they will affix the Apostille ‘stamp’ onto the back of your certificate/s
  • We will then return your certificate/s back to you at an address of your choice* via a tracked courier service

*The Apostille Service fee only covers the return to one address. An extra fee is incurred to cover the courier costs back to 2 separate addresses.


Learn more in detail about Apostille legalisation in Denmark

Hear It From Our Customers

Matt Heal
Matt Heal
Using GMID was a great investment for us being from the UK & Germany. The customer journey was seamless, responsive and incredibly friendly. Not only did they assist us with the application, they were on hand to recommend things to do in Copenhagen including some fabulous restaurant recommendations. I'm usually a do-it your self person but I highly, highly recommend this agency if you are looking to get Married in Denmark.
Désirée Engel
Désirée Engel
We are a long distance couple from America and Switzerland and decided to get married in Denmark with the help of GmiD. The people at Getting Married in Denmark were very kind and super helpful throughout the whole process. They were with us every step of the way and made sure, that we were all prepared and weren't missing anything. They always responded super fast and they checked in throughout the process. We can highly recommend Getting Married in Denmark!! We are not planning on getting married again but if we would, we definitely would go with Getting Married in Denmark again! We had an amazing day in Copenhagen and are super thankful for all the help and support.
It was as simple as writing them an email wish specific needs and didn’t have to lift another finger. The guys at GMiD are extremely helpful, not to mention patient. Unfortunately, we only plan to get married once so can’t use them again, but here we are happy to recommend them for anyone else looking for a hassle free, quick, convenient and most importantly based on your specific needs. Thank you guys! K&J
Lourdes Boix
Lourdes Boix
We want to thank the full team of Getting Married in Denmark for the amazing work. All the process was easy and went as expected, so we can only recommend them!
irene waithesh
irene waithesh
We had good experience working with GMID. They helped us with our paper work and everything we needed to make our wedding a success within short period of time.also their services and staff are excellent i would recommend them to any couple who are looking forward to get married.
Jessica Moore
Jessica Moore
GMiD were absolutely amazing. Everyone was super friendly and helpful. We really appreciated all the help with the paperwork and the teams swift responses to any of our (many) questions. My husband and I are were having a quiet ceremony before a larger and we opted for Copenhagen Town hall ---- the services was so special, and smooth --- and something we expected to be very low key, was super moving from the excitement and kindness of our celebrant and witnesses and the stunning venue. The team even helped us find some amazing places to eat for our wedding dinner. Thanks team GMiD, you made our day so special and we are so very grateful!
Douglas Storch
Douglas Storch
Me and my wife used this service as we are both foreigners to Europe and didn’t want to deal with the hassle of paperwork.The service was very good, with clear and direct instruction from start to finish. They allowed us to get our marriage license on the first submission, despite the fact that my wife and I did not have much evidence of our relationship due to long distances between us.I have no complaints whatsoever about the service and I would use it again and recommended it to anyone who wants to marry quickly without headache.Me and my lovely wife are now happily married and can start our new lives together 💕💕
It’s hard to put into words just how much I appreciate the team at GMiD.No matter how small/big the request, how silly/ complex the question; there is a member of the team who gets back to you quickly and explains everything you could possibly need to know. They are very thorough and throughout it all they always treat you as an individual and not just another client!The process was seamless and seemed “too good to be true” BUT we are now married and it has been accepted in our countries thanks to the added service of getting the certificates legalized (apostille service).From the start: sending all the documents, there was a team member who patiently ensured the pictures and documents were correctly formatted, etcTo end: helping track and follow up on the certificates that went to be legalized up until it was in our handsNo question goes unanswered no issue is left unsolved!Simply how you would hope and expect a service to be—> VALUE through a highly competent team who seem to love their job!
Getting Married in Denmark helped us to get married without the stress of bureaucracy. Their team has been professional with us during the whole process, they answered any of our questions fast and with kindness. We could feel their dedication. We were in a situation a bit complicated with documents and they consulted us really good 👍🏻 They took our stress away.Few days before the wedding, they contacted us to check if we had any questions. We also wanted to buy flowers on the last minute and they connected us with a lovely florist from whom I could order the flowers on the Wedding’s day. They actually have many service partners which are great. We have been staying at the ZOKU hotel with their recommendation and it was so nice. We do recommend the ZOKU hotel too:)Denmark is a great choice to get married, we had a beautiful experience and we were so happy that during the Wedding’s ceremony, the official who was marrying us made a beautiful speech that will stay in our memories forever.We warmly recommend you the services of Getting Married in Denmark.❤️ Hugo & Antonina ❤️
Isabella Nguyen
Isabella Nguyen
I don’t normally comment but felt compelled to add my voice to the thousand who have benefited from your generosity and great skills in trading . Making my withdrawal of $15,830 successful, You are one of the precious few who genuinely look to give something back in this world, it’s apparent and appreciated. Blessings to you Mrs Shirley weber.
You can reach out to her now via this details:
WhatsApp: +1 (605) 518‑7897
Email:[email protected]
Mikhail Gromak
Mikhail Gromak
Very well organised and smooth service! Thank you so much for your support every step of the journey!
Super efficient, great and kind staff. we managed to organize and get appointment within one month from application date !
The most amazing service company we have dealt with! They are extremely pro active and are there every step of the way. We are so delighted that we used them to get married in Denmark.
Daniel Kister
Daniel Kister
The Getting Married In Denmark team helped us extremely throughout the whole process and we never felt let down as the team always answered quickly to all of our questions. At first we didn't know where to start but with their help and advice everything seemed simple and easy.We are both happily married now and we don't think we couldn't have done it without Getting Married In Denmark! We recommend them fully if you are planning to marry in Denmark and need a hand throughout the process. 5 Stars for sure!
Hope Phelps
Hope Phelps
Getting Married in Denmark they’re AMAZING! 🤩 They’re very efficient, helpful and fast.My partner and I are very happy & satisfied for all the efforts with the team especially it was a very short time period we had left to do all the paperworks because need to go back to my country ASAP due to my pregnancy. Yet they managed to help us to suit the time frame we want and had a very successful wedding ceremony in Kolding Denmark 🇩🇰It was magnificent and awesome experienceI really highly recommend the “Getting Married in Denmark“ agency ❤️💕-Daniel & Hope-
Honest Reviewer
Honest Reviewer
The whole experience was stress free and seamless! The team were excellent at communicating and helped us with all our requests. I highly recommend them for a stress free wedding! Excellent service. ❤️ S and B ❤️
Rome Arkwood
Rome Arkwood
From Hanna & Daniil - GMID are absolutely fantastic, kind, thorough and genuine people! I was genuinely amazed at the level of service provided. We got married thanks to them exactly one year ago. They guided us through every step of the way, always going the extra mile. When there was a system-wide unexpected shut down of the electronic application system, they even worked with the local government to submit our application in paper form in person.I cannot express just how grateful I am to the entire team. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! I was so exhilarated and caught up in everything that was happening that I never got the chance to thank you all for everything you've done for us! I just really wanted to sit down and write a very big letter and never had the time. Thanks to you, we've been happily married for a whole year now!Serafina, Anke, Kamila, Eva, Sam, Frances, Erma, if you're reading this, THANK YOU SO MUCH! The work you do is making so many people so happy. I wish you all good health, happiness and the same abundance of love, care and kindness that you give to others. Best of 2024 to you and every year to come! ♡With enormous gratitude - Hanna & Daniil
Fantastic service and experience. Very efficient, straightforward and super friendly. Highly recommend!
Megha Wadhwa
Megha Wadhwa
We highly recommend GMiD if you are planning to get married in Denmark. We found them through a Google search and contacted them via WhatsApp. They were very quick in getting back to us with all the required details. The whole team, especially Anke, was of great help. They are very efficient and make sure that all the documentation is complete and scanned with high resolution.If you get annoyed with their perfection, then I would advise you to be patient because they are solely working for your benefit to make sure that your application is accepted and that you as a couple can have a happy ending and a beautiful new beginning. We opted for the basic service, and it is an extremely genuine, kind, and efficient group of people. We are so thankful to them and will be for the rest of our lives.
Getting married in Denmark were brilliant. Responsive, supportive, professional, helpful and friendly. A pleasure to deal with. Highly recommended.
Alba Gjata
Alba Gjata
A big THANK YOU to Erna and the whole team of GMiD, my husband and I had a lovely experience. They were super responsive and managed to get us booked in record time. The ceremony was magical, and Copenhagen will always have a special place in our hearts now! ❤️
Citlalli Ramos
Citlalli Ramos
Getting married in Denmark helped us through the whole process efficiently, making everything a stress free process, they were with us all the time and also gave us venue/restaurants for our small reception. It is up to you if you want to bring your friends and family. We decided to take our most loved people on our special day and we couldn’t thank Getting Married in Denmark to make everything possible, we just can’t believe it! The whole team is super friendly. This is the right place to get married, it is a magical place with an amazing staff behind the process helping your dream come true
"We had a fantastic experience with the gettingmarriedindenmark!. They promptly arranged a wedding appointment for me, and the staff was exceptionally kind and supportive throughout the process. Their assistance was invaluable, making the entire experience smooth and enjoyable."
Thomas Freda
Thomas Freda
Getting Married In Denmark was so helpful and made everything so easy! The best.
My husband & I used GMiD services over a year ago & had a spectacular experience! The process was so simple and stress-free, and the full service package is well worth the price, as we basically just followed their simplified, very clear instructions, answered a few questions, and explained our circumstances - before we knew it, we were approved to get married! For the wedding, it feels like we just booked flights and showed up, as the big things felt already taken care of, and we didn't have to do much research for our arrangements to get there. We HIGHLY recommend GMiD - in fact, more than 4 other couples from our community have used the same service & are now married too!
Then, a year later when we moved to a new country, they helped us get the proper documentation to legalize our marriage in the new country - it's like the support is always there. Customer service was always very quick, friendly, and helpful - never a bad response or challenging moment, always a solution.
If you're thinking of using GMiD, do yourself a favor & just do it 🙂
Salih Catalfamo
Salih Catalfamo
Le assistenti sono state pazientissime, gentilissime e bravissime! Noi siamo davvero assai grati!
In oltre il Regno di Danimarca è un posto bellissimo!
Anton Sykes
Anton Sykes
Really great service. Took the hard paperwork part of the journey from our hands and kept us in the loop at all stages.
If you want to get married in Denmark, I cannot think of not using this as your way into the system.
Flore Alvez
Flore Alvez
We want to say thanks to the whole team of GMID ✨ they were such a big support in all this process until after our wedding.
We highly recommend them, not only because of their services but their kindness and the feeling of being accompanied with.
Thanks for making all this easier and special!
My partner and I wanted to wed in Brazil where he is from. We’re so glad the bureaucracy had put us off and reached out to you guys. The whole process from start to the very end was a best ride of our lives. Not that you made it stress free, process (except passport scans hahaaa) we can’t thank you enough, every single one of you, from Sam to Erma. Throughout to Anke, Kamila and everyone involved. My family and us adored Copenhagen, the city hall and literally every single bit of it. Everyone still thrilling about it, a week later. Keep doing what you doing because you’re best at it. THANK YOU 😊
Abn Angryde
Abn Angryde
GMiD provided us with absolutely exemplary, customer-driven, industry-leading service from beginning to end. This exceptional team effortlessly delivers above-reproach expertise and efficiency; seamlessly combined with precisely the right measure of genuine heart and soul. Indeed, The Agency of Family Law’s entire website crashed during our application process, and GMiD’s response was faultless: no complaints, no excuses; just rapid adaptation and immediate, tangible results. We were told our application could take weeks to process post-crash; it was approved in less than 48 hours. The team is sub-divided into specialty micro teams at each and every step of the process, so we were always dealing with seasoned experts in their respective fields (document specialists, agency consultants, venue and photography facilitators, the list goes on and on). Special mention must be made of GMiD’s steadfast commitment to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. As members of the LGBTQ+ community we felt wholeheartedly welcomed by a team that celebrates its commitments so proudly and so publicly. By the time our wedding day finally arrived, we felt like we were communicating with treasured members of our extended families, rather than paid consultants. That’s how good they are. If you’re considering getting married in glorious Denmark, please, don’t hesitate. Trust the reviews. Trust us. There is no better team. Rod & Cy.
The team made the whole experience from start to finish so smooth and easy. We had a perfect wedding day! Thank you to the whole team at GMiD! We would highly recommend to anyone! 💕
Jessica du Buf
Jessica du Buf
We absolutely loved our time working with the GMiD team! They made it so easy for us to prepare and plan for our wedding from across the world. All of the staff were so friendly, helpful, and caring. They truly care about helping couples with their special day. I would would highly recommend their services to anyone!
GMiD is just the best and most professional service. We purchased their Complete Package and it made our experience extremely stress free. Highly recommend GMiD looking to get married in Denmark. Great communication every step of the way. Cant explain how happy we are and how beautiful they made our special day helping us from the application, ceremony, hotels, restaurants, photography, and so on. Thanks again GMiD!!!!
Zaeem Abbas
Zaeem Abbas
Save time and stress. Let them do the job.😁
Val Stutz
Val Stutz
Incredible service! My wife and were extremely impressed with how fast, responsive, professional, and friendly the staff at Getting Married in Denmark is. Prices are excellent given the high-quality service they provide, and they offer different packages as well depending on your preferences. Our team worked with us to give us the best wedding experience imaginable, and I was surprised at how quick and efficient everything was!

Most of all, my wife and I were touched by how deeply committed the GMiD team is to their couples and how they genuinely care about their happiness. We are currently living in Germany, so we picked the town of Kolding near the German border for our wedding, and everything was just perfect. The weather was excellent, the Danish locals we interacted with were very warm, kind, and very friendly, and the local services were also top-notch. We also had an amazing photographer and makeup artist/hairstylist that our GMiD team recommended to us. Thank you all for helping us organize our ideal wedding, Kolding will always hold a special place in our heart, and we are forever grateful for your services!

Warm wishes,
Val and Lena
Mark Howlett
Mark Howlett
Great support from the team at GMID !!! Thank you so much for taking the stress away from the whole organization process, it made it much easier for us to focus on enjoying this special experience... 🙏🙂
We got married last September 23, 2022. The team was very responsive and was with us in every step of the way. Would recommend! ♥️
We would like to thank all the team GMiD for the help, support and love they gave us, through the whole process. We doubted it at the beginning, but after reading all the reviews, we started to believe that we have a chance of getting married in Denmark. We chose the Complete package and they did everything for us. The conversation with them was so easy and we got a fast reply to all our emails.
We could not wait for our big day and now it is over and we are finally MARRIED.
We just regret that we did not know about this option a long time ago.

Niko Spitzy
Niko Spitzy
Cannot recommend the GmiD team highly enough. They were there every step of the way to ensure a seamless and easy process. We did not think it would be this easy, and it in fact was. Incredible service, highly recommended. Thanks to Leanne and the whole team!
Lidia Budaeva
Lidia Budaeva
Our personal experience of mixed couple from Germany: we were positively impressed with GMiD service. The GMiD team is fast in communication, very precise in recommendations, well-organised and positive. It was the great pleasure to work with them. Our wedding was organised in extremely short period of time (less than 2 weeks) at Aero island; we are satisfied with photographer, florist, hairdresser, restaurant, authority, apostille service and attitude of GMiD team, who supported and navigated us in this journey. We really recommend their service with great satisfaction. BIG THANK YOU! 😍
GmiD gave us such a beautiful experience. The whole process was really easy and we only had to send copies of our documents. The wedding was exactly how we wanted it to be and we could not be happier. Thank you so much to the whole team!!
Leah Jasper
Leah Jasper
We had an amazing experience with GMiD! They helped make what would be a stressful time, easy as cake! We got married in Ærøskøbing, Denmark and the entire thing was a breeze. GMiD walked us through every step and answered every question we may have had. I wouldn’t change a thing!
Nikki Fiedler
Nikki Fiedler
GMiD walked us through everything we needed from the beginning until even after our wedding. They were quick to respond to our questions and we never had any issues whatsoever. I would highly recommend their service!
Nikhil Duggal
Nikhil Duggal
it was a great decision. Excellent support from day one until our wedding. Thank you again for everything 🙂
We decided for GMID and it was a great decision. Excellent support from day one until our wedding. Thank you again for everything 🙂
Highly recommended!
Martin & Mohamed
Dipak Gotekar
Dipak Gotekar
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Tiju Scaria
Tiju Scaria
I would highly recommend Getting married in Denmark to whomever is looking to arrange a stress free marriage in Denmark. The team was really professional and very prompt with their responses. They guided us in each and every step from the beginning, to the document submission and getting the marriage date booked. They also managed to do all this within/ before the mentioned timeline. Moreover, I believe they are a team full of great human beings based on our interactions with them!

We are really happy with their services and would happily recommend them to anyone who is looking to avail their services.
Getting married in Denmark is something me and my husband definitely would recommend! Great agency! They were very professional from very first email that we send to take Information and they have guided us since that moment all the way making it very easy on us and letting us just enjoy our journey!
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  • You answer our 6 questions for us to understand you and your partner’s situation 
  • We will tell you if you and your partner are able to get married in Denmark
  • We provide you with a preliminary list of the required documents to get married in Denmark
  • We answer any questions, concerns or doubts about getting married in Denmark or our services

Have You Considered Apostille Legalisation?

Do you want us to legalise your marriage certificate with the Apostille stamp and send it to you by tracked courier shortly after you are married? If so, then you can add that service below. 

The Apostille legalisation is an additional €250.

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