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Top 15 Wedding Venues in Copenhagen and Denmark

If you’re hoping to have your wedding outside the town hall, and are looking for something that is a little bit out of the ordinary, then take a look at our gorgeous suggestions for the Top 15 Wedding Venues in Copenhagen and Denmark!

We put together this article to inspire and excite you!

It’s so great for couples planning their wedding in Denmark to know that there are many wonderful and totally unique locations available to them.

Most couples want to have their wedding in one of Denmark’s beautiful town halls (of which there are many)! But we know there are a small number of couples who are interested in what is available outside the town hall – maybe you’re bringing a lot of guests, maybe you want to make your day a bit more of a full day experience or maybe you just want something a little bit different?!

If you’re hoping to have your wedding outside the town hall, and are looking for something that is a little bit out of the ordinary, then take a look at our gorgeous suggestions for the top 15 wedding venues in Copenhagen and Denmark!

We have put together for you a variety of options, suitable for those wanting a smaller elopement, those planning for the much larger wedding, and everything in between. 😃

Please do be aware that we do not recommend you book any venue in Denmark until you have spoken with a professional, such as a wedding agency or a wedding planner. 

You will first need to obtain your approval to get married in Denmark from the Agency of Family Law – without this you will not be able to get married in Denmark. 

You must then hire a registrar to come and perform your ceremony, so checking their availability before you confirm a booking with any external venue is of paramount importance. 

Do you think you’d rather have your ceremony in one of Denmark’s beautiful town halls, then read here: The 6 Best Places to Get Married in Denmark

Wedding Venues in Copenhagen

1. The Rooftop Wedding - Østergro

Setting: Set high up in a rooftop garden, this calm and green oasis is a gorgeous choice for those couples who love their garden, love being outdoors and yet love city life. This small and unassuming rooftop is home to the most gorgeous vegetable garden, beautiful flowers in bloom, and sweet greenhouse, which is available to hire for small events, including weddings. 

Photo Credit: Østergro / Gro Spiseri

Location: Located a little north of the centre, this is conveniently located for those wanting something a little different, a wedding in Copenhagen, surrounded by the usual city hustle & bustle and easy access to the city. 

Capacity: This location would suit only those having a smaller elopement with the greenhouse seating only 25 people in total (including the couple). 

It is possible to have the wedding outside (for standing ceremonies only), on the rooftop amongst the plants and the flowers. Smaller weddings of course can take place inside the greenhouse also. 

Budget: Please note that prices do vary because, as the venue states; ‘every couple and wedding is, and should be treated as, unique’. 

You will be offered a minimum fee to hire ØsterGRO and this will inclusive of all of the following for 25 people:

  • Welcome drink
  •  6-course menu
  •  Beverage pairing
  •  Coffee / tea and an Avec

Pricing will of course depend on the time of the day, any additional extras and how long the staff is required. Food is catered for by GroSpiseri.

Conditions: Østergro’s busiest seasons are from the beginning of July to the end of September for weddings and other private events, and then again in November and December for Christmas lunches. 

For couples looking to have their wedding during the summer months it is recommended to reach out to the venue as early as 14 months before the requested date. However, reaching closer to the wedding date than 14 months is fine too as it does totally depend on the availability at any given time.

For example, there are at time of writing, a few spring weddings and confirmation parties booked in the calendar for 2024 but July and August still have good availability.

Please contact Østergro directly to check their availability, get a quote for booking the space, and to reserve any booking.

2. The Organic Wedding - Pladefabrikken

Setting: Pladefabrikken is a gorgeous old factory unit that has been decorated and reinvented with the simple sophistication and beauty that is Scandinavian design

The old industrial building, the cool colour palette and the smooth & silky tones of the Scandinavian tables and chairs all compliment each other beautifully. 

Photo Credit: Pladefabrikken on Google

On top of this, Pladefabrikken is catered by Røder (Roots) – an impressive Organic kitchen with only the best ingredients at the heart of every meal. 

At Pladefabrikken you will find genuine and good ethics, a cosy atmosphere, an outside space, plus a sprinkling of the Danish art of Hygge. An impressive choice on all counts!

Location: North of the city centre in an industrial part of town, also known as the Industrial Quarter. 

Capacity: It is possible to fit approximately 90 guests at Pladefabrikken, depending on how you choose to use the space, but even if you plan on bringing less guests, this space will still feel intimate and cosy.

Photo Credit: Pladefabrikken

Budget: Rent of the entire space on a Friday or Saturday in high season is DKK12,000 (approx. €1600), and DKK 8000 (approx €1075) if you choose a Sunday – Thursday. These prices are halved during January and February. 

All tables, chairs, crockery AND table setting is included in this price.

Note: food and drink is priced separately and in addition to the hire of the room.

Conditions: There is also use of their outdoor space, perfect for the warmer days. It is possible to hire projectors and music systems too.

Pladefabrikken can only be rented with the purchase of food and drink solutions from Rødder.

You must contact the venue directly to discuss any reservations, your requirements and bookings.

3. The Unique Wedding - Hotel Manon Les Suites

Setting: A wedding in The JungleFish Room, inside this awesome hotel would make for a wedding as unique as they come! With a bridge set up over the centre of the pool, a bar and lounge area and of course the pool, a wedding here would be absolutely unforgettable.

Photo Credit: Hotel Manon Les Suites

The Guldsmeden Hotel chain all have a Bohemian style and are committed to running their hotels with an environmentally friendly, holistic and sustainable ethos! So this really is one of the more unique venues in Copenhagen.

Location: Extremely centrally located, this hotel is a short walk from the Copenhagen City Hall, restaurants, bars, food markets and much more.

Capacity: The JungleFish Room has a capacity for 150 guests. 

Budget: Events are customised so contacting for a quote is recommended.

Conditions: This is an ‘adults only’ hotel (no children are able to stay here). You must contact the hotel directly to discuss your requirements and arrangements for your day and to discuss prices, reservations and bookings.

4. The Industrial Wedding - Pladeværkstedet

Setting: As they state proudly on their website, ‘Pladeværkstedet is a trendy place.’ It is an industrial premises (a workshop unit which was previously used by the old shipyard), with a very rustic and totally unrefined look, which can 100% be used to your advantage. 

It is a blank canvas to decorate as you wish, allowing you to firmly stamp your individual style onto your wedding day, with their event organisers on hand to help you make your day uniquely yours. As it should be. 

Photo Credit: Pladeværkstedet

Location: Situated on the canal, less than 100m from the harbour, Pladeværkstedet is a 5 minute canal boat ride from Nyhavn, or a 20 minute car journey from Copenhagen city hall.

Capacity: This venue would firmly be for those bringing large numbers of guests to their wedding. It can accommodate up to 100 people.

Conditions: It is possible to hire (for an extra fee) waiters & bartenders, as well as paying for extra services for setting the tables, flowers etc. They also have people they can recommend for food catering. You would need to contact the venue directly to make your booking and to discuss the intricate details of your day.

5. The Posh Wedding - Nimb at Tivoli Gardens

Setting: Nimb caters for those couples who are looking for that fairytale wedding day. There are many spaces within the Nimb premises to facilitate different sized wedding parties and different requirements. 

The Rotunda, Tivoli Castle, Balanchine Lounge and Axelborg Hall are the 4 ‘main’ wedding rooms located within Nimb. All are beautiful, classy and guaranteed to wow.

These rooms are all designed with the mid-sized to larger wedding parties in mind, so for those couples who are eloping just the 2 of you, or with only a few guests, you do have alternative options if a wedding inside Tivoli is your dream.

Hiring a room in one of the restaurants inside Tivoli or simply getting married under the gorgeous towers of the Tivoli Castle is also an option! Just reach out to the venues directly to see exactly what is possible for you. 

Photo Credit: Family member of our lovely couple; V&U
Photo Credit: Elena Belevantseva

Location: About as central as it gets! Nimb is located inside Tivoli gardens, just a stone’s throw away from the Copenhagen City Hall.


The Rotunda: 40 60 guests

Tivoli Castle: 90 – 200 guests

Balanchine Lounge: 40 – 60 guests 

Axelborg Hall: 90 – 250 (with access to the old bank vault which has a 350 capacity for that wild, loud and brilliant after party)

Budget: Please speak to the wedding planner at Nimb directly for a quote, as prices will vary depending on which room you decide to book and how many guests you will have attending. 

Conditions: Nimb has their own dedicated wedding planner and all enquiries for a wedding inside one of their beautiful rooms should be directed to them to check availability, place reservations, and bookings for a wedding inside Nimb.

6. The Tower Wedding - Kulturtårnet (The Culture Tower)

Setting: Have your wedding on the top floor of the Culture Tower, looking out at the canal, and the hustle bustle of the city below you. The Culture Tower is considered a landmark in Denmark, is featured on the 200 Krone bank note:

AND is the setting in some old and classic Danish movies!

This is certainly one of the more unique venues to have a wedding in Copenhagen, and would be a day to remember! This would suit only those couples travelling alone or with a very small number of guests, for a guaranteed intimate and special wedding experience.

Photo Credit: The Culture Tower / Flemming Sørensen

Location: In the middle of a centrally located area on Knippelsbro (Knippel’s Bridge) in Copenhagen, the Culture Tower has views both up and down the canal and is a short walk from the Danish parliament. The Bridge connects Copenhagen centre to Christianshavn.

Capacity: As previously mentioned, this is suitable for those couples bringing only a very small number of guests to their wedding, if any at all! The maximum capacity for each room is 8, which considering a Danish wedding MUST have the couple, the registrar and 2 witnesses, that only leaves room for 3 further guests. But, a great choice for those smaller elopements!

Budget: Rent is 895 kr plus VAT pr. hour. (minimum 2 hours).

Conditions: The Culture Tower is a ‘cultural institution’ and regularly holds exhibitions and events so we recommend contacting them to check their availability as soon as you have a good idea of when you want your wedding to take place. 

They are able to also provide food and drinks with their in house caterers. 

You must direct all enquiries, reservations and bookings to the venue directly.

7. The Maritime Wedding - The Schooner Halmø

Setting:  The Schooner Halmø is over 120 years old and is a proud asset in Denmark’s maritime history. She is a lovingly maintained ship and is proudly captained by Emil Lind Ankerstjerne.

And importantly, she is available for hire!

Photograph Credit: De Forenede Sejlskibe

A wedding on this incredible ship would not be like any other wedding. You and your guests are able to get involved with helping the crew set sail, help them with tying knots and even participate in a little healthy competition between you and the crew! As they state on their website ‘We can help bring more energy into your wedding party and provide laughs and fun memories.

For those of you who love being active and love the sea, this would be the perfect option for you and your guests. 

But then again, you don’t have to do any of this! You can simply set sail, the wind in your hair, sun on your faces, heading out towards the horizon and relaxing into one of the happiest and most memorable days in your lives.

Either way, the staff and crew on the Schooner promise ‘to make your dreams come true!’

Location: Set sail from Copenhagen’s canal, outside the Copenhagen Admiral Hotel, on one of Denmark’s oldest Ships.

Capacity: The Halmø can host 42 guests.

Budget: To get a definite price for your event, you need to contact the event organisers directly so that they can tailor the right solution. For a rough estimation of fees, see the website.

Conditions: Make sure to read the conditions of sailing aboard / hiring the ship on their website, as well as seeing the prices, extras offered (such as food and drink) and practical information. In order to book the Halmø, you will need to contact them directly. 

8. The Hotel Wedding - Villa CPH

Setting: Villa Copenhagen is a luxury hotel in the heart of the city. Its decor is classy, the food delectable, and the rooms designed with sheer comfort at heart.  It is an historic building, originally the location of the Danish Post and Telegraph Offices (since 1909) and is by their own admission ‘a landmark in Copenhagen, both then and now, bringing people together, who wouldn’t otherwise meet’. They have a number of rooms where it is possible to have a wedding, depending on your requirements for your day. 

Photo Credit: Villa CPH

Location: Located extremely centrally, just a short journey from both Copenhagen City Hall and Frederiksberg Town Hall. 

Capacity: Villa Copenhagen has 5 rooms where it is possible to hold your wedding. Each of these rooms is classy, unique and well designed. The rooms range from a capacity of 30, 50, 85, 130 and 1200 guests.

So they have possibilities for couples wanting a smaller and more intimate wedding, all the way up to those couples who want to celebrate large and party hard!

Budget: Ranging from mid to expensive, you can choose so many add ons here. They have a number of collaborating partners (such as florists and make-up artists), an incredible menu and drinks selection for afterwards. 

Conditions: They are set up beautifully for weddings here with their own dedicated wedding planner. You must contact the venue directly to organise and coordinate your wedding there and to finalise bookings and arrangements. 

9. The Danish Garden Wedding - The Royal Garden Club

Setting: Haveselskabet’s Garden is a calm, quiet, and peaceful location in the heart of Frederiksberg. This beautiful spot offers couples the opportunity to get married amongst the biodiversity and beauty of the gardens, followed by a gastronomic delight cooked by the ‘in house’ chefs at Restaurant Mielcke & Hurtigkarl.

Photo Credit: The Royal Horticultural Society

Location: In the heart of Frederiksberg, is extremely well connected and close to the hustle and bustle of city life, and a stone’s throw from the Frederiksberg Town Hall. 

Capacity: The restaurant has a capacity of 80 people, the Paradehuset 70 and Brøndsalen up to 200. 

Budget: As stated on their website ‘All prices are indicative. The final price depends, among other things, on high and low seasons, which day of the week you want to come, number of guests, extra services and more.

Conditions: You must liaise with the venue directly to discuss your requirements for your day, to get a quote and to finalise any bookings and arrangements. 

10. The Museum Wedding - Carlsberg Museum

Setting: In the Carlsberg Museum and Business Centre, they have various rooms available to hire for events. If you love beer then it’s possible to book a beer tasting alongside your event booking which would certainly make for a totally unique wedding experience for you and your guests! 

Photo Credit: The Royal Horticultural Society

Location: Located in Frederiksberg, just south of the park and yet still extremely centrally located. 

Capacity: Various rooms are available to hire here with various capacity numbers ranging from 12 to 200.

Budget: To book a 3 course dinner with beer pairing, the price is reasonable (per person), but of course there are extras to consider; how long you want to book the room for, extra food requirements such as snacks or additional courses, flowers, etc which all have an impact on the final cost. We recommend contacting the venue directly to get a quote for your requirements.

Conditions: You must speak directly with the venue regarding booking a room here for your wedding. All final reservations, arrangements and bookings should be made directly by you.

Wedding Venues in Denmark

1. The Outdoor Wedding - Prins Paris Tempel in Solgårdsparkens

Setting: A simple yet rather beautiful Pavilion, situated centrally in a park in Stevns municipality. Surrounded by trees and next to the water, this is a lovely location for those looking for a wedding outside, surrounded by nature.

While this gorgeous structure naturally lends itself perfectly to the spring and summer wedding, see more pictures here, an autumn wedding here would also be a wonderful choice.

Photo Credit: Kim Sørensen

Location: The park is an approx. 13 minute drive south of the town of Køge and approx. 17 minute drive north of the town of Store Heddinge. It is just over an hour’s drive from the centre of Copenhagen.

Capacity: The Pavilion will comfortably hold around 10 – 12 people (standing), plus the couple, registrar, and witnesses. On a clear day though, of course guests can stand around the Pavilion – just make sure to keep an eye on the weather forecast to ensure appropriate footwear is chosen if the weather has been rainy in the run up to the wedding day. Nobody wants soggy feet! 😉

Budget: This venue is perfect for those on a tight budget as hiring it is actually free.

Conditions: Permission must be obtained beforehand from Stevns municipality. Information on how to do this, along with their other rules about hiring this space, can be found on their website

Another very important point to note, is that this is located in a public park and there may well be members of the public walking by during your ceremony.

2. The Grand Wedding - Kokkedal Castle

Setting: With its high ceilings and banquet halls, gardens and spa, Kokkedal Castle is the venue for you if you want the grandest of wedding days. It is class, elegance and beauty all wrapped up in spectacular castle grounds, making a wedding at this venue a day and night to remember!

Photo Credit: Kokkedal Castle

Location: A 40 minute drive north of Copenhagen, and just south of Helsingør this venue is actually really conveniently located – out of the city but not too far from the airport. 

Capacity: The Banquet Hall can accommodate between 50 and 90 guests. 

Budget: With prices starting from around €120 per person for lunch, going all the way up to €350 per person for the all inclusive ‘Castle Banquet’, the prices are what you’d expect for a venue of this calibre.

Conditions: You must contact the venue directly to speak to them about the requirements for your day and to make reservations and finalise any bookings.

Conditions: You must contact the venue directly to speak to them about the requirements for your day and to make reservations and finalise any bookings.

3. The Cliff Top Wedding - Højerup Old Church

Setting: High above the sea, perched on the edge of Stevns Klint (Stevns Cliff), is the historic Højerup Old Church.

Officially a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this old church packs all the wedding punches! It has history, atmosphere (whatever the weather) , a cute balcony where you can say your vows while you look out to sea, seating for your guests, AND it’s available for your wedding! 

Photo Credit: Martina Lanotte

Location: You’ll find this lovely old Church in Højerup in the Stevns Municipality, around a 1.5 hour car journey from Copenhagen.

Capacity: The church has pews on either side of the aisle, meaning  there is plenty of room for your guests to sit and will comfortably fit around 40 guests.

Budget: Booking this lovely little church costs 3000DKK (approx €400) .

Conditions: You must book the church via their website. The website is in Danish only. Also to note, the church is available for the public to access at all times.

4. The Forest Wedding - Herthadalen

Setting: Restaurant Herthadalen is a hidden gem located around a 30 minute drive from Copenhagen. Nestled in the beautiful forest in Denmark’s first national park; Skjoldungernes Land, it is a gorgeous location for a wedding. There is everything you could need, greenery, woodland, a restaurant serving phenomenal food and rooms to stay in for you and your guests.

Photo Credit: Herthadalen

There are many spaces where you can hold your wedding here. There is; The Main House, The Orangery, The Fireplace, The Forest Tipi, The Castle Store, The Pavilion or The Birch Living Room.  Or of course, simply outdoors in the forest!

Location: Around a 30 minute drive from Copenhagen, just west of Roskilde, Herthadelen is set in a beautiful forest.

Capacity: They have capacity here for a tiny and intimate wedding of just 5 people all the way up to the very essence of the ‘big’ day, catering up to 500 people. And everything in between!

Budget: You must contact the venue directly to order a brochure and discuss your plans and requirements for your day and they will give you a quote based on this.

Conditions: See their terms and conditions on bookings held here on their website. You must contact the venue directly to discuss your requirements and to reserve and secure any bookings.

5. The Castle Wedding - Koldinghus

Setting: Koldinghus (Kolding Castle) is a 750 year old Castle which towers over the gorgeous harbour town of Kolding. This incredible building never fails to impress and a wedding here would be a day / night to remember. 

There are several rooms within this amazing and historic castle where a wedding is possible, depending on how many guests you plan on bringing. 

Photo Credit: Hanna Bursuk

There are several rooms within this amazing and historic castle where a wedding is possible, depending on how many guests you plan on bringing.

The Old Church, Christian III Chapel, or The Library Hall are all available to hire, each with their own unique style. 

Location: At the heart of Kolding town, situated on the edge of Lake Slotsø, Koldinghus stands proud. A great choice for couples driving up from Germany and those flying into Copenhagen, alike.


The Old Church – 50 upwards (TBC)

Christian III Chapel – 70

The Library Hall – between 64 – 112

Budget: Prices here vary depending on which room you hire and how many guests you bring. You can read the prices on the website directly.

Conditions: Occasionally, exhibitions are held within these rooms, so you will need to double check if the room you are hoping to hold your wedding is available for hire during the time you wish to get married. You must contact the Koldinghus directly to check availability, reserve and book the space and also to make any additional arrangements (i.e. seating, booking the restaurant afterwards etc).


Any reference to pricing / packages is correct at time of writing (September 2023) and may be altered or updated by the venues mentioned herein, at any time and that change may not be reflected in this article.

We always recommend contacting any external venues directly to discuss your requirements and to obtain a quote directly to ensure an accurate costing. 

Additional fees may be incurred when hiring a registrar to attend the venue and perform your wedding ceremony. These additional costs will be issued by the town hall at the time of booking your registrar and will be payable directly to the town hall.

Getting Married in Denmark is able to help you with the booking of your registrar. Booking any external venues / locations must be arranged directly by the couple. We strongly recommend making sure a registrar is available for the date and time of your reservation, before finalising or paying for any bookings with the venue.

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