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What’s on in Ærø?

Beautiful Ærø island is known for its tranquility and peacefulness, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t much going on there. The islanders are proud of their traditions and events so find out if anything is taking place during your time here!

Photograph Credit: Hanna Bursuk


APRIL 2024

What: Glow and Flow Yoga Retreat

Where: Marstal, Ærø

When: 26th – 28th April

If you want to combine some spirituality with your wedding trip to Denmark, then there is a relaxing, grounding and peaceful yoga retreat taking place on a small corner of Ærø island that might be perfect for you. Here you will spend the weekend practising yoga, early morning cold water swimming in the sea, spending time in the hot tub, and getting your hands dirty in the garden. The 2 nights are fully catered and we think this looks like a very unique event.

MAY 2024

What: Flea Market

Where: Ærøskøbing

When: Sunday 5th May

The quaint village of Ærøskøbing loves a good flea market. This is the perfect place to while away an hour or so, checking out the stalls and grabbing yourself a local bargain – perhaps the perfect souvenir for you to take home as a memento of your time on the island. 🙂 

Do note that the town will be closed off for through traffic while the flea market is taking place, so if you’re driving to Ærø please be mindful of this.

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