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An Inspiring Wedding Venue

An Inspiring Wedding Venue

How we edit the photos or what cameras we use makes no difference; the curated selection of images that make up the story of a wedding day is all that really matters.

An Inspiring Wedding Venue in British Columbia - Photos by Nordica Photography

The bride looks so utterly beautiful amidst the breathtaking scenery and the guys are so stylish!  It’s so easy to see, there’s so much love here, this really is, an inspiring wedding!

Stephanie and Jeffs wedding at God’s Mountain Estate in Penticton, British Columbia. Gods Mountain estate is an environmentally conscious estate that farms its fruit and vegetables organically and do their best to keep their 115 acres of beautiful natural habitat protected.

Images courtesy of Nordica Photography


Dress Alterations: Pure Magnolia
Jeff’s Pants and Shirt: Neighbour in Gastown
Venue: God’s Mountain Estate
Jewelry: Club Monaco
Stephanie’s Shoes: Ramon Tenza
Jeff’s Shoes: Regal for nonnative
Tables / Chairs / Etc: Westminster Party Rentals 
Catering: Joy Road Catering
Hair: Melissa Dacre
Makeup: Melissa Craven

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