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Amy and Life’s Wedding in Copenhagen

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Amy and Life’s Wedding in Copenhagen

Amy and Life had their wedding ceremony in Copenhagen City Hall

The reason they came to Denmark to marry in the first place was because they were facing bureaucratic problems trying to get married in other countries. 

We’re so glad they chose to work with us here at GMiD.

Such a lovely couple to work with and we really appreciate that Amy took the time to share their story with us.

Thank you so much Amy! 

Also, just look at how gorgeous they are in their wedding portraits by Brooke Barnhart.

Amy and Life from US and Zimbabwe

Our story with GMiD started crazy but ended so wonderfully. I am from the US and my husband is from Zimbabwe, we met while living in China. When we got engaged, we planned to marry in the US due to several factors constraining travel for family members.

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We tried going to Hong Kong as some friends had done for the legal ceremony, but were unable to obtain the necessary paperwork from one of our embassies. We looked into several other countries in Asia that we thought may be more convenient, but all had very specific requirements for people trying to marry there, like staying for several weeks before hand, which we were unable to do with our work and school schedules, not to mention finances. After lots of research, lots of “no’s”, and lots of frustration, I finally googled “easiest country for two foreigners to marry in” and found that Denmark was ranked #1.

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GMiD was one of the first websites we looked at and after comparing it with a couple other websites offering similar packages, we decided to go with GMiD, and we are SO glad we did! As soon as I started contacting them to ask questions, they were so helpful and encouraging and responded to everything right away. The process was super simple and clear, and there were no hiccups. It was right before the Christmas holidays too so adding in the pressure of offices closing, people having time off, and everything still didn’t affect their helpfulness or speed of getting everything done. We went from having no options at all to having a date for getting married within just a few short weeks! It was so wonderful.

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We had a wonderful time in Copenhagen. Some of our family and friends were able to join us, and everything with the appointment went smoothly. People were so helpful and kind when we were there, we were so impressed by the city and everyone we interacted with. After our morning appointment at City Hall, we had a lunch and reception at Restaurant Vandvid (a boat) which was equally beautiful and wonderful, we would highly recommend. Our wonderful photographer, Brooke Barnhart, is based out of California

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Thank you so much for everything GMiD! If you are reading this review and unsure of whether to marry in Denmark or to use GMiD, without a doubt do both! You won’t regret it

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