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5 Reasons To Have a Boho Wedding

5 Reasons To Have a Boho Wedding

Are you looking for reasons to have a boho wedding rather than a more traditional wedding? We’ve got together 5 great reasons to have a boho wedding. If you can think of any more, we’d love to hear them!

1. It Suits You

Image: Stone Fox Bride; Feature image: Matt and Lena Photography

If you’re already considering having a boho style wedding, then most likely you’re already a bohemian through and through, or there’s a bohemian girl inside of you just screaming to get out. Either way, I think we all already know that this type of wedding is going to suit you quite well!

2. Flower Crowns

Image: PaulliebtpaulaFeature image: Matt and Lena Photography

The big day was finally here and the wedding had started when Christian suddenly realised he had forgotten their rings!

He had to make a quick dash out of the town hall, right in the middle of their ceremony to go and grab their rings, where luckily he had only left them in the car.

Apparently, this happens all the time and is purely down to excitement!

3. Your Guests Will Love It

Image: Ross TallingFeature image: Matt and Lena Photography

Boho Weddings are often relaxed, down to earth, pretty and full of magic! All the things your friends and family will thrive on. They’ll feel it easy to be themselves and most likely be a lot more open and enjoy the day.

4. DIY

Image & Feature Image: Matt and Lena Photography

Boho Weddings often contain a lot more DIY elements that add character. This can keep costs down, can look amazing and allows you to really add personal touches that will make your wedding unique to you.

4. DIY

Image: Anne ParkerFeature image: Matt and Lena Photography

Okay, well maybe not entirely but the bohemian look is admirable in any decade to a certain degree! Nature and the rustic, eclectic style is always in fashion and so your wedding will more than likely look timeless as the years go by. Enjoy your boho wedding!

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