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How to Get Married in Denmark
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How to Get Married in Denmark

On Friday, May 4th, 2018. The central government and four political parties agreed on a change in the marriage law to prevent sham marriages. In this article, we will keep you informed on how the changes will affect couples who wish to get married in Denmark.

In this article you will be kept updated in the following areas:

How to Get Married in Denmark​

The new agreement about the marriage law

The following three points are what has been agreed by the government:

  1. Sham marriage with the purpose to obtain residence in Denmark, Schwizerland or an EU-/EEA-country will be banned.
  2. The credential process of the marriage conditions, for a couple with international relations, will be carried out by a special unit at the family law house. The credential will be carried out before the wedding. A significant part of the wedding applications will be settled on a written basis, and the credentials will be sent electronically to the town hall. These couples can then travel to Denmark and get married.
  3. The individual communes will carry out the wedding ceremonies.

If you wish to read the public statement and see the minister Mai Mercado explaining the changes on how to get married in Denmark, it can be found in the Governments news section (In Danish)

How to get married in Denmark before and after the changes

The Danish marriage law allows international couples to get married in Denmark without having to stay for more than one day prior to their wedding.

It also allows couples to get married in Denmark without a birth certificate and sometimes a single status certificate form the latest place you have been living permanently for more than six months. Here you can find the full list of Required Documents to get married in Denmark

With the new legal changes in-place, the process for how to get married in Denmark will change slightly but international couples couples will still be able to benefit.

In practice, all wedding applications for international couples will go through a centralized special unit, who will be checking for potential fake documentation and suspicious applications that could be sham marriages.

If the special unit finds it necessary to investigate an application further, the couple might get invited to an interview in Denmark before their wedding application is approved. Only 10% of all international applications will get invited to an interview.

Processing time at the special unit is aimed to be one week, and the town hall fee will increase from €115 to €220. Our prices at Getting Married in Denmark will continue to include the town hall fees.

As of now, the documentation needed to get married in Denmark will not change, but depending on how the new special unit will interpret the marriage law we might see changes in the future.

The changes to the marriage law will take place from January 1th, 201

Why changing the danish marriage law?

In the past few months, the Danish police have investigated an international criminal network, who were using the Danish marriage law, combined with fake documentation to arrange sham marriages. These sham marriages were arranged between two people with no relation, but with the wish of one part to obtain residence in an EU country.

The investigation has resulted in seven arrests in February and pushed the politicians to prevent this happening again. You can read more about the arrest in February in this Article by Tv2Fyn (In Danish)


How will this effect us at Getting Married in Denmark?

We at getting married in Denmark see this as a positive change that won’t prevent couples who are genuinely in love, being able to get married in Denmark.

It will mean changes to how we work with the government  and that side of our services, yes, but our customers will still get the best friendly and professional service that we love to provide.

We are your local friends in Denmark, who are here to take care of any transitional challenges there might come when the changes are implemented and after they are in place. So you can enjoy arranging what you are coming for, to get married to your loved one, rather than administrative stuff.

Your Wedding is Our Passion

Our team of advisers have helped thousands of couples with their wedding in Denmark. 

We have excellent customer service and aim to reply to you quickly with the answers and guidance you need. 

Created by potrace 1.10, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2011
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