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Kayla & Daniel’s Yellow Wedding Inspiration

Kayla & Daniel’s Yellow Wedding Inspiration

We have some beautiful yellow wedding inspiration for you today from the wedding of Kayla and Daniel, captured by Anthem Photography. The colour yellow is cheerful, creative and fresh. It’s an excellent choice of colour for late spring and summer weddings. We love how this creative couple styled their yellow wedding and how their family members joined in! Hear more from stunning bride, Kayla …

Daniel proposed on a a beautiful snowy day in the exact place where we dreamed of getting married one day, in the exact spot where we said our vows. It was a glorious day.

The wedding day was surreal! God allowed so much peace and joy in our wedding. Everyone who attended said they felt so comfortable and at home. It was very smooth and if anything did go wrong we didn’t know because we were too focused on getting married! We dated for 4 years so we were definitely ready to make that life long commitment.

Our friends and family were a HUGE help for our wedding. All our flowers and bouquets were made by friends, the venue was Daniel’s grandparents house overlooking the Willamette Valley and Mt.Hood, a stunning property.

Yellow Wedding Inspiration Photos by Anthem Photography

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