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Interview with MOD CPH

Describe your style in less than 10 words 🙂

Sharp and contemporary, with an old school twist.

How long does a suit take?

If time is of the essence, we can have one of our off-the-rack suits fitted to your measurements within 24 hours.

Does a good suit need to cost tens of thousands of euros?

It certainly doesn’t. While we deeply respect many of the traditional bespoke tailors that would charge this much (and spend months on your suit in exchange), we try to offer the same individual customer focus without the high price tag or long waiting time.

When did MOD CPH get into men’s suiting?

In a way, our story begins back in the 1960s – when the Mod subculture of London took form. The eccentric styles of these fashion pioneers are the inspiration behind our menswear offerings. Our store first opened in 2012, and we’ve been following in the Mods’ footsteps ever since.

What makes a good wedding suit?

While a business suit is something one wears for the sake of others, your wedding suit is something you wear for yourself. Therefore, your comfort and confidence are the top priorities. If you can put your suit on and immediately forget you’re wearing it, then we’ve done our job – because we’ve made it that much easier for you to focus on your wedding day.

Don’t 1960s styles look dated nowadays?

Because of the way fashion tends to move in cycles, the 1960s suit style is actually very similar to that of today. Still, it’s not identical, so we incorporate the look in various ways throughout our range of different models. Regardless of how bold a look you want to achieve, we can satisfy your needs – and thanks to our use of high-quality fabrics, you’ll never look like you’re wearing a Halloween costume.

How does MOD CPH set itself apart from other suit brands?

First and foremost, our attention to style and detail is how we stand out. Our price-to-quality ratio is also unparalleled though, and that includes quality of service. Our customer service is distinctively personal, and our style advisors are prepared to spend as much time as you need to feel 100% confident in your look.

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