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Laura De Sagazan 2014 Collection, Deux Mille Quatorze

Laura De Sagazan 2014 Collection, Deux Mille Quatorze

The Laure De Sagazan 2014 Collection, Deux Mille Quatorze is to die for! I’m such a huge fan of her work, I was thrilled to learn we would be receiving her newest collection, released today.

Romantic Summer Elegance

A student of the School of fashion, the Parisian designer graduated in 2007 and dived straight in to the industry. It was a request from a friend to make a wedding dress that brought her to the unexpected venture of creating these beautifully eye catching dresses that we’re so happy that we can share with you.

My heart stopped when I saw the Deux Mille Treize collectioni it really was a show stopper and the 2014 has much the same effect. The parisian style is so pretty, and understated. I look through this collection and I see gowns I would love to wear even if I wasn’t getting married,

particularly the dress ANDERSEN along with the top BRUYERE would be an amazing boho ensemble for an outdoor event where you would want to look your very best. Embroidered lace and flowing silks are so care free and pleated fronts and panels give a slight nautical feel. These dresses would bestow a bride such delicate and utterly romantic summer elegance.

I must also say that we love the work of photographer Laurent Nivalle who we featured recently in Wedding Transportation the Velo Solex Way . The talented photographer is responsible for these beautiful images as well as the images from the previous collection!. So Lush!

The Deux Mille Quatorze 2014 Collection

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