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Interview With Accessories Designer, Jannie Baltzer

Interview With Accessories Designer, Jannie Baltzer

I just had to follow my heart and started to design accessories for brides… I just love my job!

If everything in the world were a dream, Jannie Baltzer designs would fit in the most ethereal of them. Sitting on women’s heads like delicate halos of lace and hand sewn flowers. Alas, the world is not a dream but in fact, these couture headpieces are halos of lace and hand sewn flowers. I met Jannie a year ago, maybe even a little more and I’ve grown a huge admiration for her and her work. The amount of press and attention this lady gets every day from the likes of ELLE and Vogue, comes as little surprise when you see it for yourself.

I absolutely love how much care and attention Jannie puts in to these pieces, how delicate they look and how versatile they are. Really girls, they’re not just something you can only wear on your wedding day, you could wear these pieces to any kind of occasion. However, I have also seen brides wearing Jannie Baltzer designs and it really bestows the bride that beautiful uniqueness she craves in her look. I was really happy that Jannie agreed to work with us on this interview. Especially given how extremely busy she is with her 2014 collection right now. I started by asking how it all began.

Exclusive Interview with Jannie Baltzer

Can you tell us a little bit about how Jannie Baltzer Couture Headpieces got started?

In 2004 I graduated from the Scandinavian Academy of International Fashion and Design in Copenhagen, where I received an honorary prize from Her Royal Highness Princess Benedict for the most creative collection. Straight after I started my own company with really unique jewellery, but three years ago, I just had to follow my heart and started to design accessories for brides…I just love my job!

What is your all time favorite couture piece so far and why?

That is a tough question, but I do love my MARLENE. It is very romantic and glam and has this old Hollywood feel to it, but also very current. It has been my bestseller this season, and

I love that fact, that my brides are very creative and seems to style it in many different ways.

What is your all time favorite couture piece so far and why?

My 2014 collection is truly luxurious and delicate, and is all about luminous textures and shine. This collection has exquisitely intricate beadwork and beautiful shades of honey gold, champagne, antique silver and ivory. My parents lives in a small village in South of Spain, and the nature is just gorgeous there. So this collection is inspired by the beauty of the nature and its organic shapes –

The curl of a leaf, skeleton leaves, delicate flowers and branches – these are all exquisite things that catch my eye and find their way into my making.

What has been the highlight so far this year?

One of my 2014 styles has just been featured in VOGUE Brazil, and that really is a huge moment for me. I worked with an awesome team to create some beautiful and unique pictures for them, and when I saw the feature,

I really felt very proud….but also happy to be working with so many talented people and create magic together.

What are your plans for the coming year?

I feel full of energy and have so many different plans on the drawing board…

nothing I can share just yet, but stay tuned for exciting new things to happen.

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