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Exclusive Wedding at Sølyst, Denmark

Exclusive Wedding at Sølyst, Denmark

An incredibly enchanting event took place last sunday – an exlusive wedding at Sølyst, a royal shooting range and magnificent country house located just north of Copenhagen. Sølyst is well known for hosting beautiful events with the exceptional service and quality and so when we heard they were going to host an exclusive wedding event we were eager to attend. Especially when such respected and accomplished professionals from the Danish wedding and fashion industry were to take part!

Excusive Elegant Wedding at Sølyst in Copenhagen

I have to admit that I got somewhat lost in the event. I was there to cover it and yet I found myself with cocktail in hand, at ease in the grand, yet warm surroundings chatting away like I didn’t have a care in the world. The mood was pleasant. Visitors contented, eating cake from historic connectionists La Glace, sipping champagne and gazing adoringly at dresses from Jesper Høvring.

Marianne Dulong was one of the talented professionals displaying their work at the event. Her handmade Jewelry is simple with an edge. It’s favoured by royalty and an excellent choice for couples looking for excellent quality and design that lasts a lifetime. We particularly loved some extremely simple gold wedding bands with a matt finish that were displayed. Although it sounds easily done, it’s actually very hard to find a design so simple and yet holds the same quality and look that her designs do.

Right beside Marianne Dulong, in the beautiful space they shared, a room that was decorated by the same carpenter that laid the wooden décor for the titanic, Jesper Høvring displayed his beautiful gowns. The designer is particularly busy at this time of year due to the imminent arrival of Copenhagen Fashion week and his studio is a bustle of creativity as he finishes off the last of his preparations for the event. On Sunday though, he was relaxed and cheerful whilst greeting 2014′s brides-to-be. Høvring is also favoured amongst Royals and celebrities, it’s an absolute certainty that a bride wearing his designs will feel like a princess.

We were also very lucky to see award winner, Søren Hedegaard in action as he worked on the makeup and hair for a model at the event. The makeup artists and hair stylist has worked on film as well as for a number of magazines such as vogue and cover and is also Crown Princess Mary of Denmark’s personal hairdresser. It’s always an honour to witness a master at work and so guests really had a treat and a good insight in to how he beautifies his brides.

Another couture designer to honour the event was Jannie Baltzer. Amongst the beautiful settings, her hair pieces illuminated ethereal moments, they really suited the environment and the mood of the day. The designer is always exceptionally busy. With a recent trip to New York to show her collection and her designs in high demand she is constantly on her toes devoting all her time to her art. Sølyst has been used as a recreational venue since it was built in 1725. The grounds boast beautifully kept greenery and sea views and the building certainly has it’s own different spirit every season of the year. We’re deep in winter now, the interior and decor bring the season to life with such warmth and as I looked out on to the grounds through the beautiful high windows, I could really imagine a wedding party with guests happily walking out into the lush grounds from the grand indoors.

We were very pleased to meet Christal Winther, Denmark’s leading wedding planner and owner of The Wedding Company during the event. Helping couples dreams come true, she uses her years of experience and valuable contacts to make sure their wants and needs are turned in to a reality. More and more couples in Denmark are now opting to use a wedding planner, Christel also welcomes couples from as far as Russia and China who look to the fairytale scenes the Danish history and architecture hold, this is how far and wide couples will travel to realise their dreams.

We also were lucky to meet more extraordinary professionals such as wedding photographer Lina Ahnoff who’s expertise and talent leaves couples with loving images they are able to treasure forever. Flowers from Louise Moestrup who’s green fingers create wonderful arrangements, I really loved her choice of winter flowers on display, it really shouted that she was well experienced will an amazing eye for organic design. Discovery Travel was there to tempt couples to once in a lifetime experiences all over the world. The company prides itself on its outstanding quality and service, this is something that is seldom found in travel agencies these days and for the globetrotters with a taste for luxury, their holidays will undoubtedly have a, Je ne sais quoi that will leave you with a wonderful lasting memory of your trip.

And what about that cocktail I started out with? Well that had gone long before, but we weren’t too shy to ask for another from the bartenders of K Bar who were there to show their amazing skills and share cocktail ingredients. It really was a lovely day for all and particularly helpful for the couples to be married in 2014. We really hope there are plans to renew this inspiring event!

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