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Elegantly Vintage Styled Wedding

Elegantly Vintage Styled Wedding

Jenna and Erics wedding fell on a rainy day, but that did nothing but add to the elegantly vintage feel of the day and pleasantly deepen the colours the camera captured. They wanted their wedding to be personal, low key and romantic and it was achieved so well. I really love this wedding captured by Devic Fotos who uses analog camera’s as well as digital.

The brides style is amazingly seductive. Jenna is wearing the beautiful couture gown Eden By Jenny Packham. What a beautiful couple! And what an inspiring vintage styled wedding!

Vintage Styled Wedding Photos by Devic Fotos

Most people get a little worried when it starts raining on their wedding day. I can understand that. It’s uncomfortable, you don’t want to wreck your hair, etc. But also something really romantic about a rainy day wedding, no? I really love it.

Also the colors I get on my camera are totally different on a rainy day than on a sunny day. I found the rainy day to fit Jenna and Eric’s wedding perfectly. All of their details were pure vintage. Everything was extremely low key, quiet, fun, candid, romantic.

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