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Getting married in the Faroe islands
Is our marriage certificate valid outside of the Faroe Island?
The international marriage certificate is almost the same as the one you get in Denmark, except its Faroese and English.
What days of the week can we get married in the Faroe Islands?
Torshavn City Hall conduct wedding ceremonies on Monday - Thursday from 10 am or 15 pm
Friday & first Saturday of the month from 10 am to 2 pm.
Torshavn does not conduct weddings on bank holidays.
Do we have to bring our own witnesses?

You do not have to provide witnesses your self if you are getting married in the Faroe Islands City Hall in Tórshavn. 

If the city hall is informed in advance they can provide witnesses. 

But if you wish to get married outside Tórshavn city hall you will need two witnesses to sign the original marriage certificate after your ceremony. 

The names and addresses need to be sent to the wedding department in advance.

If needed we at GMiD can help provide witnesses.

How long does the application process take?
The international marriage certificate is almost the same as the one you get in Denmark, except its Faroese and English.
In terms of validity: 
When do we have to present our documents at Torshavn Town Hall?
Passports and residency permits/visas, if applicable, must be presented to Torshavn Town Hall one working day prior to your wedding date (this is Monday to Friday).
Therefore, if you book a wedding date on a Monday you will need to present your documents on the Friday before.

Getting Married in The Faroe Islands

Getting Married in the Faroe Islands is an amazing adventure for those couples who love to seek and find new places to explore. These beautiful islands are full of mystery and wonder with some of the most enchanting landscapes in the world. 
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A Faroe Islands Elopement &
Intimate Wedding

There are several locations you can marry on the island. 

The main one being the town hall itself and then outdoors at beautiful spots around the islands. There are so many options when Getting Married in the Faroe islands.

Why Get Married in The Faroe Islands?

If you love adventure and you’re looking for something more unusual for your special day then this may be for you. 

You may have dreamt of visiting this wonderful place already – why not consider getting married in the Faroe Islands while you’re there? 

What are the required documents to
get married in the Faroe Islands?

In terms of the bureaucracy, Getting Married in the Faroe Islands is just as simple as Getting Married in Denmark, although the required documents and the process is slightly different. 

Documents you and your partner will need

Required documents checklist for getting married in denmark
Valid Passport

Needed as personal Identification for both you and your partner.

Required documents checklist for getting married in denmark
A certificate proving your current single status from your current country of residence.

If you are not able to provide a single status certificate we can try to find a solution

Required documents checklist for getting married in denmark
A filled in 'Notice of marriage' application

This is the official application document that is signed and handed in to the wedding office.

Documents you and your partner might need

Getting Married in Denmark
A valid Visa and Schengen Area entry stamps

If one or both partners is required a Visa to enter the Faroe Islands.

Getting Married in Denmark
A divorce decree or death certificate

If one or both partners has been married before.

Getting Married in Denmark
Original Birth Certificate

If you are not able to provide a single status certificate we can try to find a solution

All documents must be provided in English. 

If your documents are not originally in English they must be translated by an authorised translator.

How to get to the Faroe Islands?

When arriving to get married in the Faroe islands you will land at Vágar Airport, the only airport on the Faroe Islands. 

Copenhagen (Denmark) – the flight takes around 2 hours. 

Edinburgh (Scotland) – the flight takes only 1 hour.

Paris (France) – the flight is around 2h 45mins long.

Bergen (Norway) – the flight takes only 1 hour. 

Reykjavik (Iceland) – the flight is only 1 hour.

How to get from the Airport to Tórshavn?

Torshavn city hall is located in the South East Island of the Island Streymoy, approximately 45 min by car from Vágar Airport. It’s possible to rent a car or hire a taxi from the Airport. 

You can see the route by car here 

By bus you can get to Torshavn in 1 hour and 10 min. It departs four times daily to and from the airport. 

You can have a look at the routes and bus timetables here

An awesome side note to public transportation: for approx. 20 euros you can travel from one location to another by helicopter.. 🙂 Helicopters are an official part of the public transportation to and from rural areas. 

You can learn more and have a looks at the routes and helicopter timetables here    

What can we do while we are in the Faroe Islands?

First of all, take a deep breath of the islands’ crystal clear air and enjoy your wedding ceremony! 

If you are getting married in the Faroe Islands you can be sure that any photos you take to capture these moments will be stunning! 

There are also plenty of places to visit in the area that make the trip unforgettable: 


Possibly the cosiest capital city in the world.

The town filled with charming, colorful buildings combines a long history with modernity. 

You will find some interesting museums, beautiful historical buildings, old churches and lovely restaurants – perfect for a little celebration after your wedding! 

The atmosphere in the town doesn’t resemble the atmosphere in most capital cities. It’s calm, relaxed, clean and not crowded.


The views are so beautiful; they make you wonder if it’s reality, a fairy tale or Photoshop. 😉  

Surrounded by mountains and abundant, green fields, the Gasadalur village is home to the spectacular Múlafossur waterfall which falls from the tall cliffs right into the blue ocean. The view is truly incredible!

Until 2004 it was only possible to reach Gasadalur by hiking over the 700 meter high mountains, by a boat or a helicopter.

Now, thankfully, there is a tunnel which was made through the mountains in 2004 and allows travel to the village by car and other vehicles.


An idyllic village surrounded by the mountains. 

If you’re looking for some intimacy Gjogv is definitely the place to go; it has only 50 inhabitants. 

The village takes a romantic walk onto the next level. You’ll be surrounded by cute turf-roofed cottages and breathtaking views over the North Atlantic and the surrounding islands.

Make sure to visit the town’s charming tea shop and try their specialties. 🙂 

Vestmanna Bird Cliffs

A beautiful adventure! 

If you’re getting married in the Faroe Islands sometime between May and September, it’s a great idea to take a boat trip around the magnificent cliffs. 

You will experience 700 metre tall cliffs, narrow straits and deep grottoes, while spotting different types of beautiful birds. 

The boat tour lasts around 2 hours and is a truly spectacular and relaxing adventure.

Northern Lights

A truly incredible experience!

If you get married in the Faroe Islands between November and February, you will likely be able to tick seeing the Northern Lights off your bucket list. 🙂 

The islands are a great spot to enjoy the incredible Northern Lights in all their majesty, depending on the weather of course. 

Some of the best viewing spots are Klaksvík, Sornfelli, Viðareiði, and Gjógv. 

Getting married in the Faroe Islands with the view of the Northern Lights doesn’t sound like a bad plan, does it? 🙂 

What is the history of The Faroe Islands?

The Faroe Islands have a very long history. There are various sources suggesting that people have been inhabiting them even before 800 BC. 

The Norsemen settled on the islands in 800 and their language, Old West Norse, later developed in what we know as modern Faroese language.

In the eleventh century the clan of Sigmudur Brestisson was prospering on the southern islands until they were invaded by aggressors from the northern islands and, as a result, Sigmudur ran away to Norway.

He was then sent back by the king of Norway who wanted to take possession of the islands.

Sigmudur introduced Christianity to the Faroe islands and, even though he was murdered, the Norwegian control over the islands continued until 1814. 

The islands became part of the Danish Kingdom in 1816, following the chaos caused by the Napoleonic Wars. 

During World War II, from 12th of April 1940, the islands were occupied by British troops and between 1942–1943 Royal British Engineers built the only airport on the island – Vágar Airport. 

After the war the control over the islands reverted to Denmark. However, Iceland becoming independent made many Faroese desire the same.

In 1946 a Faroese independence referendum took place with the results of 50.73% in favour of independence and 49.27% against. 

On the 18th of September 1946 the islands declared independence, but on the 20th of September the declaration of independence was annulled by King Christian X of Denmark on the grounds that the majority of Faroese had in fact not supported the independence. 

As the independence movements and self-government on the islands were growing, in 1948 Denmark finally decided to grant home-rule with a high degree of local autonomy.

Today, the islands are a known tourist destination offering truly incredible views, spectacular nature, and a very tranquil atmosphere.

They are a perfect place for people who don’t like the weather to be too hot. 😉 

It’s a really unique and memorable place to get married in so it’s no wonder that more and more couples from all over the world decide to have their wedding in the Faroe Islands! 

Do you wish to get married in The Faroe Islands?

If you’re interested in knowing more about having your wedding or elopement in the Faroe Islands and would like more information on the services we offer here, please follow the link below to contact us.

Getting Married in Faroe Islands

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Snarskivan, Vaglið

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