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Was ist los in Kopenhagen?

Copenhagen is Denmark’s capital city. It’s a vibrant, buzzing place and there’s always so much going on. Here we take a look at the main events, so you can plan your trip accordingly.

Photo Credit: Martina Lanotte



What: Copenhagen Fashion Week

Where: Kopenhagen 

When: 29th January – 2nd February 2024

Visitors from all over the world will visit Copenhagen in this yearly festival dedicated to all things fashion! There is a real buzz in the air but do remember that hotels and restaurants will likely be busier than usual during this week, so do book ahead if you can.

What: Copenhagen Festival of Light

Where: Kopenhagen 

When: 2nd – 25th February

A truly spectacular and stunning display of light shows and installations at various locations all throughout the city, which gives a beautiful and bright respite to the monotony of winter. DEFINITELY one to enjoy if you’re in the city during February!

MARCH 2024


Where: Kopenhagen 

When: 13 – 24th March

Touted as one of the largest documentary film festivals in the world, the Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival brings with it both well established documentary makers as well as rising talent. A treat to broaden your horizons and a feast for your eyes. The city might be a little busier than usual, so once your wedding date is confirmed, make sure you don’t delay before booking your accommodation.

What: Tivoli Gardens Reopens

Where: Tivoli

When: 22 March

Tivoli gardens has been closed since the new year and this is not only because the earlier months are generally a little quieter around the city – it’s so they can prepare for the busy summer months! And how lovely it is to be able to say they are opening their doors again from Friday 22nd March. This really is the first sign that spring and summer are just around the corner! Certainly worth popping along to celebrate if you ask us! 😉

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