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So finden Sie in Kopenhagen Ihr perfektes Hochzeitsbouquet

Blumen sind ein Synonym für Hochzeiten. Nachdem Sie sich für einen Ort und anschließend für die Kleidung entschieden haben, stehen Blumen normalerweise als nächstes auf der Liste der Dinge, die arrangiert werden müssen. Doch als Paar, das nach Kopenhagen flüchtet, sind Blumen vielleicht nicht einmal etwas, woran Sie überhaupt gedacht haben.

So finden Sie in Kopenhagen Ihr perfektes Hochzeitsbouquet

Flowers are synonymous with weddings. After deciding on a location, followed by what to wear, flowers are usually next on the list of things that need to be arranged.  

Yet, as a couple eloping to Copenhagen, flowers might not actually be something you’d even considered. 

Not all couples decide to have flowers. But for those that do, choosing exactly what can be quite a big decision.

But is a wedding bouquet in Copenhagen something that is easy to organise when you’re eloping to a foreign country? How will the logistics work? 

What is a City Hall wedding even like? Read the following article to find more about a Copenhagen City Hall wedding and what is involved.

For your wedding bouquet in Copenhagen, how do you even begin to work out what it is you want?

 Bouquet and featured post image by Aeipathy Studio

So, where to begin?

Even if you don’t realise it, you probably have a favourite ‘type’ of flower! I just LOVE small flowers. Nothing too much bigger than a poppy, so that when you put them together in a bouquet they just ooze that easy, natural and meadowy flower vibe; Sweet Peas, Daisies, Cornflowers, Poppies, Freesias, accompanied with meadow style foliage. Just beautiful.

Or you might not be too fussed about which flower but you know you just have to have loads of colour; Sunflowers, Carnations, Snapdragons or Geraniums would all satisfy a desire for something bright and beautiful. 

Maybe the ‘classic’ flower is more your thing; the English Rose, Lily of the Valley or Peonies are all timeless flowers that will never ‘age’ or look dated.           

Alternatively, you might be hoping for something that you can keep forever. 

Dried flowers are the perfect choice if you’re wanting something that you will be able to hold onto until you’re old and grey – something you can show younger generations? 

The choices are literally endless BUT you will likely know when you start really thinking about it what sort of flower arrangement you would like. 

Bouquet by Fiol blomster

Creating a mood board.

Putting together a mood board for your wedding bouquet in Copenhagen could be something you might find helpful. Searching for different flowers in the style that you like… 

What kind of colours do you have in mind? 

Will they work in harmony with your dress or suit? Will you need buttonholes? Maybe a flower crown is something you’ve always dreamed of? 

You might just want something small and simple as it’s just the 2 of you or you might want to go big and bold dass Dänemark it’s just the 2 of you! 

Whatever ideas you have for your big day, putting them onto a mood board could really help to give you an idea of what your flowers might look like, making the final choice that much easier.

 Flower crown tied  by Aeipathy Studio

Time to speak to the florist.

Your wedding in Copenhagen is approved, the date is set. Now it’s time to contact the florist. 

There are some phenomenal florists, or “blomsterbinder” as they are more familiarly known here in Denmark, which we can recommend to you. If you want so know a little more about them then please head over to our wedding vendors page!

And when you’ve decided who’s right for you, it’s time to get in touch and start bouncing your ideas around. 

You can show them your mood board if you made one, talk about what visions you and your partner have for your day and the florist will make these ideas come to life for you both. 

Once all this has been agreed and your big day is getting near, the florist will organise with you when and where your flowers will be delivered to you. 

That could be your hotel room or your private apartment. Or, if it’s more than just the 2 of you, maybe you’d prefer to have one of your wedding guests collect the flowers for you? 

Either way it will be made easy for you on the day, making it one less thing to worry about so you can focus purely on your wedding. 

Just know that if you do decide to have a wedding bouquet in Copenhagen, whatever you choose; bright, bold, small, dry or timeless, your flowers will help bring the magic of your day alive.  

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