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This is for you if you want to leave the whole procedure in the hands of experts! Our team submits over 200 applications a month, and we know all the intricacies and requirements of the AFL. You simply send us the required documents, we prepare and submit your file. We will handle anything that may come up, not only up to the approval being issued by the Danish government, but up to your wedding day and even afterwards, if necessary!

Application Process with the Danish Government

  • You will be working with our Marriage Application Team, who’ll get to know you and define the detailed list of documents for your case
  • We inform you how and where you can get your documents legalised (only if required) 
  • You email us the documents specified in the detailed documentation list 
  • We check your documents to ensure they meet the requirements of the Danish government
  • We advise you on town hall pros and cons as well as up-to-date availability 
  • We prepare your marriage application and submit it online to the Danish government
  • We pay the online submission fee of €255 to the Danish government upon submission
  • We book your wedding ceremony at your selected town hall
  • We communicate with the Danish government when required
  • We keep track of your application until approved
  • We send you your approval when received by the Danish government

Ceremony Booking with Town Hall

  • You will then be working with our Wedding Day Team
  • You tell us your ideal ceremony dates 
  • We contact the town hall of your choice and check for the up to date availability*
  • We book the ceremony at your selected town hall
  • We keep updated with the town hall in case any changes might occur
  • And we inform you about any changes, such as slight changes in time, different entrance to use etc.   

*In case your ideal dates are not available, we can in some cases offer alternative dates or other options in a different town hall, changing the venue where required.

Before & After your Wedding Day

  • You will be planning your trip and stay in Denmark
  • We offer you our Wedding Day Team Team, dedicated to helping you with any questions you might come across from the day of your approval to your wedding and beyond
  • We can suggest to you our trusted vendors who offer between 10% – 15% discount for our couples 
  • We notify you of what is needed before and after your ceremony
  • Again, we keep you updated if there is any change



This is a service we provide after your wedding in Denmark.

There is no time frame on when you can take our Apostille Service; This can be taken immediately after your wedding or years after. It is for those couples who will be using their wedding with their respective governments after their wedding, e.g. to register the marriage or to apply for a spousal visa, and will need that extra layer of ‘legalization’ on their marriage certificate. We do not have to have helped you with your wedding in Denmark for you to take this service.

  • You send your marriage certificate/s to our Apostille team (we will give you information on how to do this)
  • Once we receive your certificate/s we will then hand deliver them to the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will check the information on your certificates after which they will affix the Apostille ‘stamp’ onto the back of your certificate/s
  • We will then return your certificate/s back to you at an address of your choice* via a tracked courier service

*The Apostille Service fee only covers the return to one address. An extra fee is incurred to cover the courier costs back to 2 separate addresses.


Learn more in detail about Apostille legalisation in Denmark

Hear It From Our Customers

Our experience with the GMiD team was nothing short of exceptional. We were really impressed by their professionalism and expertise. They ensured that all our application documents were completed accurately and on time. They responded to our emails super quickly and addressed all our questions and concerns. Thanks to their assistance, we were able to navigate our marriage application process with peace of mind.
Absolutely satisfied with the lovely GMID Team's service and impressed with the level of details provided all the way through our wedding journey! Trust the 5.0 score in reviews. Thank you so much <3
We cannot speak highly enough of GMiD's exceptional service in helping us arrange our marriage. From the moment we reached out to them, the team was incredibly helpful and supportive every step of the way. Their professionalism and attention to detail made the entire process smooth and stress-free.From legal documentation to coordinating logistics, GMiD ensured that everything was taken care of seamlessly, allowing us to focus on the excitement of our upcoming union. Their expertise and guidance were invaluable, especially as we navigated the complexities of marrying abroad.On our wedding day, GMiD truly went above and beyond to make us feel special. Their dedication to ensuring every detail was perfect was evident, and it made our day unforgettable. Thanks to their efforts, we were able to celebrate our love surrounded by beauty and joy, without worrying about any logistical hassles.Overall, we cannot recommend GMiD highly enough for anyone looking to get married in Denmark. Their exceptional service, unwavering support, and dedication to making dreams come true truly set them apart. Thank you, GMiD, for making our day so incredibly special.

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This is for those couples who are considering getting married in Denmark and are looking for some helpful information on how to get started and how the process works:

  • You answer our 6 questions for us to understand you and your partner’s situation 
  • We will tell you if you and your partner are able to get married in Denmark
  • We provide you with a preliminary list of the required documents to get married in Denmark
  • We answer any questions, concerns or doubts about getting married in Denmark or our services

Have You Considered Apostille Legalisation?

Do you want us to legalise your marriage certificate with the Apostille stamp and send it to you by tracked courier shortly after you are married? If so, then you can add that service below. 

The Apostille legalisation is an additional €250.

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