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Interview with Team Alfheim

Describe your style in less than 10 words 🙂

Understanding and adapting to each individual clients’ wishes is key.

How did you get in to the hair & makeup industry?

I’ve always been interested in the industry; I’ve been doing the makeup and hair for friends, family and myself since I was young. So, it felt only natural to seek official entry into the beauty industry now that I have full confidence in my artistic skill.

What inspires you as an artist?

I constantly stay up-to-date with all new product releases and modern techniques! I pride myself on my passion for continuous learning from all sources globally.

What is your favourite thing about helping a bride with her look?

The smile on the face of my client as I help make their dream look a reality. And wow them with it.

When was the first time you discovered makeup?

Oof, well, it started with permanent markers as a young child to be honest. My mother, both wanting to nurture my interest and save her sanity, replaced my markers with toy-store “children’s makeup kits” and, from there, my interest only escalated into passion.

Brides are sometimes nervous before their ceremony, how do you help them relax?

From my work with clients coming from GMiD so far, I quickly learned that I am often the last person with the bride in the final hours leading to the actual wedding. Being honoured to have these final preparation hours directly with the bride I find that I’m not just their artist, I’m also a friend that offers that last-minute support to ensure they feel their absolute best at their wedding.

What do you feel are the key things that make the perfect wedding look?

I believe that a natural or soft glam finish, that can last 8+ hours of wear, is the top choice. Also, providing my clients with samples of lipsticks has been key in adding that reassurance for touchups after food/drinks.

Where in the world would you love to go one day?

I have had the great fortune to have traveled most of the world already and I am perfectly happy staying in Denmark now. Although, I must confess, my work experience as a makeup-artist in Dubai (during 2017) was truly a phenomenal experience.

What do you like to do when you’re not working on bridal hair & makeup?

I usually experiment with editorial and creative looks; I also enjoy creating artwork such as painting and creating 3D modelled props for photo shoots.

What is the most important advice you would give your younger self just starting out in the hair and makeup industry?

I’d likely want to tell myself to bring all other essentials, such as nail polish remover, nail oil, scissors, and a small sewing kit to every bride appointment. As my brides sometimes have asked me for these items and I wish I had them on hand! Now, I always try to carry the ‘you never know/just in case’ items so I can ensure a stress free experience for the bride. Hair and Makeup may be my objective, but my client’s experience is a top priority.

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