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Interview with Amogh Pant

Describe your wedding photography style in less than 10 words.

Intimate, thoughtful, and timeless photography for modern, discerning lovers.

How did you get into wedding photography?

I was into documentary photography at the time, so it started with friends and their weddings (as I would always have a camera around). And then seeing their pictures, my friends would switch their profile images to the ones I had made. That felt very good. And then other people would ask – hey, do you wanna come shoot our wedding?

What inspires you as a wedding photographer?

The emotional power of documentary photography and the joyful, spontaneous moments of connection between people. I love it when the session has a visual and emotional quality that reflects the couple’s love story. And one of the most inspiring things is seeing those images in print 👌💯

What are you favourite types of places to shoot pictures of a couple?

Ærø, where I live, is a dream backdrop for a wedding shoot. I think back to the day when my wife and I came here to get married, and I vividly recall the feeling of wonder at discovering this gorgeous landscape by the sea, the charming town of Ærøskøbing, and so on.

Now, when I am with a couple on their wedding day, I try to see the island through their eyes… Like, years in the future when they open their wedding books, what memories and details and little moments of joy and connection would they cherish the most? That’s what I try to find in any Ærø locations that we agree to shoot at. And they’re all beautiful and moody and charming in turns.

Which is your favourite picture of yourself and who took it?

Being a photographer means that sometimes I’m missing from family pictures. And to be honest I do feel a LITTLE bit awkward facing a camera.  But occasionally my wife or daughter will shoot something that I will look at and say, that’s actually a nice picture of me 🙂

What tricks do you use to help nervous couples relax for their pictures?

I sometimes use silly prompts to get couples to open up, but honestly it’s about helping them let go of expectations and just being the way they are with each other. When they no longer feel like putting up a ‘persona’ and can just be with each other, that’s when pictures acquire a memorable quality. But before that, I like to get to know as much as I can about them and their love story.

What do you feel are the key things that make the perfect wedding portrait?

While ‘perfect’ is subjective in photography, here’s what I enjoy the most: spontaneity, trust in the photographer, taking the time to slow down and open up to each other… It’s really all about them and that only happens when they have the time to open up and be present. No need to worry about pre-set poses. Not that there’s anything wrong with posing done right. 🙂

What is your dream location for a wedding shoot?

Tough one. A dream location would be a vista that combines the sea, mountains… Someplace dramatic, elemental, and cinematic.

What do you like to do when you’re not working on photography?

Let me rephrase that question to “what do you like to do when you aren’t running around the little ones so that they don’t go entirely nuts?” yes, I like reading about cinema, books, art, and Instagram 😅

What is the most important advice you would give to your younger self just starting out it photography?

Don’t worry so much about ‘image quality’ (read gear). Worry about becoming good at reading people and letting your subjects feel so relaxed and in touch with each other that they look just GREAT in pictures.

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