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John and Marianna – DIY Autumn Wedding

John and Marianna – DIY Autumn Wedding

Marianna comes from Caracas, Venezuela and John comes from Sibbhult, Sweden, they both decided on a beautiful autumn wedding within nature and amongst those they cherish.

We met in Lund, Sweden, where we both did our PhD in chemistry. We were just good friends for the first couple of years but then we started to like each other. John proposed one evening, he drove us to Ystad, Sweden and propose at the beach as he wanted to have a romantic place to propose that we could remember as a special memory.

We did almost everything by ourselves. The wedding invitations and the decoration that was composed of dry flowers with the autumn colors (red, yellow and orange), chestnuts and candles. We prepared with the help of John’s mother blueberry marmalade as a gift for the guests, Marianna’s mother brought Venezuelan chocolates which were wrapped with some beautiful labels made by a friend for our wedding. Nina, one of our closest friends, did the small figurines of the groom and the bride for the decoration.

DIY Autumn Wedding Photos by Per Henning

We wanted to make it very personal so we took a lot of these details into account. These love birds had a perfect wedding day. The ceremony was next to a beautiful lake and the weather that day was great. They had a lot of help from friends and family and having them all there to share their moment made their day so much more special for them. The bride and groom look absolutely stunning, photographer Per Henning captured it brilliantly.

Photography: Per Henning

The venue: Humletorkan, Sweden
The wedding dress:
The catering: systrarnas mat

The rings: Guldfynd

The wedding bouquet: Jaffa Blommor

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