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Kopenhagen PRIDE 2020

Kopenhagen PRIDE 2020

It’s August. It’s Copenhagen. It’s PRIDE. 

It’s THE date in the Danish calendar but…. It’s 2020. 

There’s no need to delve too deeply into exactly what 2020 has been up until now because it’s touched every life on the planet in one way or another. 

We all know what 2020 has been so far. 

However, what we’re starting to realise as we continue to move through this crazy year, is that the world keeps on turning. 

Life is still there to keep on living.

And for the LGBTQIA+ community what a better way to celebrate life than by celebrating Pride. 

But how? In this new, Covid way of life we’re all desperately trying to adjust to, how is it possible to attend one of the largest carnival style celebrations in the world? 

Well, it’s not going to be possible in the way we would normally think. 

But this is Pride! It’s extravagant, brightly coloured, loud, proud and an ‘outside of the box’ demonstration designed to show off and celebrate all that the LGBTQIA+ community has overcome, achieved and owned. 

And 2020 is no different.

What’s on Copenhagen Pride 2020?

The organisers of Copenhagen Pride 2020 have worked wonders to make sure that it’s a celebration that can and will still go ahead. 

It will be mainly digital and online focussed but done in such a wonderful way that everyone can participate.

From Monday 17th through to Friday 21st August, 4 tents have been set up in Pride Square / City Hall Square in the centre of Copenhagen where you can visit or login live to ‘attend’ up to 100 different events, with the moderators ensuring you can take part in conversation and debate. 

And if you can’t make it live, the events are available On-Demand afterwards so you don’t miss a thing! Find out more by clicking here to check out the schedule for the week. 

Then on the afternoon of Saturday 22nd August the digital parade will take place. 

All of the Pride celebrations that have been held across the whole of Denmark will come together in this digital parade, making sure it’s still possible for you to celebrate Pride carnival style, safely and in the comfort of your own home.

There will be 4 main elements to the digital parade:

  • Copenhagen Pride Parade Challenge 
  • Stride with Pride
  • Parade greetings from the partners and organisations involved
  • All tied together by 2 commentators from the TV studio


Check out the Pride website here for ALL the details and information you need to get involved in the digital parade for Copenhagen Pride 2020.

Pride week will then culminate in the Saturday night TV show. 

Full of performers, artists and virtual reality experience, this will be a TV concert like no other. Read all about exactly what is involved in this groundbreaking TV experience here

Copenhagen 2021 - World Pride

Let’s fast forward to 2021!! 

It might be a whole year away but now is the time to start getting excited and to start planning. World Pride is being hosted in Copenhagen next year and it’s going to be big! 

Copenhagen has been celebrating Pride for more than 20 years and we do it well, so hosting World Pride is the perfect fit. 

This huge celebration, called Copenhagen 2021, will be a 10 day event jam packed full of celebration, art, culture, the EuroGames and will be the largest LGBTQIA+ human rights forum.

So just imagine how spectacular it would be getting married during World Pride 2021?! 

Copenhagen’s City Hall is a beautiful venue at any time of the year but would be an impeccable choice for a World Pride Wedding!. 

As well as being the most grand, spectacular, magnificent and proud town hall you’ll probably ever visit, Copenhagen City Hall is a leading authority in making sure Copenhagen’s citizens and visitors’ rights, especially those from the LGBTQIA+ community, are high on the agenda and that equality is a priority for all. 

Have a look at the City Hall website to see how much Pride means to those who run it, learn about its progressive history and why visiting this magnificent building should be part of any Copenhagen Pride experience. 

So getting married at this incredible location during World Pride 2021 would be an historic and unforgettable experience to say the least. NOW is the time to start planning. 

Find out more about why Getting Married in Denmark could be just what you’re looking for, for the World Pride wedding of your dreams. 

In the meantime, it’s Copenhagen Pride 2020! It might look a little different this year but it’s as diverse and inclusive as ever. 

Head over to the website to find something for you. Get involved and be part of a modern, revolutionary Copenhagen Pride like Denmark has never seen before. Be part of history in the making. 

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