Created by potrace 1.10, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2011
Created by potrace 1.10, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2011
WorldPride 2021 – Copenhagen Pride in collaboration with Malmö Pride
Adskillige par bliver viet ude ved Nyholmen og forperson Lars Henriksen holder taler hertil  - Fotograf Mathias Løvgreen

WorldPride 2021 – Copenhagen Pride in collaboration with Malmö Pride

WORLDPRIDE 2021: A deafening roar of self respect. A respectful nod towards struggles encountered. An emphatic leap of pure joy. A gentle embrace of self love. A celebration of simply being who you are. WorldPride is a great many things to a great many people. 

It shines a light on the issues that the LGBTI+ community have faced and sadly continue to face, even in today’s ‘modern’ world. 

And yet while educating and informing of the darker side of these problems, WorldPride is a positive force for all that is good and different. It is a meeting of minds. An unbridled celebration of acceptance, human rights, kindness, equality, joy and most of all love. 

And in 2021 Copenhagen WorldPride will be a celebration like no other before it.

WorldPride 2021 - Copenhagen Pride in collaboration with Malmö Pride - Getting Married in Denmark

What makes WorldPride 2021 different?

So, what makes this WorldPride so special and how will the last year’s events shape this year’s celebrations? 

Taking place from the 12th August to the 22nd August (inclusive), WorldPride 2021 is going to be a HUGE celebration of epic proportions. 

  • It will be the first ever WorldPride to be celebrated in 2 cities in 2 countries; Copenhagen, Denmark and Malmö, Sweden. 
  • It will be combined with the EuroGames. 
  • It is occurring simultaneously with 2 important LGBTI+ anniversaries (the first ever successful genital reconstructive surgery in Denmark 1951 and the the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Danish Gay Liberation Front) 
  • Lastly, it will be the first ever WorldPride to be held during the recovery of a global pandemic. 


The cities of Copenhagen and Malmö will be organised beautifully for the entire festival.

There will be several ‘villages’ set up around the cities to accommodate the huge crowds and the various different aspects / themes of the festival. 

This allows those attending to meet up with like minded people or those with similar interests. For example there will be a ‘Sports Village’ for those who are also attending the Eurogames or are interested in sport in general.

There will be a village aimed more towards youth and families, areas dedicated to seminars and workshops and much much more. 

The ‘content’ within each themed village will be tailored to reflect its specific theme but as always, in the spirit of the entire event, each village is open to all. Every person in attendance is of course welcome everywhere, whatever your interests or passions.

This is Pride after all.

What can I do/see at WorldPride 2021?

As always, there are many things scheduled for WorldPride. In terms of events, the various celebrations and experiences available are being broken down into several categories (and subsequent subcategories). The main categories are:

  • EuroGames
  • WorldPride
  • Arts and Culture
  • Human Rights


The events will be split between Copenahgen and Malmö, with each city hosting its own celebrations and experiences. 

For example Folkets Park in the centre of Malmö will be turned into WorldPride Park. It will be aimed at youngsters and rainbow families and will host a variety of events such as Children’s Pride and Youth Pride. There will be a main stage set up where you can see concerts and cultural events. 

City Hall (Rådhuspladsen) square in Copenhagen will be set up for a series of huge celebrations. Copenhagen City Hall was where the WORLD’S FIRST same sex marriage took place and is the most perfectly fitting location to host the Opening and Closing Ceremonies (13th & 21st August respectively) of this years WorldPride. 

It will also host a series of speeches and performances and will be surrounded by markets & food stalls etc. 

Just off the City Hall Square, Copenhagen boasts another world first… here you will find Rainbow Square (Regnbuepladsen), where Copenhagen raised the world’s first ever permanent rainbow flag.

There are a great many places to go in each of these cities to see some wonderful events, talks, entertainment, sport or mini festivals. There is literally something for everyone. 

You can check out the city guides for Copenhagen and Malmö on the official website here and you can explore what’s on at the WorldPride 2021 website here

Click the Take Part button at the top right of the page to see the drop down options.

Alternatively (and conveniently) there is also an App you can download onto your phone, meaning you can carry WorldPride around with you in your pocket! Here you can stay updated with all the events and performances taking place, tailoring your Pride experience perfectly for you.

Getting Married at WorldPride 2021

Just imagine it…. You and your partner…. WorldPride 2021….. Marrying in the very place, not only that the world’s first same sex couple were married but during a huge festival that celebrates the LGBTI+ community and all it represents. 

Copenhagen City Hall is a stunning location for a wedding at any time of the year but given Denmark’s progressive, proud and consistently positive standpoint on equality, it certainly would be the most wonderful cherry on your wedding cake to get married here during the WorldPride festival.

If you had more of an outdoor wedding celebration in mind we are delighted to be able to share with you that City Hall is also holding a number of outdoor weddings throughout the year, several of which are to take place during the WorldPride / EuroGames celebrations. 

You can read more about each of these outdoor weddings here to see if any of these would be more suitable for you and your partner, should you be considering a wedding in Denmark during the WorldPride 2021 celebrations. 

If you are interested in getting married at any of these locations, or even if you have another location in Denmark in mind, please get in touch with us

We would love to guide you through all the options that are available and help you with planning your dream 2021 WorldPride wedding. 


If you want to experience WorldPride from the inside out, there is also the opportunity to volunteer. This year’s volunteers are aptly named ‘Includers’ and are there to make sure the very best WorldPride experience is delivered to every single visitor and attendee.  

Becoming an Includer is a great opportunity to immerse yourself fully into Pride, make new friends, form your own little community and is a fantastic way to actively do something positive to help LGBTI+ people throughout the world.

The WorldPride organisers have stated very proudly that the Includers will be “at the heart of this year’s WorldPride.” 

If this is something you would absolutely love to be a part of, then contact the WorldPride team to find out what it entails, if you’re eligible and how to get involved! 

How will Covid-19 affect WorldPride 2021?

This is the million dollar question because currently, at time of writing (March 2021), nobody really knows for sure.

WorldPride takes place in mid August and a lot could happen between then and now, even at the best of times, let alone during a worldwide pandemic. 

The organisers of WorldPride have taken Covid-19 very seriously and have factored this into every facet of planning for this huge and important event and have responsibly planned for 3 possible scenarios. 

This enables the majority of the Pride celebrations to remain steadfast, without the need for postponement or mass cancellations, despite any potential twists and turns that the pandemic might take. 

So what are the 3 possible scenarios?

Scenario 1

This is the scenario we’re all hopeful for. This is the scenario whereby the entire festival goes ahead as ‘normal’ – ie based on the bid that was made to WorldPride, InterPride and the EuroGames. 

This scenario is based on the success of the vaccine rollout alongside other progress that will be made with the various restrictions that are still in place in these coming months leading up to the summer.

Scenario 2

Should the Covid numbers not yet be low enough for a full and ‘normal’ Pride celebration then precautions will still need to be in place. This is when we will see scenario 2.

Scenario 2 is where we will see a rollout of the planned festival as much as is physically possible but with certain social distancing safety measures and requirements in place. 

Every event will be carefully assessed based on what social distancing measures are required closer to the time, with decisions about how to safely proceed being made accordingly. 

So, for example – certain events might be ticketed to ensure a safe level of numbers.

The WorldPride Parade might have to take place in family / friendship groups and over a longer period of time to allow for the necessary distancing. 

In situations where social distancing might not be acheivable, then for these events, where possible, there will be a move over to the digital version of that event.

Scenario 3

This is the WorldPride organisers self proclaimed ‘worst case scenario’!

In this scenario, should the pandemic still be causing major disruption to the safety and well-being of normal life as we know it, then WorldPride 2021 will switch completely to a digital format, with no physical events being held. 

According to the official Copenhagen 2021 website the following events will be amongst some of those being held digitally during scenario 3:

  • Opening Ceremony
  • Evening Concerts
  • Human Rights Conference
  • 1:1 Democracy Festival
  • Pride House Malmö
  • Sports Leader Conference
  • Closing Ceremony and Handovers

Should any of the events that cannot be moved over to a digital platform need to be canceled (for example the EuroGames), then a full refund for that event will be made.

Copenhagen - Malmö WorldPride 2021 - an event not to be missed

Whatever format this year’s WorldPride will come in, we can wholeheartedly say that it is THE LGBTI+ date in the calendar. 

It is an event that is loud and of course proud and one that is the very essence of inclusivity and diversity. 

While each of the planned scenarios is a possibility, we are all of course hoping for a scenario that means we get the total WorldPride experience, and seeing not one but TWO Pride Parades. 

There is something so special, exciting and liberating about the prospect of seeing the sea of rainbow flags moving as one through the city, representing all that is bright, hopeful, dignified and magnificent about being LGBTI+ and WorldPride 2021.