Created by potrace 1.10, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2011
Created by potrace 1.10, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2011
Fox ‘N Prey

Fox 'N Prey


Available in the following locations:

Aarhus, Ærø, Ribe, Esbjerg, Kolding & Christiansfeld

Discount offered to our couples: 15% 

Fox 'N Prey - Getting Married in Denmark

Interview with Mariana & Mads of Fox 'N Prey

Can you tell us about Fox 'n Prey

We are Mariana and Mads, the couple behind Fox ‘n Prey, a photography/videography company based in Aarhus, Denmark.

We met in the middle of a pandemic situation, in a year when it was even more difficult to personally share our lives. Both convinced that we wanted nothing but friendship, found ourselves overcome by loneliness if less than 24 hours went by without speaking to each other.

Dreams turned into conversations, conversations turned into realisations: A country in common (Denmark) and Fox ‘n Prey – the combination of 2,5 years of Mariana’s hard work and Mads’ great help in this brand.

Describe your wedding photography style in less than 10 words

Artistic, authentic, creative and full of emotions.

Fox 'N Prey - Getting Married in Denmark

How did you get into wedding photography?

Mariana – Photography appeared in my life in 2019 by surprise, just around the corner, at a time where I needed to express emotions in any form of art, helping me to overcome internal issues, to understand the best angles not only of the image, but also of life, to create visual stories with the help of music, movies, my life experiences but, above all, talking to people.

As a storyteller and born artist, people started to recognise my work and one day an acquaintance of mine asked if I wanted to capture her elopement wedding. Instead of only taking pictures, not only was I also invited to have lunch with them in the middle of a beautiful forest, but also to have a beer after their photoshoot.

What inspires you as a wedding photographer?

We listen to a lot of music, movies but, above all, people’s stories and experiences.

What are you favourite types of places to shoot pictures of a couple?

We love to photograph people outdoors, especially nature and urban environments, it gives us more freedom to be creative and combine everything with external inputs (play with lights and shadows, for instance).

Which is your favourite picture of yourself and who took it?

Mads – These pictures were taken by Mariana, my business partner and love of my life 🙂

Fox 'N Prey - Getting Married in Denmark
Fox 'N Prey - Getting Married in Denmark

Mariana – Naturally in front of the cameras, I also received invitations to be photographed by others. In Portugal, I had some photos taken of me in a time where emotions were boiling and I needed to express myself, in some kind of art form. And recently, Mads also took nice photos of me in Denmark.

Fox 'N Prey - Getting Married in Denmark
Fox 'N Prey - Getting Married in Denmark

What tricks do you use to help nervous couples relax for their pictures?

We love to talk with people 🙂 So normally we get to know the couples so they can also meet us and feel more comfortable until the day of the photoshoot.
We also use music during the photoshoot and talk with our couples while they are being photographed. Also, we always give directions and show everything that we are photographing so people can see and understand their best angles.

What do you feel are the key things that make the perfect wedding portrait?

Mariana – Capture emotions that will later be perpetuated in a couple’s life. My biggest goal is that the couple never get tired of seeing and feeling everything that was happening on their wedding day. I want to make our photography timeless.

Mads – To capture the genuine emotions and portray the couple as the persons they are.

What is your dream location for a wedding shoot?

Mads – Iceland and/or Azores island.

Mariana – I would say the same as Mads 🙂 But I am flexible regarding different locations. Every place is special.

Fox 'N Prey - Getting Married in Denmark

What do you like to do when you’re not working on photography?

Mads – I love to travel and discover new places, and spend quality hyggelig moments with my family – Mariana and our cat son 🙂
My last big adventure was to do a road trip from Denmark – Portugal – Denmark with Mariana.

Mariana – People wouldn’t say this if they looked at me at first sight, but I am a country person who loves to appreciate simple things, as hearing the crackle of a bonfire or talking with strangers about random topics. I also love to get adventure and travel (I already slept in one of the biggest caves in the world and swam alongside with the biggest fish in the ocean – whale sharks), and actually I have a ‘100 things to do Bucket List’ scratch poster that I need to finish, and one of them is to visit every continent 🙂

What is the most important advice you would give to your younger self just starting out it photography?

Mads – Don’t worry, you will make it, just follow your dreams and never quit persisting!

Mariana – Tomorrow is uncertain. The only thing I know is this: Photography is my greatest passion. It moves me. It gives me life. It makes my heart beat faster and I need it like oxygen. Creativity runs through my veins. Looking through the lens is therapeutic. It is the difference between just surviving and living. The camera in my hand gives me a purpose. And without photography, there was no such thing as Mariana as she is: Art.

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