Wedding Favours, Personalised Feathers

Wedding favours

Can you image being able to print loving words on feathers and placing them as wedding favours? It is actually possible! I think done in the right way this can be a really sweet way of thanking your guests and would leave them with something that they can have as a keepsake for years.

A proposal?

These feathers can in fact be used for many things, wedding decor, book marks, even notes to a loved one. Seeing these really got me thinking about more creative uses and then it struck me, how powerfully romantic it could be if they were used as a trail like Adrienne’s thread, leading to a beautiful treasure, perhaps even an engagement ring! The possibilities are endless and I’m getting excited, needless to say, these are great.

You can find these romantic wedding favours from TheLonelyHeart on Etsy, so sweet!


Printed Feather Wedding Favours

Wedding favours

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