Wedding Backdrop DIY

As wedding decor, backdrops can really  make key areas that are used during your wedding day look amazing! Used at the ceremony, behind the cake table, for your wedding pictures or behind where you sit as bride and groom, it can really set a style and looks amazing in the wedding pictures. They can be as complex or as simple as you want and definitely something you can undertake yourself!

Casey Farrington, a blogger and intensely creative stylist from California amazingly agreed to create a lovely DIY for our readers and we’re so glad she did because we love this wedding backdrop diy!

Casey’s blog is Flower Crowns & Candy; full of style, creativity and music, check it out!




What you’ll need:

– a pretty branch (my mom found mine at the ranch where she takes horseback riding lessons)

– tissue paper (I used white and pink paper and died with coffee)

– 200 small gold brads

– ribbon & lace (about 12 rolls/4-5 yards each strand)

– scissors

– coffee (optional)

Layer 5-6 pieces of tissue paper.  Cut 2X2 inch squares – I started with 2 inch wide panels, then cut down to squares.

**Optional: Dip paper squares in coffee and let air dry for a wilted, vintage look.

Fold the 2X2 squares in half (twice) so they’re smaller squares.

Hold the squares from their corners and cut in rounded half circles; they will resemble an almond shape.

Open up the pieces and fan so the overlapping layers are staggered and look like petals.

Holding the layers together in place, poke a brad through the middle and pinch, as to shape the flowers.  Don’t open the brads, set aside.

Tie ribbons to branch by folding in half, looping the U-shaped end around the branch and pulling the other ends through and fasten.  Repeat depending on number of strands desired.

Fasten flowers to ribbons.

Hang from a tree.


This backdrop has about 200 paper flowers.  Have fun with it!  Mix up the colors to match your wedding scheme and change the shapes of the flowers for a mix-matched, imperfect look. xo

Special thank you to my mom for all her help.


Wedding Backdrop DIY



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Wedding Backdrop DIY

As wedding decor, backdrops can really  make key areas that are used...
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