Vintage Inspired Wedding Cakes and Table Decoration – With a Scandinavian Touch

You know that Feeling of a late summers evening, with it’s cool air around your shoulders, still warm from the sun? Birds chirping along in choir to the clinking of glasses that your loved ones hold as they break into laughter. That is the feeling that we’ve tried to capture in this shoot for vintage wedding inspiration.

The table is a small scale guide on how to add those important touches, many forget, to create a genuine vintage feel.

‘Come, poor birds, from foes severe
Fearless come, you’re welcome here;
My heart yearns at fate like yours,
A sparrow’s life’s as sweet as ours’

– ‘Summer Evening’John Clare (1793-1864)

vintage table decoration inspiration wedding cake 06vintage table decoration inspiration wedding cake 01

Flowers are so very important, those that look like they came straight from a meadow and garden roses create such a soft fairy tale feeling. Don’t go picking flowers out of a meadow mind, it’s not good for the environment, plus, they’re not made to last long out of the ground. Look in florists for flowers that are understated and usually used as bouquet fillers, they might not look like a big deal to you, but these flowers add a hazy romantic feel to your table, you just cannot do without.

vintage table decoration inspiration wedding cake 00

vintage table decoration inspiration wedding cake 07

Talking of romance, how about vintage wedding cakes with pink and white peonies and painted roses? A wedding cake like this could really add that enchanted feeling. Even if you’re not looking to allow pinks in to your wedding decor, it really can be forgiven when added to the cake.

vintage table decoration inspiration wedding cake 04

Dark wood, golds and deep greens from foliage on the table amongst the glows of candle light give a dark and broody vintage feel, while a wedding cake, adorned with an antique broach to set in that 1920’s inspired, simplistic glamour. You could also add some strong reds, with berries, classic desserts and punch to bring in that really seductive and feminine vibe.

vintage table decoration inspiration wedding cake 03

vintage table decoration inspiration wedding cake 02

Think about colours you use through the day and the effect you want to have on your guests. Light soft colours can be used throughout the day, adding more bold and stronger colour, in the form of food and drinks, as the day moves on into the darker hours.

vintage table decoration inspiration wedding cake 14

Add in vintage items. Vintage frames can be found everywhere, you could fill these with sentimental notes, pictures or even place names. Vintage cutlery and plates will really do the trick if you want to achieve that genuine feel. vintage table decoration inspiration wedding cake 00

We’re based in Copenhagen so we thought we just had to add in Royal Copenhagen Porcelain. The rose napkins are styled in ode to the porcelain and manage to look rustic and royal all at the same time. Napkins are also of huge importance when styling your table and always deserve careful consideration.

vintage table decoration inspiration wedding cake 11

vintage table decoration inspiration wedding cake 10vintage table decoration inspiration wedding cake 12

just wanted finish off with a little info on my wedding cakes at the end here and tell you a little about how I started making them.

It’s a story you hear time and time again throughout the professional and creative world of the bridal industry. A bride searches for something she has in mind for her wedding and when she can’t find it, she compromises and uses her resourcefulness to create it herself. After her wedding, something drives her to help other brides and then is the beginning of a new venture.

Thats my husband and I on our wedding day, in the vintage frame up there. The obstacles I came across during the planning of my wedding and the inspiring friends I made along the way is the reason why I, along with my husband, created Gent & Beauty.

One of the Obstacles was not being able to find the wedding cake that I dreamed of. For Rasmus and I, our family and friends were the most important of all but aesthetically the wedding cake was as important as the dress I was searching for. I simply did not want to compromise and so I set out to make my own. I did and I enjoyed it so much. The cake itself was fairly successful, although two years on, I would say my technique has vastly improved since then!

Now I’m taking it a step further and using my years of art and design experience and putting it all into the sugary goodness of cakes.

I hope you like them and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!

Photography: Gent & Beauty

Styling: Arezoo Clarck Sørensen

Wedding Cakes: Arezoo Clarck Sørensenm

Food: Solvej Clarck Sørensen


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