Veronica B. Vallenes A/W 2014 Copenhagen Fashion Week

I was really excited about attending this runway show. I was quite sure I wouldn’t be disappointed and of course my inner hunch, if you could call it that, was right. Out of many of the amazing Scandinavian brands, Veronica B. Vallenes has to be one of my top favourites. The collection stayed true to the Scandinavian style with straight and simple designs. It was ‘Made With Love’ and so soft neutrals and nudes that were contrasted amongst diagonal burgundies and navy blues really illuminated just that. With use of wool, bamboo and silks the designs were lustrous in an understated way. Comfort with exceptional style.

Veronica B. Vallenes A/W 2014 Copenhagen Fashion Week 

Veronica B. Vallenes AW 2014 Copenhagen Fashion Week 007I’m absolutely crazy for this look, the two tone top, high waisted trousers brought in by thin tanned belt and simple flats, we’re going to see a lot of this clean and simple, and comfortable look for every day wear in women’s styles over the next year, I can’t wait! Just to note, check out Bjørg, a scandinavian accessories brand that accompanied the designs.



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