The Groomsmen: Uniformed Yet Individual, in 2 Steps

When it comes to your groomsmen this summer, think comfortable yet stylish. Choose something with definition. You want your friends to feel relaxed and individual but how do you do that and still set them apart from all the other men at your wedding? An option is to have one uniformed piece of clothing such as a blazer, shirt or pants and then give a variety of options for the rest that your groomsmen can mix and match themselves, allowing them to introduce their own style in to the equation. Here’s an example;

Step 1.

Choose one shirt for all your groomsmen. Try to make a small but bold statement. No, you don’t need flashing neon lights but you do want everyone to know these guys are with you, so ad a little LED in there.

Ralph Lauren have a great online tool that lets you customize a shirt yourself. Maybe add a little hot pink or bright yellow logo in there, or if you prefer, an understated navy blue, and have all your groomsen uniformed with this one piece of clothing.

Gent and Beauty

Step 2.

Give them a number of options for the rest of the outfit and let them choose themselves. Each of your friends are individual, there’s no one else like them in the world. That’s why they’re your groomsmen. If they’re relaxed and feel like themselves, it will show on your wedding pictures.

Gant Rugger have great options for blazers and pants. Give your groomsen the option of three different blazers and three different pants that they can mix and match to their hearts content while you can still feel safe in the knowledge that they’re staying within your style boundaries.

“What do you think about mix and match? What do you do? – Leave us a comment below.”

Gant Blazer - Gent and Beautyy

Images Courtesy of Gant and Ralph Lauren

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