Tanya & Saurabh Magical Indian Wedding

You just have to glance at these images to see the joy in everyones face, with such vibrant surroundings and loving family around them, the magical Indian wedding of Tanya and Saurabh was unforgettable, filled with love and sentiment.

My mother made my wedding dress. She had kept a special golden Indian ribbon to be sewed on to my dupatta (head scarf), which was very special to her and me! – Tanya

Saurabh proposed to me on 31st March 2013 in a restaurant when we were having a meal at night, and the ring was found in my mouth inside a bite of ice cream I had taken. Saurabh went on his knees there and then and proceeded to say the most right words ever! And I said yes!


Photographer: Victoria Johansson

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