Spring Wedding Style Tips, Gold and Blush

Yes, I’m thinking about spring already! The other day Rasmus took our pooch for a walk and came back with a really sweet little mix of flowers and grass.

flowerI love Anemone Clematis, the four petal climbing flower. They smell like marshmallows and remind me of a street we lived in together back in Edinburgh.

We’d always walk past the house where the flowers were growing all over the fence and I would make Rasmus wait for me while I smelled them, every time we walked past. Not sure if he appreciated the flowers as much as I did, certainly don’t think he appreciated the waiting time but he always remembers I like them. His sweet little sentiment has stayed with me for days and given me inspiration for this board!

Spring is such a playful time of year. In Scandinavia it’s neither warm nor cold, okay yes, maybe cold, it’s always fresh some how. I think it’s the perfect time for a bride with a playful chic style to get married! Let’s start with the colour scheme of this board, Anemone Clematis was really my inspiration for the blush and gold adds such richness. Both together create a really warm but still very sweet spring feeling.


patrickcaseyWhat to wear? This article really is for the girl who would love to wear a short playful dress for her wedding. Patrick Casey’s dress ‘Carrie‘ from his Rosecliff collection is a great example of this with the blush ruffle front. Also the short Carolina Herrera I’ve placed on the style board below with the almost sweetheart neckline if it wasn’t for the floral lace. Both with A line skirts, they’re super feminine.  Spring is not quite warm enough to be outside a lot. The chances are it could be raining and the idea of a long wedding dress trailing on the floor probably didn’t appeal so you’ve chosen to go for a shorter dress. Maybe you’re more in to having a small city wedding or you simply want to break out of the norm. Whatever the reason it’s a great choice …and think about the shoes!


bridal-shoesThat’s right ladies, the shoes. With a short dress you can be forgiven for obsessing on which shoes you’re going to wear. You can go all out here because they are completely on show. I’ve fallen in love with this pair, Bridgette Ivory Gold from Harriot Wilde. My goodness, what a beautiful pair of shoes. The gold detail on the back is so glamourous. Herriot Wilde make bespoke shoes so these can be custom made to fit your style, you can choose either pearl or crystal, silver or gold. Magnificent!





Talking of gold. I went on to search for a clutch bag. Short A line dresses look almost lost without a clutch, it’s almost an essential accessory. I’m a huge fan of vintage and was so happy when I found this vintage Valentino Clutch bag from the 80s. You can find this from DoreensVintage on Etsy.

If by the time you read this it’s already been snapped up by another lucky reader then don’t worry! There are so many vintage clutches out there you are spoilt for choice. Search ebay, etsy, your local vintage store you are certainly going to find a stunning piece to fall in love with!

A hair piece with this look could be adorable. It’s spring for goodness sake! If you do choose a hair piece, maybe consider something flowery and add some colour. I’m always careful not to over accessories but with this look, the little details really can be sweet and make all the difference.

Below is a mood board I’ve created for your inspiration, Pin it, print it, put it in your purse, your scrapbook, I hope it helps. I’m sure you’re going to have a beautiful spring wedding whatever you choose to wear!


Let me know if my spring wedding style tips were helpful … What have you chosen to wear for your spring wedding?

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