Spring Wedding Guest, Modern H.Golightly

If you’ve seen Breakfast at Tiffany’s you will have perhaps identified with Holly Golightly at some point in the film. I know I have. Realistically, this character should seriously not be someone you would want to emulate. This girl is not happy, she’s struggling financially and constantly running away from all of her problems, using men as she goes to do her bidding. She was a woman created in the 1960’s and that’s where she should stay.


Today’s woman is strong, professional and designs her life in a way that makes her happy. There is so much pressure these days for women to be perfect but I don’t care if you’re Beyonce, it’s not humanly possible to be perfect 100% of the time. We all have days that call for a little drama, days where we secretly hope that our charm can compensate for any faults we might have and days when we just don’t achieve as much as we’d hoped. Its times like these that we can call on characters like H.Golightly to regain a little perspective. Because actually, despite all her weaknesses, her disordered life and her bad example, H.Golightly does show strength and carries on regardless. In the end she faces her biggest fear and lets herself fall in love. She conquers something deep within herself and that is something women of today can embrace.

Best of all, she does it with immaculate style and it’s that style that I’ve translated in to this guide for the spring wedding guest!


It’s not a literally take on what the character wore in the film. It’s more of an ode to her style for the modern day woman. Victoria Beckham’s Cami colour-block stretch cotten blend dress is a perfect number for spring. This really gives you that feminine slim line figure and highlights your waist with a high place black waist line. There’s still a chill in the air so I’ve paired the dress up with a Hervé Léger Bandage shrug. Wow, the Sergio Rossi Flora suede paneled leather sandals are to die for! They go so well with this outfit.

The Flavia Happy perspex box clutch by Edie Parker adds a quirky and fun tone to the look and the sunglasses cat eye sunglasses from Thierry Lasry  compliment this too. To add a bit of sparkle, some reasonably priced crystal earrings from J.Crew and  some Baum de Rose by, By Terry 

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