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A person who loves to make people around her happy and signs off her mails with ‘Sweet regards’ surely is someone who loves to bake! Sockerrus is a colourful, Swedish, baking and dessert blog run by Lisa.

Just five minutes on this website and you will know that Lisa is a down to earth, fun loving and talented girl who loves her family and really loves to make delicious treats for all to enjoy. So much so, that she even proposed to her husband with a cake!

Along with featuring Lisa’s work with lovely images of her desserts, captured by Satu Knape, we just had ask her some questions too, so read on to learn more about the girl behind Sockerrus.


How did you get started in this sugary business and why?

I decided 4 years ago that I should make my own birthday cake. I fell in love with cakemaking that day.

What is your favorite holiday season to make sweets, cakes and goodies for?

I’ll use any excuse to make beautiful and delicious sweets and cakes, but if I have to choose I think I love spring and summer holidays the most.


We love your wedding cake designs! When did you start making cakes for couples?

Thank you! I started making wedding cakes two-three years ago and I only do a few a year. (Image/s)

What has been your favorite wedding cake so far?

Oh that’s hard. I have so many I love but if I have to pick one it’ll be a cake I made for my friends last summer. The bride fell of her chair of happiness when she saw it.

Sockerrus Feature 17

Sockerrus Feature 16

Do you have advice for couples who are thinking about planning their wedding cake?

Don’t just settle for a cake. Start thinking about cake ideas as soon as you’ve set your date. I think the cake is important, so choose your dream cake and find the person who can make it for you.

Vintage Lace Cake 1+

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