Simple and Elegant Earrings by Betsey Sook

These simple and elegant earrings, ‘Tilly’ from Betsey Sook, based in Copenhagen, are divine. More fashion forward brides are turning to simple and understated designs for their wedding day jewelry and with these earrings, less is definitely more. They can also be custom made with white gold with diamonds, and are available in purple, smokey green or clear blues so you can be absolutely sure they fit in with your look.

They are a great for bride-to-be’s, who are not into crystal chandeliers, and who want a piece they can use after their wedding as well. It is a modern, wearable jewelry piece, but still very dainty and pretty

-Betsey Sook

Betsey Sook The earrings above, ‘Penelope‘ are an example of a rose cut which is also available. I love that you can customize these pieces! And what amazing presents they would make too!


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