Sabine & Rino, Copenhagen Elopement

A love story that began with an adventure and an adventure that lasted! When Sabine traveled to Venezuela after her graduation in Germany, we’re not sure if she knew then that she would meet the man she would later marry but that’s exactly what happened. That man was Rino who was living in Mérida at the time.

It fills us with joy when we have the opportunity to see our couples portraits. We share the pictures around with our colleagues feeling so happy for our couples, so proud and joyful. It’s lovely to see the beautiful images of their day and to hear in their own words, their Copenhagen elopement experience.

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Copenhagen Elopement Rino & Sabine

We loved that peo­ple in Denmark keep to what they have promised and that they did such a great job in ­supporting us (especially you, Getting Married in Denmark) and tha­t simply, everyone seemed  happy and in a ve­ry good mood. We like­d most the friendly p­eople in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen Elopement Rino & Sabine

It was simply amazing to get married in the beautiful City Hall on our wedding day. The clerks from the marriage office were so warm hearted, that they made us feel at home – even so far away from our countries. We enjoyed every minute of the wedding ceremony and the photo session with Sla. We feel very lucky with her as a photographer and person.

Copenhagen Elopement Rino & Sabine

Wedding Photographer Sla Karvounis delicately captured their day and enjoyed every moment of it!

I literally can’t stop admiring the wedding photos I took of Sabine and Rino. The light, the beautiful location and the love between them turned our wedding photoshoot into an unforgettable experience. Honestly, it’s all just beyond romantic! 

Copenhagen Elopement Rino & Sabine

Their Copenhagen Elopement was utterly personal, stylish and low key. It was such a pleasure helping them with their special day. What a kind, caring and stunning couple!

Copenhagen Elopement Rino & Sabine


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