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Leslea Cakes

Okay, so perhaps New Zealand is a little too far for a Scandinavian to travel for a perfect cake but wow, just look at the love that’s going in to these designs by Leslea Matsis Cakes literally sweet and so romantic! And although I say that perhaps it’s too far to travel, I have to say that the cutting of the cake at your wedding is one of the most special moments of your day so you really want your cake to be something special too. It’s really important to be confident in what you’ve chosen. The design and the contents of the cake can say so much about you and your wedding so it’s good to make sure you have your wedding cake well planned.

For those of you who do live in New Zealand and are lucky enough to be able to order one of these amazing cakes, the contact details are at the end of this article!

Leslea Matsis Cakes

Leslea Matsis Cakes Leslea Matsis Cakes  Leslea Matsis Cakes Leslea Matsis Cakes Leslea Matsis Cakes


Leslea Matsis Cakes


New Zealand

0221214554 or (03) 2131107

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